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What is Balayage, How Should You Pronounce It, and Just how much Does It Cost?

If you are searching for a brand-new way to change your hair this year and are tired of your single color hair or your highlights that you have kept for several years already, you might be interested in finding out more about Balayage.

Balayage produces a beautiful, natural-looking lightening look on your hair. While it can be a pretty long process, many people notice that it is very easy to keep and that it fits different complexions and hair nuances. Find out more about this hair technique here, and learn if it is suited for you.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French term utilized to name hair that is chemically lightened with the use of sweeping, brush-like strokes. Instead of using the chemical treatment to your whole strand, the process is used on just a part of each strand of hair, typically from the middle of the shaft to the base rather than from the root to the base of your hair.

Additionally, Balayage can be distinguished from other chemical interventions because it is painted on to each needed section freehand. This will give it an exceptionally natural appearance.

Balayage has in fact been invented a long time ago. Even so, it is just now starting to come back into style again. A lot more stylists are learning about this process, and a lot of beauty salons have actually started using it. It appears to have become more known and requested since lots of celebs started sporting this type of hair on the red carpet some years back.

How to Pronounce Balayage

Among the most complicated parts about Balayage is the way its name is pronounced. It can be troubling to head in to see your stylist at a salon full of people and not know to tell them plainly what you want to have done. To instill you with self-confidence, you can find out how to say the name of this popular process easily.

Balayage should be pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE with emphasis on the last syllable and the middle syllable practically ignored since it is said pretty quickly. An alternate method of saying the name Balayage is BAH-LAY-AHGE. Both are right, however, the very first is more used and known.

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Just How Much Does Balayage Cost?

The cost for a Balayage session will depend considerably on where you live in the US, how expensive or popular the beauty salon is in general, and what other treatments you are having done during one appointment. For instance, if you add an extra color the procedure will be much more pricey than it would be if you were just having Balayage added to your natural hair.

In general, Balayage will usually cost anywhere from $100 to $150 at the cheapest hairstylists and from $250 to $300 at the luxury salons. Long hair will also add to the cost over shorter hair due to the additional effort that will have to be put in. The rate for balayage will differ quite a bit from that Regis or JCPenney Beauty parlor close to a small town vs a luxury hair salon in Beverly Hills.

What will a Balayage Treatment Look Like?

Your Balayage visit will feel similar to a normal highlighting appointment. Your hairstylist will work with papers or foils to separate the hairs that they will paint with the chemical. The stylist might at the same time back-brush the hair to give it a much more natural appearance.

If you are having all your hair done, the procedure might take a few hours and might need a toner at the end to remove too harsh or coppery looking tones. Nonetheless, a couple of Balayage foils might take just about 45 minutes.

How Long Will the Balayage Last?

Due to the fact that Balayage lightens your hair chemically, you do not need to stress over this new color washing away. At the same time, since the differences in color are rather subtle, it grows out quickly, enabling you to wait longer between your follow-up salon visits. As a matter of fact, you can wait between 2 to 4 months usually.

You will not see a great deal of regrowth due to the fact that the treatment is not used at your roots. If you do see the tone of your hair changing in between visits, it might be possible to go with a simpler, quicker, and less expensive toner treatment instead of Balayage.

Balayage vs. Ombré

Balayage will be used to lighten the lower part of your hair, however, it is quite different from the ombré treatment. With ombré, all of the bottom of your hair is lightened. Nevertheless, with Balayage, you will be left with hairs of darker color in between for a more natural appearance.

Ombré offers a more visible contrast between the upper and lower parts of the hair. Balayage is the much better option if you are trying to give it just a subtle color change.

Balayage vs. Highlights

Balayage is also very different from highlights. While both are used to lighten your hair, highlights are utilized from the root of your hair to the base of each strand. The chemical will also fills your hair and each foil has to be well-positioned.

With Balayage, the chemical is generally put on only half the hair and is painted on instead of saturated. Balayage might not lighten your hair as strongly as highlights do.

Is Balayage Right for You?

Balayage TypeBalayage might be a terrific alternative if you wish to lighten your hair just a bit and look for a natural, sun-kissed appearance instead of the less natural look of ombré or highlights. It is at the same time a terrific choice if you go after a low-maintenance chemical treatment.

Balayage works pretty nicely all kinds of hair colors, lengths, as well as textures. Whether you have darker hair, brown hair, or red hair, you can always add a little bit of lightness while keeping darker hairs in between. It is an especially great appearance on curly or wavy hair where it will give depth and texture, however, it at the same time looks great on darker blondes too.

The only length of hair that Balayage is not created for is very small pixie cuts. Generally, it deals with both shorter or longer hair.

If you do think that Balayage is good for you, you will wish to look for a stylist who has actually been trained and has experience in this process. It needs to be done gradually and thoroughly. Due to the fact that it is done freehand, your stylist needs to have a creative eye and has to be prepared to take the correct amount of time to finish the hairstyle.

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