Kitchen Cabinet Installation

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One of the easiest ways to improve your house is by updating your kitchen. The installation of kitchen cabinets can surely change the whole look of the area, regardless of whether it is part of a full remodel or an individual quick upgrade. Another important fact is that most kitchen renovations and upgrades can come with a return of over 70% of the whole investment.

The best way in which you can estimate the total cost of the cabinets and their installation will be by the square footage of the kitchen. You will spend considerably more on cabinetry needed for large areas as well as for any additional islands or specialty cabinets. The costs of new cabinet installation will also be influenced by whether you are replacing old cupboards or building completely new construction. Considering that a new installation won’t require any demolition or taking apart of any cabinets, it will also be cheaper.

So how much does cabinet installation cost?

You will usually spend anywhere between $200 and $600 per individual cabinet, on top of which will be installation costs of $200 to $450 per linear foot of installation. You will also have to consider the price of labor as it will take at least an hour to have each cabinet installed. These costs will increase even more if you go for custom kitchen cabinets instead of a standard model.

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The installation of cabinets: You will find below the prices you should expect if you were to need 30 linear feet of cabinets installed and they were made from mid-range quality materials, including installation and labor.

Item Cost
Cabinets – mid-range models $110-$300 per linear foot

$2,200- $6,000 per project

Cabinet labor-handyman $70-$100 per hour

$100-$1,500 per project

Cabinet labor-cabinet installer $45-$75 per hour

$600-$1,050 per project

Total Installation Cost
(Cabinets Only)

Here are some other connected costs you should expect:

  • Molding – $330-$2,600
  • Sink base cabinet – $330 per linear foot
  • Specialty cabinet – $330-$950
  • Cabinet removal and disposal – $60-$90 per cabinet

Other costs and things to consider

Cabinet Installation CostIf you’re good with your hands and you want to cut down on the costs, then you should really consider doing this job yourself. If you don’t have installation knowledge, you can at least cut down the costs by removing the old cabinets, a job that is in no way complicated.

Depending on the retailer you get the cabinets from, they might have a team of installers of their own readily available, who might offer special offers or discounted rates for their customers. If you have an installer or handyman you really want to work with, compare their rates with other alternatives in your area. Also, make sure the installer you go for is licensed and has the needed experience for the job to go smoothly.

Another important aspect to consider is that whenever you change the location of the appliances or go for a new layout for the cabinets, you will also have to pay additionally to have plumbing, gas lines, electrical outlets, and other systems reconfigured.

DIY tips

You can consider cabinet refacing if you’re not interested in a full replacement of the cabinets. This is a more DIY-friendly job and is also less expensive.

Before trying to do any part of the job yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Don’t start doing a thing if there are any appliances or important lines that will have to be disconnected and moved. This is usually a job for a professional.

When going for a DIY project, you should also consider staging complex jobs in the shop before actually moving the cabinets to your home, to make sure that everything will go smoothly with the installation. Although you will feel as if doing the job two times it will all be worth it if you prevent any measuring issues.

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