The Cost of Cleaning Pool Tiles

Last Updated on March 14, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you have a pool and you want to know how much you will spend to have the pool tile cleaned, this article should give you all the needed information, so you can be sure you won’t be overspending when taking on this project.

It might not seem like a lot of work but in fact, pool tile cleaning is very labor-intensive and might even make you wonder whether it would be cheaper to just replace the pool tiles completely instead of looking to restore them. Due to the level of knowledge required to do the job properly and the work required to finish such a project, pool tiles should be cleaned by professionals.

The final cost of cleaning pool tiles will depend on multiple factors, such as the time of year, the age of your pool, and the technique used to clean it. Expect to pay anywhere between $250 and over $800 to have your pool tiles cleaned by a professional team.

Of course, these prices will also depend on the size of the job, conditions, and added options. An average project of about 125 linear feet will cost anywhere between $1.40 and $1.80 per linear foot when it comes to pool tile cleaning services.

PoolTileCleaning.com, for example, charges between $525 and $725 for this service for a pool with an average surface area needed to be cleaned. RPoolsLLC.com on the other hand has prices that start at around $750 for the average tile cleaning project.

Let’s go over these factors one by one and see why they matter in the final cost calculation.

Time of year

Most people would find it pretty weird to even consider pool cleaning jobs during harsher weather, but colder times are perfect to have your pool deep cleaned. This is because most professionals will have more relaxed schedules in colder seasons so they might also be more flexible when it comes to their rates.

Also, not a lot of people want to swim when it’s cold outside, so the pool tile cleaning experts will have enough time to do a perfect job without any interruptions.

Age of the pool

It’s not uncommon for older pools, ones that have within their second decade, to have discolored tiles from all kinds of build-up, like calcium deposits. You can actually restore those tiles to their brand-new look with a professional cleaning.

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You will usually spend around $500 on pool tile cleaning and this is actually a bargain if you consider the fact that tile replacement for a medium pool can reach prices of $4,000 and comes with a lot more hassle.

The bad thing about cleaning an old pool is the fact that any missing or broken tiles might be hard to replace, especially if the pattern of the tiles isn’t available on the market anymore. In this case, if you don’t want a pool with a few randomly-colored tiles, replacement might be your only option.

The type of cleaning

During the winter months, you should go for acid washing when it comes to cleaning the tiles of your pool. Due to chemicals building up inside the water, the pool water chemistry becomes harder and harder to maintain after the first few years of usage. Your pool can easily become encrusted with algae residue, rust stains, or other types of debris.

You can have your pool acid washed while going through the pool draining process. When adding new water into a pool that is freshly acid-washed, it will look pristine clean and will be completely sanitized. If you choose to refill a pool after draining it without giving it a proper acid wash, this will be just like getting a fresh drink in a glass that is dirty.

Expect to pay around $400 for acid washing services, but this amount will give you a fabulous look for the pool, while also keeping the water properly balanced.

What about spa cleaning?

Pool Tile Cleaning ExplainedDuring the winter, a spa can easily become one of the most often used water features, being a great way to relax and unwind. At the same time, it is rather unpleasant to spend time in a dirty spa. It’s usually a lot easier for a spa to get filthy and become a health hazard, due to its reduced size and the heated water inside it.

Most professional spa cleaning services have prices that start at around $200. This price is well worth it, as a spa with clear water will be a lot more relaxing both for your body and for your mind.

Most professionals that offer pool tile cleaning services will also offer pool draining, acid washing, and/or media blasting services and if you were to order multiple services at the same time, you might be able to get a discount.

If you go for the cleaning in colder seasons, you will not only spend less, but you will also get to use the pool in perfect conditions right from the start of the summer.

Cost to Clean Pool Tile – General Information

Most price estimates will be for basic work that is done by qualified trade professionals that make use of materials considered mid-grade, in serviceable conditions. Any additional services or the use of project supervision, premium materials, or experts in the field, will also mean higher final costs.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use this page as a substitute for a written quote received from a professional in the field. This is why, before budgeting for this job, you should contact several reputable professionals in your geographical area. This will ensure that you get an accurate assessment of the needed work and the costs involved in the project.

The cost estimates should include:

  • Minimum hourly charges for pool tile cleaning jobs, as well as mobilization time and labor setup time.
  • Any costs related to the preparation of the pool for the tile cleaning job. This includes the costs related to the protection of components, materials, finishes, and structures.
  • Costs to have any equipment and materials needed to be delivered to the work site, as well as the transportation of the professional team that will get the job done.

The cost estimate will NOT include:

  • Any needed inspection or permit fees that your local building department might require for this project.
  • Any taxes and fees on the needed supplies and materials.
  • Expenses related to contractor overhead for supervising and general organizing of the pool tile cleaning service. This cost isn’t a low one either, sometimes reaching 22% of the total expense if a general contractor will be needed to supervise the project.
  • Expenses related to the testing and remediation of dangerous materials like lead or asbestos.
  • The cost of modifying, repairing, relocating, or removing any of the existing surfacing, framing, electrical, HVAC, or plumbing systems.
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