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Last Updated on March 2, 2024
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Lipstick is one of the most iconic cosmetics with a rich history spanning thousands of years. From classic reds to trendy nudes, lipstick transforms and uplifts. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which lipstick is worth the price?

This guide will explore the ins and outs of lipstick costs, from affordable drugstore picks to luxury splurges. Read on to learn savvy shopping tips and recommendations to find your perfect lip shade no matter the budget.

How Much Does Lipstick Cost?

There is a lipstick for every preference and price point. Here’s a breakdown of popular styles and typical price ranges:

Price Range for Matte, Gloss, and Long-Wear Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks provide an intense, opaque color with a velvety finish. They range from $5-10 for drugstore brands and $15-40 for mid-range brands like MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and NARS. High-end options like Tom Ford and Gucci can run $50-60.

Lip glosses deliver sheer to medium coverage with a shiny, glass-like finish. They often cost less than matte options, between $3-25. Less expensive glosses usually have a thinner texture without much pigment. Prestige brands like Dior and Chanel charge $30-50 for richer, more pigmented glosses.

Long-wear lipsticks promise extended endurance through meals and activities. Expect to pay $6-15 for drugstore formulas and $20-40 for brands like Smashbox, Stila, and Sephora Collection. Top designers like YSL and Armani charge $50+ for their long-wear lipsticks.

Individual Price Ranges for Different Lipstick Brands

Here are estimated price ranges for lipsticks from popular brands:

  • Drugstore (Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, NYX): $4-10
  • Mid-range (Urban Decay, Clinique, benefit): $15-25
  • Luxury (Dior, Tom Ford, Chanel): $35-60+

Statista for example, provides an average price of $7.24 for L’Oréal Colour Riche lipstick brand in the United States in 2019. lists lipstick products with prices ranging from $6.00 to $10.00, with some products on sale.

Of course, prices vary within brands too. Limited edition and couture lipsticks tend to be more expensive.

Overview of Different Lipstick Finishes and Formulas

From matte to metallic, lipsticks come in diverse textures and finishes. Here are a few popular options:

  • Cream: Smooth, creamy finish with medium to full coverage. $2-40.
  • Satin: Soft sheen with a subtle shine. Blends easily. $5-50.
  • Sheer: Light, buildable coverage with a hint of color. $5-30.
  • Shimmer/Frost: Contains light-reflecting pearls or glitters. $6-40.
  • Metallic: High-impact foil effect. $10-50+.
  • Matte: Velvety, opaque finish. $5-60.
  • Liquid Lipstick: Highly pigmented, transfer-resistant liquid formula. $7-30.

More niche finishes like matte metallic or holographic can command higher prices from $30-60.

Lipstick Pricing Details

Lipstick ShadeFrom ingredients to brand cache, many factors influence lipstick costs. Here’s a look at why prices vary so much.

Comparison of Drugstore vs. Luxury Lipstick Prices

  • Drugstore lipsticks use more affordable ingredients, simpler packaging, and mass manufacturing which lowers costs. Most cost between $4-15.
  • Luxury and designer brands invest in luxe ingredients, innovative formulas, elegant packaging and branding, which drives up prices. Lipsticks range from $30 for some high-end brands to $60-90+ for couture and limited edition lines.
  • There are also mid-range options from brands like Urban Decay and Tarte around $18-28 that balance quality with more accessible pricing.

Factors Influencing Lipstick Costs

  • Ingredients: Luxe oils, plant extracts, and cutting-edge complexes drive up costs.
  • Packaging: Elaborate or heavy components like gold tubes or lipstick cases increase pricing.
  • Brand reputation: Prestige brands charge a premium.
  • Texture and pigment intensity: More pigmented, long-lasting formulas are pricier to develop.
  • Manufacturing: Small batch and handmade production is more expensive.
  • Marketing and product development: Advertising and R&D costs factor into pricing.
  • Retailer markup: Department stores add more markup than drugstores.

Where to Find the Best Lipstick Deals

You don’t need a huge budget to score savings on quality lipsticks. Check out these tips:

Tips for Shopping Lipstick Online and In-Store

  • Browse drugstore e-retailers for deals on mass brands. Sign up for emails for coupons.
  • Department store beauty sales can slash prices on prestige lipsticks by 20-50% off seasonally.
  • Check brand websites directly for promotions like free shipping and gifts with purchase.
  • Subscribe to rewards programs like Sephora’s Beauty Insider for special sales and perks.
  • Scan resale apps and sites like Poshmark for lightly used lipsticks at up to 70% off retail.

How to Take Advantage of Sales, Discounts, and Loyalty Programs

  • Look out for weekly beauty deals at drugstores like Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.
  • Time purchases with major sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and after Christmas for savings of 25-50%.
  • Stack coupons, promo codes, and loyalty program discounts for maximum savings.
  • Shop value sets of multiple lipstick shades for a lower per-unit cost.
  • Redeem points from loyalty programs for free or discounted products.

Making Smart Lipstick Purchases

Finding that perfect lip color doesn’t have to blow your budget. Apply these tips when shopping.

Also read our articles about the cost of manicures, lip blushing, and Hermes scarves.

Balancing Cost with Quality

  • Test out new shades first with inexpensive drugstore options under $10.
  • Invest in mid-range lipsticks $15-25 for excellent color, longevity and comfort.
  • Consider splurging on luxury lipsticks for $35+ for intense pigment, luxe formulas, and packaging.
  • Don’t pay for just label prestige – focus on quality, reviews, and personal preference.

Recommendations for Lipsticks at Various Price Points

  • Under $10: e.l.f. Cosmetics, NYX, Wet n Wild
  • $10-20: Revlon, L’Oreal, Covergirl, Milani
  • $20-30: Urban Decay, Tarte, It Cosmetics, benefit
  • $30-50: MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smashbox
  • $50-70+: Dior, Chanel, YSL, Tom Ford


Lipstick doesn’t have to be a splurge with the right tips and tricks. Focus first on your personal preferences – matte, gloss, or sheer? Neutrals or bold brights? Then explore quality options at each price point.

Take advantage of sales throughout the year, especially during holiday periods. With smart shopping habits, you can build the ultimate lip wardrobe that thrills without going over budget. Remember to have fun experimenting with colors and formulas to find your perfect lip match!

Love lipstick? Sign up for brand newsletters and rewards programs so you never miss a hot deal. Share your top budget and luxury lip discoveries on social media to inspire fellow beauty lovers. With the right know-how, everyone can find beautiful shades tailored to their taste and wallet. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which lipstick is best and cheap?

Wet n Wild lipsticks provide incredible pigmentation and glossy shine starting at just $2-4. The MegaLast and Megalast Liquid Catsuit matte lipsticks deliver salon-quality color at drugstore prices.

What is the most expensive lipstick brand?

Guerlain KissKiss Diamond Lipstick takes the crown as the world’s most expensive lipstick at $62,000 per tube. The refillable lipstick case features 334 diamonds totaling 2.2 carats.

What lipstick is most attractive?

The most flattering lipstick highlights your best features. Look for shades that complement your skin undertone with blue-based cool reds and pinks or warmer terra cotta and coral. Neutrals like mauve, rose, and brown are universally attractive. Finishes like cream or satin work for all. Apply lipstick neatly with lip liner for polished definition.

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