The Cost of Rollerblades

Rollerblade Cost

Rollerblades, or inline skates as many people call them, can be used for a variety of things. One of the major differences between rollerblades and regular skates is that inline skate wheels are single-file instead of double. This means you get more speed on your feet. Rollerblades can be used for both recreation or competition, depending on what type you buy. Some people use them to do tricks like those done with a skateboard while others just enjoy being able to cruise around at high speeds without having to apply too much effort.

How much do rollerblades cost?

The actual cost of the inline skates will actually be dependent on where you will purchase them from and the brand or type you’re looking to buy.

A pair of rollerblades for boys and girls that was made for recreational activities will only cost somewhere between $20 and $70. This will, of course, depend on their features and the brand that made them. For example, you could get the Roller Derby Coyote for girls that are adjustable for around $50.

A pair of rollerblades that was designed for either men or women, but for recreational purposes, will cost anywhere between $50 and $200. As an example, the Bladerunner Women’s Pro 78 can have a price of about $180.

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If you want to buy a pair of street rollerblades that you can use to do tricks, then the Rollerblade NewJack Street Skates will work just fine and shouldn’t cost more than $320.

As for a pair of inline speed skates, they can cost anywhere from $250 up to $1,000, or even more, in some cases. The Luigino Attitude 195 is a great brand to get if you want to try speed skates.

The website SkateFAQ.com warns that $150 skates will be more valuable than $30 ones, but it can sometimes get tricky when purchasing higher-end models. The site notes you should steer clear of rollerblades that cost less than 120 bucks since they usually are not worth the money.

Retailer Price Range
Big 5 Sports $25 to $45
Play it Again Sports $40 to $90
Target $35 to $70
Walmart $20 to $90

Details on rollerblades

There are three different types of skates: Multi-purpose, hockey, or speed. In the majority of cases, multi-purpose skates will be made out of plastic with a foam liner on the inside. There is also variation in how these can be laced up and buckled down. Hockey Skates use leather material typically stitched together and do not include a foam liner like their counterpart does to protect your feet.

The slippery ice of a rink is no problem for these skates, but they’re not as effective on uneven ground. The best fit will be laced-up sets but you will also find some that have an adjustable ankle strap to keep them securely in place. The speed skates will usually be made from leather with five wheels and a bigger base to accommodate them.

Skates are often more difficult to find in stores than other types of shoes. Unlike their walking counterparts, they’re usually found at a specialty store and not your local mall or department store.

When it comes to recreational skates, skaters should also be aware that there is a rubber brake pad for the back right rollerblade which helps when stopping.

Some skates will have adjustable boots to grow along with the child’s feet. This is a great feature because then they can keep skating and not worry about their shoe size all of the time. Street skate has an extra space between the second and third wheel which allows street skaters to easily drop in ramps, jumps, etcetera. The Speed Skate typically comes in smaller proportioned boots even while not having a break or any other braking system whatsoever but mostly for increased speeds.

Any additional expenses to consider?


As it stands, the wheels and breaks on a rollerblade will eventually wear out with time. To prolong their life, however, you can rotate them to prevent excessive wearing-out of one side or another – this may be enough for your purposes if they’re only used once in a while! If not though, then you should replace these parts within about six months at best from purchase. The costs vary depending on how many replacement pieces are needed but typically range between $5-$8 per wheel.

Safety Gear

Don’t forget the safety equipment. Spending money on a great pair of rollerblades is pointless if you don’t have any protection. The safety equipment will usually include wrist guards ($12), knee pads ($15 to $45), and elbow pads (from $18). When purchased in combo packs, these can bring down the costs of this gear significantly.


A good helmet is a must-have for any skater. Skating without one can lead to serious head injuries. This will usually cost you $45.

Important things to consider

Sport RollerbladingMany people would think that buying cheap rollerblades is a good idea, but it really isn’t. Cheap skates tend to be of low quality and not last long in terms of durability. Be sure to research the reviews online before you buy them because this will give away more information on how well they work for others, too.

For a good, reliable fit for your rollerblades, you should go into the store and try them on in person. Online shopping can result in an ill-fitting pair of skates that aren’t as sturdy or comfortable – even if they are exactly the same size.

Skate sizing is important to your skating experience. Make sure the skates are tight enough so that they don’t leave blisters and rashes behind on your feet, but not too tight because you won’t be able to move in them. When trying out a new pair of skates make sure you’re wearing socks inside while testing out how well the shoes fit; this way you will make sure the rollerblades will be perfectly fit when it’s time to use them.

It may be tempting to start out on the skate parks or streets, but skating in a clean and empty area is best for beginners. There will not only be less chance of crashing into somebody else; it also means you can take your time getting used to balancing yourself before hitting more congested areas with people around.

You might have to go up a shoe size or down for the skate to fit, and each brand has its own way of sizing them.

Some of the most popular brands are:

  • Roces
  • Nike
  • K2
  • Bauer
  • TRS

Is there any way to spend less?

Rollerblading is a fun way to work out, but if you’re not going to do it on the regular then we recommend buying cheap rollerblades. You can find them used online at sites like eBay and Amazon.

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