The Cost of Scrubs

Scrub Suits Cost

Scrubs are typically seen in a health care field or setting, as a lot of companies in that field need you to buy and use them.

Just how much do scrubs cost?

Scrub tops can be found in a range of styles, colors, and patterns and will usually cost $6 to $45 per top. The expenses, in the end, will depend upon the brand name, the quality of the fabric, and the merchant you buy them from.

A less expensive set might be found at retailers like Walmart, while a better quality top can be bought at a regional and/or online first responder/uniform supply shop, for instance.

Pants, much like the tops, are available for sale in a lot of colors to match the top. Scrub pants will have a price of about $10 to $30 per piece and can be made to use a drawstring or a flexible waist. Pants will have pockets or not, depending on the need. For a total set, it’s best to be prepared to spend $10 to $40 per set. We tried to gather info from the leading first responder/uniform merchants and included their scrub average price in the list below.

At Walmart, for instance, their scrub tops can cost $7 to $25, while the pants can cost $11 to $24.

A lot of the responses on Quora noted that they ended up paying anywhere from $20 to $50 per piece, however, if the set was comfortable enough, they would not have an issue to spend more than the average.

Store and Average Cost Range

Store Average Price Range
Allheart scrubs $10 to $35 (solid color top)
$8 to $27 (solid colored pants)
Scrub World $15 to $30 (solid color tops)
$19 to $32 (solid color pants)
Scrubs and Beyond $15 to $32 (solid color top)
$15 to $37 (solid color pants)
Target Scrubs $20 to $45 (varying colored tops)
$27 to $36 (solid color pant)
Uniform Advantage $15 to $20 (solid top)
$14 to $28 (solid pants)
Uniform Outlet $16 to $29 (solid color top)
$15 to $31 (solid color pant)
Walmart Scrubs $8 to $20 (solid color top)
$13 to $30 (solid color pants)


Additional information on scrubs

Some tops are created without pockets or with pockets, and they can be either a v-neck or round neck. Tops can also be made in solid colors or stylish designs, or they can be created with particular holidays or unique occasions in mind.

Scrubs can be seen at many of your most common department stores and merchants that typically have clothes for sale. They can also be bought online through specialized shops that focus on scrubs and medical supplies.

The most typical top colors will be white, black, gray, red, and a mix of multiple colors.

What are the expected additional expenses?

Aside from scrubs, some businesses might require you to wear a particular type of shoes. These shoes will generally need to be closed all the way around without any open toes or heels. Also, medical shoes have to be made from a non-absorbent fabric without any open areas.

Larger size scrubs can typically cost 20% to 30% more.

Custom-made scrubs, which can be customized to your requirements, can cost about $30 to $45 each. When personalizing, many merchants will ask for a minimum order, which is generally about 5 to 6 sets.

Tips to keep in mind

Scrubs on a WomanIf you’re brand-new to a company, you should know what they are going to allow you to wear in the work environment. Some businesses are rigorous with their allowed designs and colors.

It is a good idea to get scrubs that have pockets. Even if it’s hard to believe, there are scrubs that do not include any kinds of pockets, making it difficult to have with you smaller-sized items such as pens.

Make sure to check for the quality of the fabric. Seeing that you’re going to be using these products each and every day, it’s a good idea to spend just a little more to make sure that you’re getting a better fabric and a more comfortable set of scrubs. More affordable scrubs tend to have a thinner fabric material, no pockets, and very uncomfortable cuts.

Marcusuniforms notes that you can add your scrubs to your tax deductibles as long as they will be utilized at work.

How can you save some money?

You can get used or second-hand scrubs from many uniform shops, however, prior to doing so, you should make sure that they are still in great condition.

Solid color tops are typically less expensive than custom printed ones.

Some online shops provide bulk discount rates. If you can get a few of your colleagues to put an order with you, a discount rate might be provided.

Also check out our articles about the cost of a well-baby visit, EMG test, and Coronavirus treatment.

It’s also a smart idea to look for discount coupons and marketing codes, specifically if you try to buy them online. A lot of online merchants provide discount rates to both brand-new consumers and returning consumers.

Some nurses have actually had luck at local thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army.

Talk to your employer to see if they offer any sort of compensation or if they have contracts for lower prices with any retailers.

Whether going there personally or shopping online, check out the clearance area for older season stock.

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