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How much do scrubs cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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You will usually find scrubs in different healthcare field settings, where employers will require you to buy and wear them.

How much do scrubs cost?

Scrub tops cost on average $8 to $50 per top, depending on their patterns, colors, and designs. Other factors that will affect the costs are the retailer you purchase them from, their quality as well as the brand that makes them.

Walmart sells sets that are cheaper than the market average, while higher quality tops will be found in both online and local uniform supply stores for example.

When it comes to scrub pants, these are sold in all kinds of colors just like the tops and are usually made to match the top.

Scrub pants cost somewhere between $12 and $35 per piece and are usually made with either an elastic waist or a drawstring. Although most pants won’t have pockets, some might have them. A full set of scrubs costs anywhere between $15 and $60 per outfit.

The table below will offer you scrub price information from the top uniform retailers in the US.

Walmart, for example, has scrub tops at prices between $5 and $20, while their pants will cost somewhere between $12 and $20.

Going through Quora answers, you will notice that most people said that they have paid between $20 and $35 per piece for a decent, affordable scrubs set, while sets that are really comfortable would easily cost more.

Store and Average Cost Range

Store Solid Color Tops Solid Color Pants
Allheart $8 to $27 $10 to $33
Scrub World $15 to $27 $18 to $32
Scrubs and Beyond $17 to $34 $17 to $42
Target Scrubs $20 to $43 (Varying colored tops) $29 to $38
Uniform Advantage $14 to $18 $14 to $24
Uniform Outlet $16 to $27 $17 to $33
Walmart Scrubs $7 to $17 $12 to $20

Details on scrubs

Scrub tops can either have a round neck or a v-neck and while some come with no pockets at all, others have multiple pockets. You can also get tops that are made with fashionable designs or ones in solid colors. They can even be made for special events or specific holidays.

Most retailers and department stores that sell clothing also offer some types of scrubs either as interdependent pieces or scrub sets. You can also find some online and in specialty stores that specialize in medical supplies such as dickies or other types of scrubs.

Among the most common top colors, you’ll find red, gray, black, white, Cherokee, and multi-colored.

What are the extra costs?

Depending on the company you’re working for, you might also be required to buy shoes along with scrubs. When it comes to shoes they will usually need to be closed completely and with no heels, having no open toes. Medical shoes in general will have to be made of a non-absorbent material.

You are likely to spend around 20% to 30% more if you need a plus-size scrub.

Custom scrubs, which can be personalized to your specifications, can cost about $30 to $45 each.  When customizing, most retailers will have a minimum, which is usually about five to six orders.

Important things to consider

Scrubs on a Woman

Some companies, especially in the medical field, are very strict when it comes to what colors and designs you can wear. This is why it is very important to find out as soon as possible what you will be allowed to wear in the workplace if you are new to a company.

Even though they can be slightly more expensive, it is always better to get scrubs with pockets. Weirdly enough, there are scrubs that come with no pockets whatsoever, which makes it very hard for you to carry even the smallest items like your phone or even a pen.

Color and design are important, but don’t neglect the quality of the product. It’s always best to get the best possible set, even if you have to pay several additional dollars. Keep in mind that you’re going to be wearing them on a daily basis. If you go for a cheaper scrub, it will likely have an unflattering cut, no pockets, or a thinner fabric material.

According to, as long as you use the scrubs for work purposes, you can write them off on your taxes.

How can you save money?

You can also get used medical scrubs from some uniform stores, although, it is a pretty good idea to make sure they are in pristine condition before you buy them.

Printed tops will usually be more expensive than solid tops.

You will also find group discounts in some online stores. If you gather several co-workers and place a bigger order together, you might be entitled to a discount.

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If you purchase the products online, you might be able to find promotional codes or coupons. Depending on the particular offers available at each online retailer, the discounts might be for returning customers, new customers, or both categories.

There have also been nurses and medical professionals that have said that they were lucky to find scrubs at Salvation Army, Goodwill, or similar thrift shops.

You can also talk to your employer to see whether they can offer at least partial reimbursement for the scrubs you buy.

Don’t forget the clearance section for last year or season stock when visiting a store, regardless of whether it is in person or online.

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