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The Cost of The Roomba Vacuum

Roomba is an iconic brand of robotic vacuum cleaners that managed to gain a lot of popularity ever since it launched, in 2002.

These types of autonomous robotic cleaning gadgets are actually sold by iRobot and come with an impressive number of sensors that make cleaning any room, including hard-to-reach spaces like underneath the furniture, easier than ever.

Depending on its capabilities, overall features, and actual model, the Roomba vacuum cost will differ considerably.

How much does a Roomba cost?

The average cost of a Roomba vacuum cleaner depends on the retailer you get the cleaner from, its overall condition, and the actual model. The price can be anywhere between as low as $350 and as high as $1,200 for newer models with a lot of features.

Model Examples Price Average
Roomba 980 $1035
Roomba 960 $805
Roomba 880 $690
Roomba 860 $575
Roomba 805 $379.5
Roomba 780 $690
Roomba 770 $632.5
Roomba 761 $460
Roomba 680 $431.25
Roomba 650 $402.5
Roomba 620 $345
Roomba 530 $115

If you were to purchase directly from iRobot, for example, you would spend between $400 and $1,000 for the newer models. As an example, The Roomba 980 has a price of around $1,000, while the Roomba 650 is only around $400.

Roomba overview

Roomba is able to perform the needed tasks because it is equipped with a set of basic sensors and a set of wheels that can work independently. This enables even 360° rotations when needed. The embedded computer it has inside, which is paired with the Roomba Open Interface, also helps with the tasks needed to be performed.

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Roomba cleaners are designed to have a disc shape with a height of about 9 cm and a diameter of about 13 cm. The top front center of the gadget will have an omnidirectional infrared sensor, while the front half will have a big mechanical bumper that is contact-sensitive. A recessed carrying handle can be found on most of these types of robotic units.

You will find a pair of brushes that will rotate in opposite directions while the Roomba cleaner is working, on basically all models.

A removable NiMH battery powers the Roomba vacuum cleaner, and this type of battery will require regular charging. The cleaner can get charged from a self-charging home base or a wall power adapter. When you want to use the unit, all you have to do is carry it into the room that needs cleaning and then push the clean mode button. The operating modes include dock mode, max mode, spot mode, and clean mode, depending on the model you go for.

You will find a lot of different models and series when it comes to the Roomba vacuum cleaning robots, including models like the 900, 800, 700, and 500 series, as well as the Professional, Discovery, 400, and Original models.

There are a few Roomba models that have something called the AeroForce Cleaning System which comes with a Carpet Boost technology, enabling better cleaning power, which makes them great for carpets and rugs. This is a feature found in newer models.

You can set your cleaning preferences from your smartphone with the help of the iRobot HOME app. The gadgets also come with the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation which features a Visual Localization system. This guides the robot perfectly all around the rooms of your house.

You can use these cleaners for all kinds of floor types, including but not limited to laminate, hardwood, tile, and carpet.

What are the extra costs?

You will need different accessories and pieces depending on the Roomba model you go for. You will also need to purchase side brushes from time to time, because these are known to wear off. You an find these brushes at prices between $20 and $25 per three-pack. The filter also has to be changed. These filters aren’t more expensive than the usual filters needed for the usual vacuum cleaner, costing anywhere between $30 and $40 per three-pack.

After you use the robot a few hundred times, you might need to get a new battery. An article on av8n.com states that even when just one or two cells die, the battery will stop working. You will most likely spend around $140 to get a new battery.

When it comes to electricity bills, you will spend around $.13 if you’d choose to use it once every two days, or about $4.08 per year if you’d have it plugged in and charged 24/7, according to TreeHugger.com.

Important things to consider

Roomba Hitting WallYou can get the needed accessories right from the manufacturer’s website but to do so, you will have to provide the unit’s series to make sure what you get is compatible with the vacuum cleaning robot.

You can also purchase a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot from one of the following retailers: GoVacuum, Fry’s Electronics, Drugstore.com, Costco, Coast Guard Exchange, Frontgate, Brandsmart, Bloomingdale’s, BJ’s Wholesale, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, AimtoFind.com, Ace Hardware, Abt Electronics, ABC Vacuum Warehouse, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Ace Vacuum, Hammacher Schlemmer, Harmony, and many more.

You should know that a Roomba isn’t your average upright vacuum, which means it will also work in a different way. One example is the cleaning of the dining room, where you can’t just vacuum around the chairs.  The Roomba will probably bounce off the chair’s foot and change its direction, which means it will leave a mess behind. The good part is that, unlike normal vacuum cleaners, this robot can reach some places hard to reach like deep under the bed.

A Roomba will usually charge in about three to four hours.

If you have stairs around the house, you should know that the Roomba won’t be able to climb them.

How can I save money?

You can look for rewards, coupons, or special offers right on the manufacturer’s official website when you activate the robot’s warranty. The Roomba vacuum cleaner can be registered directly on the iRobot online store.

You can spend less on batteries for the cleaner if you get them from third-party retailers instead of iRobot itself. Reputable battery suppliers will have battery replacements that are compatible with the robot.

You will save anywhere between 40% and 60% if you buy a used Roomba. To find a second-hand unit you should look on marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay.

Of course, Roomba isn’t the only type of robot vacuum cleaner you can find on the market. You can find other models for as low as $90 with similar capabilities but from less-known manufacturers.

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