Tree Braids Cost

How Much Do Tree Braids Cost?

Last Updated on February 1, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Tree braids have become an increasingly popular protective hairstyle for many women with natural hair. With their beautiful and versatile look, tree braids allow you to switch up your style without causing damage to your natural hair.

However, many wonder – how much do tree braids cost? Let’s take a closer look at the average pricing range and the many factors that influence the cost of tree braids.

How Much Do Tree Braids Cost?

The cost of tree braids can vary greatly depending on your location, the complexity of the braided style, the length and thickness of your natural hair, and the expertise of your stylist. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for tree braids installed by a professional stylist in the United States.

In major metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles, the rates tend to be on the higher end, with stylists charging around $250 to $300 for tree braids. In smaller cities or rural areas, pricing is more affordable, with rates starting at $100 to $150.

According to Adorning Impact, the base price for tree braids is $300. Shereé Whitfield TreeBraids and Cynthia Bailey Treebraids are priced at $350. An additional fee will be placed on the style for extra full TreeBraids.

On Damaris Beauty Parlor, the price to install tree braids (hair not included) is $225. They also sell synthetic hair for tree braids for $45.

Tqueen Hair Salon lists various prices for different types of tree braids, with a non-refundable down payment for booking an appointment for individual tree braids at $250. The price to customize the handmade tree braids according to the client’s length and custom color preference is $400.

What are Tree Braids?

Tree braids get their name from their appearance, which resembles the branches of a tree extending outwards from the scalp. The look is achieved by braiding the natural hair tightly to the scalp in straight rows, then carefully weaving in synthetic hair extensions along the braids to create flowing strands that cascade down.

Unlike regular braided hairstyles, tree braids allow you to have a full, voluminous look while protecting your natural hair underneath by keeping it out of the way. The style is very versatile – tree braids can be worn down, pulled up, or styled in various ways. For these reasons, tree braids have become a go-to protective style for many.

Factors Influencing Tree Braids Cost

Several important factors come into play when determining the total cost for tree braids:

Length and Thickness of Hair

Longer and thicker natural hair takes more time, labor, and hair extensions to complete the tree braids style. Stylists typically charge an added fee per pack of hair extensions used. For short to medium length hair, you may need 3 to 5 packs ($10 – $15 per pack). But for very long or thick hair, 7 packs or more may be required.

Complexity of Style

More complex tree braiding patterns with intricate designs, braids of varying sizes, or braids falling at different lengths can increase the time and work needed. Simple styles take 2 to 3 hours, but elaborate looks can take 8 hours or more. Additional labor is usually reflected in a higher price.

Salon Location

Like most beauty services, location plays a role in tree braids pricing. Stylists in major cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta or Los Angeles tend to charge higher rates, from $200 to $500. Suburban areas and small towns generally have more reasonable rates in the $100 to $250 range.

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Experience of the Stylist

Highly skilled stylists with years of experience and specialized training in tree braiding techniques may charge more for their expertise. However, they also tend to work quicker and deliver better results. Check reviews and ask about a stylist’s experience with tree braids when booking.

Choosing the Right Salon for Tree Braids

Your stylist’s expertise is one of the biggest factors when it comes to achieving the look you want. Here are some tips for finding the best salon and stylist for tree braids:

  • Ask friends for recommendations of stylists they’ve used and liked.
  • Look at salon reviews and ratings online for feedback on tree braiding services.
  • Evaluate the stylist’s portfolio to see examples of their work with tree braids styles.
  • Ask about the stylist’s specific experience and training with the tree braiding technique.
  • Consider salons that specialize in natural hair or braided styles like tree braids.
  • Schedule a consultation first to meet the stylist and discuss your hair goals.

Booking an experienced stylist at a reputable salon can make a big difference in getting high quality tree braids and avoiding problems like hair damage or poorly done braids.

The Process of Getting Tree Braids

Tree Braids TypesHere is an overview of what you can expect when you book a salon appointment for tree braids:

  • Hair Assessment: The stylist will examine the health, length, thickness, and texture of your natural hair. This determines how much hair is needed.
  • Braiding the Base: Your natural hair is sectioned off and braided down close to the scalp in straight rows.
  • Sewing in Extensions: Synthetic hair extensions are carefully sewn into the braided base, starting from the bottom up near the ends.
  • Styling the Hair: Once the braids are installed, the stylist shapes and styles the tree braids as desired. This takes 1-2 hours.
  • Overall Appointment Time: For medium length hair, expect to spend 3 to 5 hours at your tree braids appointment. Long or thick hair can take 6 hours or more.

Maintenance and Care of Tree Braids

To make your tree braids last 4-6 weeks, proper maintenance is key:

  • Gently wash every 1-2 weeks and condition well with products for synthetic hair. Avoid over-washing.
  • Use a spray leave-in conditioner for moisture and silk wrap or scarf at bedtime.
  • Have your stylist redo the edges/sides every 2 weeks as needed.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling which can damage the extensions.
  • Take care not to catch or pull on the extensions which can cause them to slip out.

With proper care, your tree braids can last over a month, allowing you to get your money’s worth for the service.

Additional Costs to Consider

Keep in mind these potential extra costs when budgeting for your tree braids:

  • Hair Extensions: Most salons charge extra for the packages of synthetic hair extensions used. Expect to pay $10 – $20 per pack.
  • Specialty Products: Items like edge control gels ($5 – $15) or moisturizing sprays ($10 – $20) add to the total cost.
  • Tip for stylist: It is customary to tip 15-20% of the service cost based on your satisfaction.
  • Repeat visits: If you need the sides and edges redone halfway through, salons may charge $50 or more per visit.

Factor in these additional expenses to avoid surprise costs. The total investment can be worth it for 6 or more weeks of a quick, convenient protective style.

Benefits of Tree Braids Hairstyle

There are many excellent reasons tree braids have become a top choice for protective styling:

  • Cause no tension or damage to natural hair
  • Allow length and volume without hair damage
  • Very durable and long-lasting when maintained (4 to 6 weeks)
  • Keep natural hair detangled and tucked away
  • Fun, versatile styling options from glam waves to top knots
  • Convenient alternative to frequently restyling natural hair
  • Cute vacation style that airs out easily and withstands water
  • Gives a break from heat styling and manipulation

For those with natural hair seeking a break from daily styling and heat damage, tree braids offer the perfect solution.

How to Spend Less on Tree Braids

Here are some tips to save money on your tree braids:

  • Go to a salon in a suburban or rural area instead of a major city
  • Choose a simpler style vs. an intricate pattern
  • Use fewer hair extension packs if your hair is short or thin
  • Ask if the salon offers new client discounts or specials
  • Get a consultation first to avoid overbuying on hair

With some adjustment to your preferences, you may be able to get tree braids for $150 or under, making this accessible protective style very budget-friendly.


You can expect to pay on average between $100 to $300 for professional tree braid installation. Exact pricing depends on your hair length and thickness, the complexity of the look, your location, and the stylist’s experience level.

While tree braids require an initial investment, their durability, protective benefits, and beautiful appearance make them well worth the cost for many. Do your research to find an experienced stylist and care properly for your new tree braids!


How long do tree braids last?

With proper maintenance and care, tree braids typically last 4 to 6 weeks. Avoid over-washing, gently detangle, and use moisturizing products to maximize their lifespan.

Also, have your stylist redo the edges around weeks 2-3. Properly cared for tree braids can last over a month before a redo is needed.

Are tree braids healthy for your hair?

Yes, tree braids are a very healthy hairstyle option. They protect your natural hair by keeping it tucked away in neat braids so it avoids damage from styling, brushing, weather, etc.

The tension-free braiding method used prevents pulling on the strands and roots which can cause breakage over time. As long as they are installed correctly, tree braids allow your natural hair to grow and thrive underneath without manipulation.

What hair do I buy for tree braids?

For tree braids, most stylists recommend high-quality kanekalon synthetic hair extensions. Kanekalon fibers are designed to emulate the look and feel of real hair while withstanding repeated styling.

Aim for a texture that matches your natural hair – curly, kinky, or straight. To achieve fullness, go for extensions that are slightly longer than your current length. Ask your stylist what length and texture they recommend buying before your appointment to ensure you purchase extensions that will work well.

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