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Yeast is one of the most known ingredients,  on which millions of dollars of businesses are established. Yes, we are talking about all the businesses related to baking and bakery products. In this article, we will go over all the major aspects regarding yeast, including its uses and costs.

Yeast belongs to the taxonomic group of ‘Fungi’ and is a one-cell organism. It is a major ingredient in most of our baking products, like bread, donuts, pizza bread, and many others. The type of yeast used in baking and brewing is known as saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast is a major ingredient in wine as well. It can be found as a natural resource or can be prepared on a massive level artificially.

How much does yeast cost?

Yeast comes in different package sizes. Some packages can be so small that they will only be used once. They are usually in one-ounce packages with costs between $2 and $3, depending on the brand. If you were to purchase a big package weighing one pound, it could end up costing anywhere from $6 to $12.

The third factor influencing the cost of yeast is the location, which is also very important. Yeast comes with different labels like ‘instant yeast’ or ‘nutritional yeast’. Dry yeast packages are most wanted by consumers, because of their long life and functionality.

The price of yeast is totally dependent on the following conditions:

  1. The brand
  2. The quality
  3. The place from where you want to buy it

The cost of yeast in online stores

Yeast is available in many online marketplaces. If you purchase it from Amazon, there is a variety of yeasts available under different brands and at different costs.

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Some brands we managed to find during our research are Bellarise [red] instant yeast fast-acting for bread priced at $6 for one pound pack and Lesaffre Saf-instant yeast gold one, priced at $13 for a one-pound pack.

Yeast will be cheaper when bought wholesale. The cost, when buying in bulk, varies from $3 to $12 per kilogram. Drop-shipping charges may be applied when ordering online and will vary from shop to shop.

The source of yeast

Yeast can be seen in most places and on most things. Molded bread and rotten fruits are some examples of exposure to yeast.

As yeast is one of the most useful ingredients in our favorite foods and drinks, we have learned to make yeast artificially. To prepare yeast at industrial levels, sugar is dissolved in water in presence of oxygen in huge amounts. After completing the required time limit, water is pumped out and yeast remains in dried form. The production of yeast is high nowadays because of its high demand and uses in most edible products.

Yeast is not only used in food products, but also in some other industries.

Its shelf life

Dough and YeastFresh yeast has a lifespan of about two weeks if stored in a closed container. It should always be kept in a cool and dry place. The container should be closed tightly. Lifespan means its ability to function as an active ingredient.

If you want to check if your yeast is still active, dissolve it in water in the proximity of some salt. When you will dissolve yeast in water, bubbles will be formed and it will make a mild sound. After a time span of about fifteen minutes, you will find the container with a foamy mixture in it. This means that the yeast is still active and good to use as an ingredient.

Tips on how to use yeast for baking

  • Do not use too much hot water, because it can kill the yeast microorganism.
  • Do not put salt and yeast at the same time. You should try to put salt after all of the other ingredients.
  • Dissolve the dry active yeast in water before putting it in the recipe.
  • You can use instant yeast directly in your recipe, without activating it in water.
  • You can use a small amount of sugar in your recipe for proofing the mixture.
  • Keep dough to 70 to 80 Celsius for the healthiest rise.
  • Keep the yeast at a low temperature to keep it alive.

Is there any way to spend less?

You can save money if you buy yeast in bulk but only buy as much as you think you will need until it goes bad. Getting this ingredient in bulk is a good way of increasing profits for food businesses like pizza shops, or bakeries. Yeast is an ingredient, which has a lifespan of two weeks after the packaging has been opened. You can still save it in a container with a tightly closed lid and store it in a cool and dry place, like your refrigerator.

For bigger families, it is recommended to buy big packs of yeast that come in pounds rather than ounces. If you bake and cook frequently at your home, it is the best option to buy a big container which would be used for a long time, instead of single-use packs.

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