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The Immigrants’ Safe Path to Europe Cost

Last Updated on June 17, 2021 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on September 17, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Traffickers have created pages on Facebook where they promise to desperate Syrians or Iraqis a “safe ” way to Europe in exchange for different amounts of money, more precisely thousands of dollars.

At first sight, they seem to advertise for trips, but the advice addressed to the passengers – the luggage and burka/niqab (Muslim veil) interdiction – show that they are not going to travel to London, Paris, or Athens. Many pages on Facebook offer to desperate Syrians and Iraqis transportation to Europe, in return for thousands of dollars.

Traffickers are trying to make a profit on the middle-class families that are willing to risk their life savings for a “100% safe” journey promise to Europe, given the fact that thousands of people died trying to cross the Mediterranean by unsafe and overcrowded boats.

A Facebook page called “Safe journey from Turkey to Greece”, informs the potential customers that they will embark on a 40-meter yacht, Orient Bosphorus, in the Turkish port Izmir. Passengers who pay about $4,000 are forbidden to bring luggage or to wear burka/niqab, but they must have on them only digital cameras and laptops, to be easier confused with the western tourists.

For those that do not want to risk their life on a sea journey, the site also offers a two-day journey by truck through Austria, for $8,500 per person.

Even though they pay this amount of money, sometimes they meet all sorts of smugglers that take the money and not show up, or they leave them on the highway, in the middle of Austria or northern Italy or they inform the family that they do not all fit in the car. In these cases, these people are somehow forced to rely on those promises for a better life.

Once they get to Europe, many immigrants intend to travel north, to countries such as Germany, Belgium, or Sweden.

An immigrant in Germany will receive 359 euros, around $400 a month — lower than the welfare payment for German citizens. He will not be allowed to work for three months, but even after that period by no means, a job is guaranteed. Many employers do not want to employ refugees with an uncertain future, and asylum-seekers are only allowed to take up a job if German or EU citizens are not available for the position.

Are you asking yourself why do the immigrants flee their own countries? The many bad people that set their headquarters in countries like Syria, Iraq, or Afganistan, where they do a lot of bad things and even hurt people without reason. This has pushed normal people to leave their homes in search of a better life.

As more and more immigrants seek a better life away from the war in one of the wealthier European countries, European Commission proposes a temporary solidarity clause: If – for justified or objective reasons, such as a natural disaster – a Member State cannot participate fully or partially to the decision of the refugees’ relocation, then it will have to financially contribute to the EU budget with 0,002 percent of its national GDP.immigrants safe path to europe

The European Commission will analyze the reasons given by that Member State and will decide whether it is justified or not its non-participation in the collective effort for a maximum period of 12 months. In the case of partial participation in the refugee relocation, the amount of money will be reduced proportionately, as it is explained in an EC handout.

The refugee relocation will be done on based requirements, using objective and measurable criteria a: 40 percent from the population size, 40 percent from GDP, 10 percent from the average number of asylum applications from the past, 10 percent from the unemployment rate.

Should the immigrants take this “safe” path to Europe?

This time, it’s not our place to say if something is worth it or not. On one hand, the journey will be a dangerous one for all the people involved. They could get scammed of their last available money or even worse, they could lose their lives anywhere from their start point until they are safe in Europe. But what is the alternative? All of them are running away from countries that are tormented by war and hunger. All they want is a safe place where to live and raise their families, so it’s really not our place to say if everything will be worth it or not, in the end.

Alec Pow
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