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First Published on October 2, 2014 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

First Class seats in any airplane are the best and any traveler’s dream. They are limited, situated in front of the airplane, the most comfortable and the meals are the best. Here, we have a ranking of the best First Class seats.

A round trip flight New York – London: $ 8,470
The owner of this airline, who first had the idea of combining the services of a magnificent hotel with air services, is Richard Branson. In his airplanes, we find comfortable beds, a disco design in shades of purple and orange, and a very cheerful flight attendant with a British accent. At Heathrow airport, you get free haircuts from famous stylists from the London beauty shop Bumble and Bumble, spa services, and Jacuzzi. And, of course, transfer from and to the airport by a limousine.


emirates airfare
A round trip flight London – Dubai: $ 7,840
Emirates airlines luxury planes also have a private apartment, with a bathroom and a minibar. You have a 23 inches flat-screen TV with over 600 channels. You can feast with lobster in black bean sauce and traditional Arabic mezze. You receive the services of a limousine and even a free phone that you can use for a month. And, if you’ve crumpled your suit or dress during the flight, you can call on the ironing services.


singapore airfare
A round trip flight London-Beijing: $ 9,100
There are Business Class, First Class and most recently, Suites Class: private cabins, some with double beds, where you can find pajamas, slippers, creams and perfume, all signed by Givenchy. A 23-inch plasma with over 1,000 channels keeps you busy. Bathrooms are double; one of them even includes a sofa … to easier change in pajamas. Among the champagne options, you will only find the best: Dom Perignon or Krug.

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A round trip flight New York – London: $ 6,320
First Class on British Airways means luxury, bed chair as standard, excellent food, soft drinks for all overseas flights. On the Heathrow airport, the company has opened a new waiting room, in Terminal 5, with the velvet material from Osborne & Little (Queen’s favorites), a wine bar, and a spa offering facials and massages while waiting the plane’s boarding announces.


A round trip flight London – Bangkok: $ 3,790
First Class passengers of Thai Airways Company don’t need to stay in line to check-in, they have one man greeting and leading them to the waiting room, before entering the plane, where they receive one meal a la carte, a ceremonial feet massage, and a traditional Thai massage. Onboard passengers are attended with a huge bed, instead of a chair with an embedded phone, and a kit containing Bulgari beauty products and an Evian surprise.


qantas airfare
A round trip flight London-Sydney: $ 13,020
“Let them eat caviar”, said those at Qantas, and they did even more than they said. Caviar turned into a close collaboration between them and the most sophisticated restaurant in Sydney, Rockpool. Therefore, passengers are treated with a full menu of eight dishes. Of course, they get the best and freshest espresso or cappuccino, personal phone, and beauty products from the French cosmetic company, Payot.


swiss airfare
A round trip flight Berne, New York: $ 5,435
Some people go shopping for La Prairie cosmetics products to malls. At Swiss International Airlines you get them free, some way or another. The menu is created by the Park Hotel Weggis’s chef, from Lake Lucerne, Renee Rischmeyer, and is changed seasonally, like the cooks. Bed chairs offer you the possibility to send a fax, an ms … or an email.

A round trip flight Qatar – New York: $ 6,700
In Doha, Qatar’s capital, if you choose First Class travel you are taken and brought from the airport only by a BMW 7 Series limousine. Onboard you’re served caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon, or you can choose anything else from the menu’s 20 options. You get TV satellite; each chair has its own TV. The chair converts into a bed, of course, when you want to rest, and you can wrap it with a feather blanket. We would all fly in these conditions, isn’t it? Here we have the hierarchy of the best 15 First Class places in the world and their prices:1. Singapore Suites – $ 3.324

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Here we have the hierarchy of the best 15 First Class places in the world and their prices:
1. Singapore Suites – $3.324
2. Cathay Pacific First Class Suites – $713
3. Emirates First Class Suites – $824
4. Etihad Diamond First – $911
5. Lufthansa First Class – $5.520
6. Oman Air First Class – $3.917
7. Qatar First Class – $684
8. Asiana First Class Suite – $4.073
9. ANA First Square – $9.640
10. Singapore First Class – $1.593
11. JAL Suite – $3.712
12. Air France La Premiere – $7.496
13. Thai Royal First – $2.533
14 Emirates First Class – $1.318
15. Qantas First Suites – $5.037

This classification is built by taking into account many factors, such as passengers’ comfort, the intimacy, the champagne’s or caviar’s quality, the ticket price, and if passengers get pajamas.

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