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Cost of The World’s Most Expensive Furs

Most expensive coats

In the first place, we have chinchilla fur. It is ranked as the most expensive fur in the world. Those sweet animals have approximately 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. So, for manufacturing a jacket it takes about 60 chinchilla furs, while for a long coat between 100-130 furs, reaching a cost between $30,000 and $100,000. What many fur lovers do not know, is that a chinchilla blanket of 3 × 2.5 meters reaches a cost of about $90,000.
The chinchilla fur price is given by two major factors. The first aspect is that, some rodents multiply unusually – are exclusively monogamous animals, the gestation lasts 11 days and they usually give birth to two cubs. The second – the tough intervention of animal rights activists: nowadays, the only ones that dare to flaunt and boast of their furs are Russians. In the US, the encyclopedias dedicate one page to the importance of the chinchillas as pets, while the section “fur coats” has three rows and sends to the explanations “coat” and “Fur”. Moreover, the sites chinchilla „lovers” have dozens of pages with pictures and diary notes in the tiny rodents’ memory that served as pets.
The only real competitor in front of a chinchilla is the sable, which varies in the same price range, but can reach, under exceptional circumstances, up to $150,000 for a long coat.

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The second place is occupied by the ermine. A coat of the same size costs way less (around half the price) than a chinchilla coat, which means about $15,000 to $40,000. The most expensive coat created by a great designer can reach up to $60,000. Moreover, the ermine fur was used for the kings’ coronation, the robe was from red silk, embroidered with gold thread, and the collar was from ermine fur.White Ermine Coat

The vicuna or wool is also wanted because of the exploitation, where it is possible, is done so it won’t affect the animals. Practically, every vicuña produces, on average, about 125 grams of wool per year, but it is wool made of a staple of 12.9 microns thick and 22 millimeters long. A material for which any manufacturer would gladly pay about 650 dollars per kilogram, the price the pastors ask, just to have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. Alan Katzman, the owner of the famous Alan Couture boutique in Manhattan, sells a suit made of 93% vicuña wool and 7% silk for $30,000. The one who manufactured this material, Loro Piana, paid just once for a type of wool more expensive than vicuña: a single tranche from some Australian farmer “perfectionists”, that managed to produce wire wool of 11.9 microns. The purchase price remained secret, but we know the asked price was: $280,000/kilogram.

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There are different types of silk, based on the thickness or strength, but the most important classification is the one that divides the silk world into two: the wild one and the domestic one. The wild silk is produced by any other silkworm, besides the mulberry worm, and the designation of “wild” comes from the fact that the other worms cannot be “raised”. The mulberry worm – Bombyx – produces almost “on-demand” and is less pretentious.
Instead, the resulting silk is not one of the most qualitative silks and costs half the price of “wild” silk. Depending on the thickness of the “spun” wire, the fabric density, but also by the taxes and excise duty fluctuations, the price of a square meter of silk varies very widely: from $50 and up to $750. The most expensive and most wanted silk in the world, has more than two centuries in age, the famous “Muga”, the wild yellow silk, which is produced only in the Brahmaputra valley, the Assan’s area and in some regions from Burma. And, even if “scientists” have recently obtained spider silk protein, it will continue to be most wanted silk, if animal rights activists won’t win the processes they opened, considering that boiling silkworms is cruelty evidence.

Should the average working Joe get a fur coat?

The price of these coats should scare any average working man or woman anywhere in the world. The truth of the matter is that these types of clothes are simply inaccessible for most decent earners anywhere around the world. In some parts of the world, for the equivalent of such a coat, you could get an apartment, and a nice looking one too. So be sure you really need a fur coat before acquiring one.

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