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How Much Does a TITLE Boxing Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on April 16, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With its energetic boxing-inspired group fitness classes, Title Boxing Club has experienced rapid growth as a popular boutique gym option. But what exactly does it cost to become a member?

This guide will break down Title Boxing Club’s membership fees, pricing structure, contract terms, additional costs, membership benefits, class offerings, special deals and promotions, and compare its overall value against competitors.

How Much Does a TITLE Boxing Club Membership Cost?

Title Boxing Club offers two main membership options – monthly terms and annual contracts:

  • Monthly memberships at TITLE Boxing Clubs start at $59 per month depending on each location. This option offers flexibility to cancel anytime after completing a minimum 3-month commitment required in most regions.
  • Annual memberships average $449 per year when paid upfront, which brings the effective monthly fee down to $37.42 on average when the annual cost is divided across 12 months. Annual contracts require a full 1 year commitment.
  • There is also typically a one-time enrollment fee of $49 charged when you initially sign up for membership. Existing members can sometimes waive this fee when renewing.
  • Specific membership rates can vary significantly by location based on factors like real estate costs, local demand, gym size and amenities, competition, and more. Major metropolitan regions like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago etc. tend to have higher pricing with monthly dues starting at $99/month and annual rates around $699/year. Smaller suburbs and rural locations offer lower pricing.
  • Corporate and student discounts are sometimes offered, taking 10-20% off standard pricing.
  • Premium add-ons like unlimited personal training packages, locker rentals, towel service, and on-site childcare are available à la carte for additional fees at some gyms.

According to Gym Membership Fees, the Title Boxing Unlimited Month to Month Membership costs $89.00 per month, which includes unlimited classes, access to all clubs nationwide, and month-to-month billing1.

The same website states The Title Boxing Unlimited Yearly Membership costs $69.00 per month, which includes unlimited classes, access to all clubs nationwide, a 12-month commitment, and is billed monthly.

They go even further and say that 1 Drop-In Class costs $20.00, and the Title On Demand Membership costs $19.99/month, $59.99/quarterly, or $199.99/year for unlimited access to at-home workouts.

Dr Workout also provides information on Title Boxing Club membership costs, with the monthly cost at most locations ranging between $89 and $119 for the month-to-month plan, and $59 and $99 for the 12-month plan. This website states that the club also offers individual session plans, with prices varying based on the location and plan chosen.

Groupon offers a deal for a One-Month Membership, Introductory Boxing Kit, and Half Off Enrollment at TITLE Boxing Club for $40, which is a $200 value.

When considering the total cost, be sure to account for all recurring monthly or annual charges, one-time fees, taxes, and optional services you may wish to include. The headline membership rates are just a starting point for budgeting the total expense. Carefully read all contract terms and cancellation policies as well before signing up.

Additional Membership Fees

Aside from the base membership dues, be aware of these key additional charges and fees:

  • Membership cancellation fees – If you cancel your contract before completing the minimum 3 month commitment (for a monthly membership) or 1 year commitment (for an annual membership), there is a $49 cancellation charge. This covers the enrollment fee you avoided at signup.
  • Late payment fees – If you do not pay your monthly dues within 10 days of the scheduled due date, Title Boxing Club levies a $20 late payment fee.
  • Returned bank/insufficient funds fees – You can expect a $20 charge for any payments returned or denied due to insufficient funds in your account.
  • Membership freeze fees – Members can temporarily freeze or pause their membership once per year for $15 per month while frozen. This allows you to skip payments for up to 3 months if traveling, injured, etc.
  • Guest fees – Bringing a guest to workout with you at the gym costs $20 per guest per day. Members do get one complimentary guest pass per month included.

For the most part, these extra fees and terms are fairly standard and comparable to what most full-service gyms charge. But be sure to carefully review the full membership agreement and understand all policies before enrolling to avoid surprises.

Membership Benefits and Value

What do you get in return for the membership fees? Title Boxing Club aims to provide a premium experience and class offerings for members:

Unlimited Fitness Classes

The higher membership rates come with unlimited access to Title Boxing Club’s signature boxing and kickboxing fitness classes every month, typically over 60 classes per week per location. You can attend as many as you want – many members go 5-7 days per week.

Use Any Gym Location

Standard membership includes full reciprocal access to all Title Boxing Club locations across the country, now over 140+ gyms across 35 states. You can use any gym in the network while traveling or commuting within your home region.

Free Introductory Personal Training

New members get one complimentary session with a certified Title Boxing Club trainer when you join to learn proper technique, get a fitness evaluation, and start safely. Additional paid sessions are available.

Member-Only Perks and Discounts

Members receive select discounts on retail merchandise including 10% off boxing gloves, hand wraps, bags, supplements, and other gear sold on-site at Title Boxing Clubs.

Motivating Classes and Community

Online reviews frequently praise the encouraging trainers, high-energy classes, and sense of community at Title Boxing Club locations. Members feel it provides excellent value for boutique fitness.

Premium Equipment and Facilities

Locations feature heavy bags, double-end bags, speed bags, jump ropes, medicine balls, and free weights specifically for boxing training. The equipment is top-notch and the facilities are modern and welcoming.

On Trustpilot, TITLE Boxing has a rating of 2.1 out of 5 stars based on 39 reviews. Some reviewers have praised the club for its excellent trainers and workouts, while others have criticized it for poor customer service and billing issues.

TITLE Boxing has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews on Indeed. Reviewers have praised the club for its supportive and friendly atmosphere, as well as its effective workouts. However, some reviewers have criticized the club for its high turnover rate and lack of benefits for trainers.

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Title Boxing Club Membership Vs to Alternatives

How does Title Boxing Club stack up in terms of pricing and offerings versus competitors in the fitness industry?

Vs. Boxing Gyms

More specialized boxing gyms with expert coaches and facilities average around $100-$150 per month in membership fees in most regions, sometimes more in major cities. Many require long term contracts and commitments.

Vs. Other Boutique Studios

Title Boxing Club is price-competitive with several other popular boutique fitness brands like Orangetheory, Barry’s Bootcamp, CorePower Yoga, Pure Barre, etc. which also average around $100-$150 monthly depending on location.

Vs. “Big Box” Gym Chains

Basic memberships at national gym chains like Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, or Crunch start as low as $10-$50 per month depending on location and amenities. However, you’ll pay add-on fees for specialty classes.

Vs. Local/Regional Gyms

Smaller local gyms with group classes tend to charge $50-$80 per month on average but often don’t require yearly contracts. However, the quality of equipment and instruction varies widely.

Given its specialty boxing group classes, upscale retail environment, and premium amenities, Title Boxing Club provides strong value from a membership cost perspective in the boutique fitness category.

Getting the Most from Your Membership

Title Boxing Club LocationHere are some tips to maximize the value from your Title Boxing Club membership:

  • Take advantage of new member special offers and promotions to save on enrollment fees or first month costs
  • Inquire about student, teacher, corporate, and military discounts available in some areas
  • Consider annual membership to lock in the lowest monthly fees if you know you’ll stick with it
  • Attend classes regularly to justify the monthly fees and get fit
  • Add on small group or personal training if you need motivation and coaching
  • Try out each trainer’s style and find one whose vibe motivates you
  • Use reciprocity to workout at other Title Boxing Club locations when traveling
  • Follow the gym and trainers on social media for motivation and community

Final Words

When considering its specialty boxing and kickboxing group fitness classes, premium facilities and equipment, passionate trainers, and inclusive vibe, Title Boxing Club offers strong value for a boutique fitness membership.

Monthly rates span $59 to $150+ depending on location and contract type. Carefully calculate the total costs including fees, commitments, and add-ons like personal training before enrolling.

Read reviews and class schedules to confirm Title Boxing Club fits your fitness lifestyle and budget before signing up. For motivated members who attend frequently, the higher monthly rates can absolutely be justified by the results, expertise, and enjoyment you unlock with a Title Boxing Club membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do boxing clubs make money?

Boxing gyms generate revenue through membership fees, enrollment fees, personal training, events, merchandise sales, food and beverage, sponsorships, and sometimes amateur fight ticket sales. Quality instruction and facilities retains members.

How do I choose a boxing club?

Look for experienced coaches, convenient class schedules, clean facilities, proper safety protocols, reasonable membership terms, and positive online reviews. Try out classes and get references to find the best fit.

Can anyone get good at boxing?

Yes, with consistent training, dedication, coaching and practice, people of any fitness level can become competent recreational boxers and get in great shape. Success depends on effort, not athletic background.

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