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In the TITLE Boxing Club, clients aim to burn 1,000 calories per hour-long class. The training is based on boxing and kickboxing combinations on a 100-pound bag for an hour of intense workout routines that challenge members at every fitness level in order to obtain maximum workout results. The gym provides a setting for classes where participants can engage in almost real fighting without any fear of getting hurt – as there is no actual “fighting” allowed inside. The motto of this club is “fitness over fighting” emphasizing on using your anger to train yourself instead of recklessly fighting.

With locations all over the country, you can find a class or trainer to suit your needs for fast results.

Just how much does a TITLE boxing club monthly membership cost?

TITLE Boxing Club offers affordable membership fees that depend on your location as well as how many people are joining with you and which area(s) you want access to. For example, one-time fee ranges from $99-$250 while monthly dues can range anywhere between $59-$120+ depending on the contract you’re committing to – an annual contract versus month-to-month commitment respectively.

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We’ve broken down the costs in our table below to help you estimate what it will cost, but these numbers may vary depending on your location, so make sure to do your due diligence before joining.

Type of Membership Description Average Price
CLUB Card – Only valid at your home location
– Month-to-month with no contract
$99 to $250 enrollment fee
$89 to $139 per month
TITLE Card – Requires an annual commitment
– Some locations may include upgradable washable gloves, hand wraps and a bag ($100 value)
$99 enrollment fee
$59 to $110 per month
Punch Cards – 10 punches for 10 sessions $250~ for 10 classes
$150~ for 5 classes

Since each location is owned by an individual franchisee, they are limited to what they can charge as a minimum rate. The TITLE boxing club cannot offer anything lower than $59 per month and the Annual Title Card costs $99 on average. However, one Yelp reviewer claims he paid way less than that amount for his membership at Ahwatukee in Phoenix Arizona with monthly dues of just under $89.

Details on the TITLE boxing club

Title Boxing Club LocationThe boxing and kickboxing classes at the gym offer a great workout in only an hour. The class starts with warm-up exercises and light runs around the area, then ends with 15 minutes of abdominal workouts using weights or medicine balls depending on how strong you are.

The club offers boxing fitness classes, including Power Hour. This class teaches members to wrap their hands and figure out the basics of punching before working on a punch bag for 15 minutes. The next 30 minutes will consist of three-minute rounds with one minute breaks in between each round – these are high intensity training sessions meant to get your heart pumping. In addition, at this club you can also find cardio workouts and toning exercises as well as personal trainer sessions if desired. You will use the last 15 minutes to strengthen your core.

Classes are taught in a variety of locations. All locations will have showers, restrooms, and cubbyholes for belongings storage while working out. Some class times vary depending on location but all sessions take place during morning or evening hours with limited weekend availability when possible.

Are there any extra costs to prepare for?

Boxing gloves and hand tape are provided free during your first class.

During the succeeding classes, you can buy them at the performance center for a discounted price of $30 to $100, and $5.99 respectively. They also offer private personal training sessions to increase intensity levels if desired for an additional fee.

Important tips to remember

The club offers a money-back guarantee if members do not get the results they want using the gym three times a week for three months. After their first workout, all newbies are required to bring boxing hand tape and gloves as well as wearing sweat-wicking clothes in order to have fun and maximize weight loss benefits.

Is there any way to save some money?

Clubs around the United States do advertise on websites like Groupon.com. Before joining be sure to check coupon websites to save up to 70%. For example, TITLE Club did have a $40 monthly membership option for new customers in the past, advertised on such websites. If unsure about your decision and want one free trial class first, consider asking them if there are any deals available that will allow you try it out ahead of time without paying anything. If you get such a trial, you will most likely have to buy your own tape and bring your own gloves.

The best way to save money on your monthly membership is by committing for a year. By doing so, you can drop fees down to just over half the normal price. If promotions ever come up, be sure not to miss them as they are fantastic ways of saving even more money while registering.

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