How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost?

Last Updated on March 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Upgrading to a new high-efficiency toilet is one of the smartest investments you can make for your bathroom’s comfort, performance, water savings, and appeal. But what should you realistically budget for the complete toilet installation project?

While not necessarily the most glamorous or exciting home project, installing a new modern toilet delivers substantial ongoing benefits that make replacement very worthwhile – significantly improved flush power and efficiency using less water, greater comfort, updated aesthetics, and long-term durability.

Taking time to properly evaluate different toilet models, get quotes from qualified plumbing professionals, and follow essential installation steps gives you a functional bathroom centerpiece you’ll appreciate and enjoy for years to come.


  • Expect to spend around $200-$500 for the toilet unit and basic installation labor, on average. Upgrades or repairs add cost.
  • The specific toilet model selected and the choice of DIY versus professional expertise significantly impact your budget.
  • Potential extra expenses like plumbing modifications, luxury features, accessories, and permits should be factored in.
  • Hiring qualified professional plumbers provides valuable benefits like proper permitting, code compliance, and warranty coverage.
  • Take time to make the right toilet model and installation decisions to maximize long-term comfort, water savings, and value. A new toilet should serve your home well for 20+ years if installed properly.

How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost?

For the toilet unit itself and basic installation labor, expect to spend around $200 to $500 on average. However, the specific toilet model selected, any specialty accessibility features, the need for modifications to existing plumbing, the choice of DIY versus professional installation, and additional parts can push costs up to $1,000 or more.

Homewyse reports that the cost to install a toilet starts at $559 to $1,051 per toilet, with the price varying depending on location.

The Home Depot states that the average cost of toilet installation or replacement varies by market, ranging from $185 to $400. If you’ve already purchased a toilet from The Home Depot, the installation cost may be lower.

Forbes mentions that labor to install a toilet can start at $100 to $250 for a one-piece toilet and range up to $400 to $900 for a wall-hung toilet. Old toilet removal is typically included in the cost.

Cost Factors to Consider

The main elements impacting the total pricing for any toilet installation project include:

  • Toilet model – Basic toilets range from $100 to $250 at home improvement stores, while higher-end designer toilet models with more comfort, efficiency, or decorative features can run $500 to $1,000+. The more expensive the toilet, the higher your overall installation cost.
  • Labor for installation – Hiring a professional plumber for installation typically adds $150 to $300 or more to your total project costs, while taking a DIY approach saves on labor fees but requires expertise.
  • Additional parts and supplies – Basic parts like bowl bolts, fittings, wax sealing rings, supply valves, caps, and extensions add $50 to $150+ to costs. Pricier specialty supply lines or fittings can increase costs further.
  • Plumbing modifications – Potentially moving or extending existing toilet supply lines, relocating vent piping, repairing or replacing a corroded flange, and other modifications often tack on $200+ in parts and additional labor.
  • Building permit fees – If your local jurisdiction requires pulling a permit for toilet installation, these permit costs normally add $25 to $100 based on where you live. Always check your local regulations.

In general, choosing a higher-efficiency toilet with more flush power and comfort features will cost more upfront but provides long-term value through water bill savings. Consulting qualified plumbing professionals for installation expertise rather than attempting a DIY job also adds cost but ensures proper setup, function, and compliance with codes.

DIY or Hire a Professional Plumber?

When budgeting for your toilet installation project, one of the biggest decisions is whether to take on a DIY installation yourself or have a professional plumber handle it. Going the DIY route definitely saves money on labor fees, but requires some plumbing expertise and comfort with the process. Hiring a pro costs more but provides benefits.

DIY Installation Considerations:

  • Requires mechanical aptitude and some plumbing experience
  • Ability to handle safe removal and disposal of the old toilet
  • Knowledge for correct setup, securing, sealing, and leak testing
  • Access to all necessary equipment like wrenches, wax ring, etc.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber:

  • Expert knowledge to smoothly handle tricky installations and plumbing issues
  • Proper permitting and compliance with all codes and regulations
  • Warranty coverage through licensed professionals
  • Peace of mind and convenience with complete full-service installation

Realistically evaluate your skill level before deciding between DIY and professional installation. An experienced plumber is nearly always worth the cost for smooth installations and reliable performance.

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Additional Toilet Installation Costs

Beyond just the basic installation itself, additional expenses can arise:

  • Supply line extensions or relocations to hook up the new toilet add $50 to $150 or more in parts and additional labor.
  • Upgrading to ADA height toilets or comfort height models for accessibility runs $50 to $200+ more depending on style.
  • Choosing high-efficiency dual-flush toilets for water savings starts around $250 to $350 installed.
  • Adding a bidet seat for hygiene and comfort ranges from budget models at $50 up to luxury seats with heating, drying, and other features costing $500+.
  • Installing new water supply cut-off valves required in some cases adds $75 to $150 in parts and labor.

Discuss any special accessibility needs, desired luxury upgrades, and the full project scope details with your plumber upfront to budget accurately and ensure your new toilet meets all of your needs.

Tips for Saving on Your Toilet Installation

A toiletIf your budget is tight, there are still ways to save on your toilet upgrade:

  • Seek out any available seasonal discounts or summer specials offered by plumbing companies.
  • Provide your own toilet model purchased separately at a home improvement store rather than paying the plumber’s upcharged price.
  • Hire a handyman for very basic installations rather than a top plumbing outfit charging premium rates.
  • Take advantage of rebates offered by some utilities and toilet manufacturers for installing certain high-efficiency models.
  • Consider purchasing slightly imperfect discount or scratch-and-dent toilet models which will still function just fine long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a plumber install a new toilet?

Yes, toilet installation and replacement are very common, core bathroom services offered by most professional plumbers. Many residential plumbers specialize specifically in routine toilet upgrades and installations like these.

It’s wise to look for licensed plumbers with excellent reviews and experience with toilet installs when hiring.

Can an average person install a toilet?

With some mechanical aptitude, plumbing knowledge, and proper preparation, an experienced DIYer can potentially self-install a toilet. But existing awkward supply line positioning, corroded flanges needing replacement, and achieving optimal wax ring sealing make it far trickier than it initially appears.

For worry-free results, hiring a pro ensures it’s done right the first time.

How long does it take a professional to install a toilet?

The average time for a professional plumber to fully complete a standard toilet installation or replacement is 2-3 hours. This includes safe removal and disposal of the old toilet, site prep, securing the new toilet in place, proper supply line connections, wax ring sealing, caulking, testing for leaks, and ensuring proper functioning.

More complex installs with significant plumbing modifications can take 4+ hours.

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