Tongue Piercing Cost

Tongue piercings are generally done through the center of the tongue, although some piercers use a “tongue web” piercing that is under the tongue. It’s a practice that dates to ancient Maya and Aztec cultures, however, it is getting an increase in appeal in the United States, perhaps due to the fact that it can be hidden with ease.

Normal expenses

Tongue Piercing and AftercareTongue piercings usually cost $30 to $90, depending upon your geographical area and the competition around you. Some piercers charge for the piercing and the jewelry individually, however, the overall usually falls in that price range regardless of how you get charged. For instance, Slave to the Needle, a Seattle tattoo and piercing store, charges $40 for basic jewelry and $25 for the piercing bringing the overall to $65, which is still within our price range.

While piercers charge differently depending on some factors, tongue web piercings generally cost $5-$10 more than a basic tongue piercing.

Body jewelry usually costs $15-$50 per piece. The cost differs based on the design of the jewelry. For instance, a barbell (a metal cylinder with screw-on caps on both ends) with gems on each end would cost more than a barbell with plastic caps.

A good type of mouthwash that is known as anti-bacterial and does not include alcohol is typically advised for tongue piercing aftercare. A bottle of mouthwash generally costs $4-$10.

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What should be included in the price

The tongue piercing price should be for the piercing itself, a piece of jewelry in the piercing, and guidelines for aftercare. Basic tongue piercings typically consist of a straight barbell; tongue web piercings are usually curved barbells.
After the swelling around the piercing has actually recovered, piercers normally have the client go back to reduce the length of the barbell.

Extra expenses to consider

A 5%-15% tip for the piercer is usually considered a must.
Individuals who have actually had a tongue piercing might wish to get a lot of cold foods such as ice cream right after a piercing when the tongue is inflamed and it hurts to chew. A pint of ice cream usually costs $2-$5.

Discount rates

Locations where there is more competition amongst piercers usually have lower costs.

Looking for a tongue piercing

Piercing laws differ by state. The Association of Professional Piercers tracks legislation by state. The association also offers a searchable database of members.
Search for a piercer that runs in a clean environment. Certificates of membership or from regional health departments should be published on walls.
A National Institute of Health study discovered a connection between tongue piercings and long-lasting negative oral issues, especially chipped or cracked teeth.

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