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Tongue piercings are generally done through the center of the tongue, although some piercers use a “tongue web” piercing that is under the tongue. It’s a practice that dates to ancient Maya and Aztec cultures, however, it is getting an increase in appeal in the United States, perhaps due to the fact that it can be hidden with ease. This article should teach you everything you need to know about tongue piercing costs.

How much does a tongue piercing cost?

Tongue piercings will usually cost between $30 and $75 with basic pieces of jewelry. These costs can easily double and reach $60 to $150 or even more when you add more expensive jewelry pieces. There are also other factors that will influence these costs, including the type of piecing you go for, the jewelry you buy, as well as your geographical location.

Piercology for example, which is a studio from Ohio, can pierce your tongue for the cost of $45, but this price won’t include any type of jewelry.

Extreme Graphix Tattooz on the other hand, a studio situated in Rochester, New York, offers tongue piercing for as low as $40 if you opt for the stainless steel barbell.

Another studio located in Tallahassee, Florida, Called Body Piercing offers tongue piercings for the basic of $92 after tax or $100 if you get one with a bezel gem.

Tongue piercing details

You can get a tongue piercing at any of the many various tattoo parlors or at a local piercing shop. Whenever you’re getting a piercing, you should make sure it is done by a licensed and registered piercer.

Before getting your tongue pierced, you will be required to fill out a form where the piercer confirms the exact piercing you’re going for, among other information important for a professional, quality service. The next step after getting through this confirmation will be for the piercer to use blue light and locate your veins. They will then mark the spot where the piercing will be inserted.

The main goal, of course, is to avoid bigger issues that might come from hitting a vein while doing the piercing. The next step is the obvious one of clamping the tongue, with the area being punctured by a 12 to 14-gauge stainless steel needle. This shouldn’t take more than several seconds to be performed. Then, depending on your preferences. they will leave the gauge inside the hole and the stud will be inserted.

Most tongue piercings will at least include a plain basic piercing if you aren’t prepared to upgrade it to something cooler. But this will depend on the shop or piercer you’re going to.

According to experts, among all piercings, tongue piercing is the least painful.

The initial swelling should disappear after 10 to 14 days, while the area will completely heal within four weeks most of the time. You are recommended to avoid touching the jewelry, playing with it, or eating hard foods for this whole period.

Tongue piercing options


You pierce the traditional tongue piercing directly through the center of your tongue using the 12 to 14-gauge piercing needle.


We call venom piercing a pair of piercings that are usually placed on either side of the tongue and have a barbell that goes through the center of the tongue to connect them.


A horizontal tongue piercing is also called a snake eyes piercing. It will be positioned horizontally, going from the left to the right through the tip of the tongue.

Tongue tip

The tongue tip piercing is another popular type of piercing that is pierced in the center of the tongue.

Web piercing

There is also the web piercing, that will connect your tongue’s underside with the lower palate.

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What should be included in the price?

The tongue piercing price should be for the piercing itself, a piece of jewelry in the piercing, and guidelines for aftercare. Basic tongue piercings typically consist of a straight barbell or a tongue ring; tongue web piercings are usually curved barbells.

After the swelling around the piercing has actually recovered, piercers normally have the client go back to reduce the length of the barbell.

Common Extra Costs

With some piercers, the cost of the jewelry is separate aside from the basic jewelry included in the quote. There are different types of jewelry you can purchase, with the most popular including titanium, yellow gold, or stainless steel. Depending on the type you choose, an additional jewelry piece can range anywhere from $10 for a simple metal barbell to more than $150 for a diamond stud.

Aftercare products will be required to help the piercing heal properly. Usually, a diluted alcohol-free mouthwash solution will be prescribed to help with the swelling. This mouthwash will cost $3 to $5.

A tip, usually around five to 15 percent, is considered standard.

Depending on how well you handle pain, you may need a few ibuprofen to help minimize the pain.

In some rare circumstances, especially if you don’t follow piercing aftercare instructions, you may encounter an infection. An infection will often discharge a yellow, thick pus, and/or you may see red streaking lines at the piercing site.

Discount rates

Locations where there is more competition amongst piercers usually have lower costs of tongue piercing.

How can I save money?

Don’t pick the place where you’re getting your tongue pierced based on the price alone. Picking a piercer with everything else in mind aside from the price is one of the best pieces of advice experts will give you.

Although you will spend quite a lot to get a quality tongue piercing in a reputable shop, this also guarantees the best results possible and is also safer. This is especially true for shops that follow proper hygiene guidelines and all the sanitary procedures required for piercing.

Important things to consider

Tongue Piercing and AftercareYou should try to go for a piercer that has only positive reviews from past customers instead of going for one that charges less. Use business directories like Yelp or search engines like Google to find the most reputable studios.

It’s not uncommon for your tongue to swell to double its size right after the piercing. Although the swelling will last for two to three weeks, you can decrease this time by sucking on ice chips.

Although not permanent, you might also notice a slight speech impediment for the first few weeks.

If you’re an avid smoker, stop until the tongue heals completely, as smoking is known to prolong the healing process and can also irritate sensitive tissue.

Looking for a tongue piercing

Piercing laws differ by state. The Association of Professional Piercers tracks legislation by state. The association also offers a searchable database of members.
Search for a piercer that runs in a clean environment.

Certificates of membership or from regional health departments should be published on walls.

A National Institute of Health study discovered a connection between tongue piercings and long-lasting negative oral issues, especially chipped or cracked teeth.

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