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Barcelona Spain Trip Expected Cost

Preparing for a trip to Barcelona

Planning a trip can be rather hectic. To ensure that your trip is not marred by problems and you have a nice time, you need to make sure that there are no lapses in your preparation, and you are prepared for what lies ahead in every way possible. Among the various holiday destinations popular these days, Barcelona is one you shouldn’t miss. The reason for the popularity of Barcelona as a holiday destination is that it is found to be more cost-friendly as compared to other major cities in Western Europe. Thus, no financial constraints can prevent you from having a good time on your trip. Most of the hostels and hotels are available at reasonable prices, but this might not be true during the peak tourist season, which is in July and August.

What the city has to offer and the costs

Barcelona is found to be a highly adventurous city. Most of the notable attractions for tourists are free, so it is not necessary to put a strain on your budget to have a good time here. Some of the attractions that you can enjoy completely free of cost include the Las Ramblas area, the Gaudi architecture, Park Guell, and even the outside of the Sagrada Familia.

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As far as food is concerned, you will find food available in every price range. Hence, people who have planned the trip on a tight budget would not have any problem finding some decent options. On the same note, people looking for pricey and delicious meals won’t be disappointed for sure.

There are certain hotels which are found to be quite affordable and hospitable. A bit of research would enable you to find the perfect option.

If it is the various tourist attractions that we talk about, the cost varies. Most tourists like to make a trip to the Sagrada Familia cathedral. This is a famous cathedral still under construction that manages to stun you with its beauty from the outside. You can pay to see the inside and visit the museum in the basement. The general cost is around $16.30, while a tour costs around $21.20.

Picasso Museum is another famous attraction which is dedicated to the artist who has spent quite a bit of time in Barcelona. Usually, it costs around $11.96, but it offers free entry evenings on special days, so it is advisable to research ahead before making a trip there.

You can also take a ride to the Montjuic district to get excellent views of the city from above via the Port Cable Car. The round trip would cost you $16.41, while it would cost $10.87 for a one-way trip.

Let us now shed some light on the transportation prices in the city. Taking a taxi from the airport to the city center would cost you around $32.61 to $43.48. If you take an Aerobus, it would cost you $6.41. Train or public bus from the airport to the city center costs around $4.46. The cost of a 3km taxi ride in Barcelona ranges from $7.61 to $10.87, while a metro ride costs around $2.34.

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Park Guell ViewIf we talk about food while keeping the budget in mind, various options are available. In Spain, people usually prefer to have a light breakfast, so hotels serve continental breakfasts which are included in the room. If the breakfast isn’t included in the cost of the room, it will set you back around $3.26 to $6.52. For lunch, casual dining places would cost you from $5.43 to $9.78, and fast food options can be availed at a lower price. For dinner, you will find that restaurants are available in all price ranges. Budget dining options range from $8.70 to $16.30.

If you are contemplating getting a baguette from the bakery or market, you will find that the self-catering meals are cheaper with the cost lying in the range of $0.76 to $1.09.

If you fancy a drink during your trip, you will find plenty of casual pubs. Drinks at nightclubs tend to cost in the range of $2.72 to $4.89. Inexpensive local wines can be bought for $1.09 to $3.26, and a beer bottle can be purchased for $1.09 to $1.41.

Should the average working Joe visit Barcelona?

If you have the necessary funds, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see Barcelona. This city offers something for all ages, for all kinds of people. You can relax at the beach, enjoy sightseeing with your family or take advantage of the nightlife. Remember to go on this trip only if by doing so, you won’t risk your financial safety.

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