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Florence is the heart of Tuscany and is one of the most visited cities in Italy. Known for its art, culture, and food, it has readily become one of the most visited cities in the world.

Once you have made up your mind to visit this gorgeous city, you might wonder how much a trip to Florence would cost. There are many factors that need to be considered when adding up the expenses of the trip, some of them being:

  • The cost of admission into various attractions.
  • The price of a flight to and from Florence
  • The dining costs, which will include all three meals of the day. The snacks would be added to miscellaneous costs.
  • How many days you would like to spend in the city.

There are many other costs that would also fall into your expenses, but the above listed are the main ones that would need your immediate attention. The others can be added to the miscellaneous costs.

Flight Cost

For some, the biggest expense that they will encounter is the cost of flying to their destination. There are various flights available from different airlines to Florence; some offer cheap rates, while others may offer more premium rates. If you are traveling on a budget, it would be best for you to consider the cheapest rate that you can find, provided that the airline and its services are at least average.

One of the cheapest rates you can get for a trip to Florence is $1,279 per person (return trip).

Accommodation Cost

You might want to plan out your accommodation according to the number of days you are planning to spend there along with the type of hotel you would like to stay in. The rates of one room per night vary according to the number of stars the hotel has. The approximate costs for accommodation would be (this is dependent on the room you choose and the facilities you avail at the hotel):

  • A one-star hotel would cost between $32.61 and $76.09
  • A two-star hotel would cost between $43.48 and $193.48
  • A three-star hotel would cost between $43.48 and $218.48
  • A four-star hotel would cost between $51.09 and $515.22
  • A five-star hotel would cost between $244.57 and $752.17

Transportation Cost

What mode of transportation you would like to take in the city is your call. Though there are many buses that have a good system, there is also a tram available that runs through the city. It is advisable for travelers to move through the city on foot as it allows you to see more and enjoy the art, culture, and general beauty of Florence.

Your total local transportation would cost about $18.67 per day.

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Dining Cost

Italians are known for their famous cuisine and their unique tastes. Dining in at different restaurants would be one of the top priorities on your to-do list while traveling in Florence. The price of food will vary according to the restaurant and other eateries. An estimate on the prices per person would be accordingly:

  • Budget breakfast would cost between $3.26 and $7.61
  • Budget lunch would cost between $5.43 and $10.87
  • Budget dinner would cost between $7.61 and $16.30

Example of a Budget for a One-Week Vacation for One Couple

Vasari Koridor Florence ItalyThe following example is a rough estimate of how much it would cost for your trip to Florence, taking into account that you would like to stay at a 3-star hotel while being on a budget for all the other aspects.

  • Flights: $1,279 per person x 2 = $2,558
  • Accommodations: $43.48 x 7 days = $304.36
  • Transportation: $18.67 per day x 7 days = $130.69
  • Dining (adding the least price for three meals per day): $16.3 for all three meals x 7 days = $114.1

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Adding up the above figures will give a total cost of $3,107.15 for the trip, out of which over 80% is the cost of the plane tickets, so if you want to spend even less than that, look for even cheaper flights.

Other Costs You Might Encounter

There are a few other costs that you may come across, some of them being:

  • Cost of admission to various sights
  • Activity costs
  • Shopping costs

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Can The Average Working Joe Plan a Cheap Vacation to Florence?

Even though the trip is expensive, with the right planning and budgeting, the average person can easily visit the city without risking their financial safety. Be sure to plan way in advance and book the plane tickets as soon as you find cheap ones, as the prices fluctuate a lot on a daily basis.

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