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Trip to Hong Kong Cost

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If you are considering traveling to Hong Kong, you might also be wondering how much a trip to Hong Kong would cost. The final cost, of course, depends on how much you decide to spend, the cost of the accommodation you choose, the cost of the attractions, where you decide to eat, etc. This article will help answer your questions and help you carefully and accurately budget your trip to Hong Kong so that you do not spend any more than you have to.

How much does it cost to travel to Hong Kong?

The cost of traveling to Hong Kong depends on the airline you choose along with other factors such as how early you book the trip.

Costs of flights vary between $400 and $860 per person depending on your starting airport. Budget airlines like China Air have the cheapest flights, while as you move towards a higher rating of airlines, it will cost you more with Korean Air being the most expensive. Other factors that affect the cost of your ticket include whether you opt for business, first-class or economy class, availability of seats, and your planned dates of travel.

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Whether you are booking your tickets online or opting for a travel agent, it is generally best to book the ticket as soon as you find a price that suits you. If you fail to book the ticket at that time, you may find that someone else has purchased it, and you may not get the flights you are looking for at the same price later on.

How much would the accommodation cost?

As with airline costs, the cost of your accommodation in Hong Kong also depends on a variety of factors. Five-star hotel accommodation will set you back a pretty penny. The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong can go up to $800 a night, while the Ritz-Carlton and Grand Kowloon will cost you roughly $400-500 per night. In contrast, the Cordis and the Kowloon Shangri-La will be between $250 and $350.

The cost, of course, will vary according to several factors. For example, Christmas and festivals are considered peak seasons and the prices may go up considerably. You can get a good price in the off-season when hotels would have more vacant rooms available.

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Another factor that affects the cost is the quality of the room you opt for. Luxury suites are usually among the most expensive category of rooms, but they give you access to many perks and privileges that are not available to economy rooms. For example, you may find that a luxury suite in a certain hotel would allow you to take advantage of an in-hotel spa or swimming room for no additional cost, whereas you might have to pay extra for this facility if you opt for an economy room. You may be able to get fixed rates for accommodation found through Airbnb for example. It is highly recommended to check your accommodation before you decide to pay any money to find out where and how you can reduce your expenses.

How much would food cost?

The cost of food in Hong Kong depends on where you eat and what you eat. The food available at your hotel may turn out to be more expensive since you are also paying for the ambiance and experience in addition to the food. It may be relatively cheaper to eat the same thing at other restaurants. Hong Kong is home to thousands of roadside noodle joints that are not only very cheap but also very good, costing around $3-8 per meal per person. Alcohol is legal, but buying it at bars is expensive. Most locals simply get their beer from the local 7-Eleven.Hong Kong Peak Tram Ride

How much would the attractions cost?

How much you spend on attractions depends on what you are going to see. Disneyland is one of the more costly attractions, with an adult ticket costing $65 and a child ticket costing $12. The cost of transportation to and from the attraction also depends on the mode you select. Taxis turn out to be the most expensive, costing between $30 and $45 depending on where you are going. Buses and trams are the least expensive, with their prices starting at a few cents and going up to $5.

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Should the average working Joe travel to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is among the most visited places around the world, and that doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a great place to go with your girlfriend, your family or with your friends as a bachelor. Disneyland and other similar parks and attractions make it a great place to take your kids to. If you prepare the trip in advance and choose the cheapest airplane ticket and accommodation, it shouldn’t take you too much outside of your financial comfort area.

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