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The Price Of A Trip To Rome

If you are considering going to Rome, you may naturally be wondering how much the trip is going to cost you. You should keep in mind that the answer to this question depends on you entirely. You can save money by choosing budget airlines, accommodation, and food options, but you will not have access to many luxuries or facilities that would be available to luxury travelers or to those who are willing to spend a bit more money. This article attempts to give you a fair indication of what your trip to Rome may end up costing you.

How much does it cost to travel to Rome?

As with any travel destination, the cost of a plane ticket to Rome depends on various factors including the airline you choose, how early you book your trip, and the time of year.

The actual price of your ticket can vary between $700 and $1,000, depending on your traveling dates, how far in advance you are booking, the airline you are choosing, your starting airport, and the number of stops in between. Budget airlines will not cost you as much as luxury carriers such as Emirates and Qatar Airways.

You are also strongly advised to book your tickets as soon as you find suitable fares. The prices of airline tickets tend to go up as the travel date approaches, and it may also be possible that due to customer demand, the price and dates you want may not be available later on.

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How much would the accommodation cost?

Your hotel bill, like everything else, depends entirely on your preferences.

You can find hotels priced at $25-$30 per night, but these will be devoid of many facilities that you take for granted. Some of them will not have warm water to take a bath, while others may not provide you with meals. Mid-range hotels can go up to $70-$100 per night, and while they are comfortable and offer the basic facilities, you should not expect amenities like spas and masseuses. Truly luxury hotels cost upwards of $200-$300 per night for the full range of luxury services.

The cost of hotel accommodation varies according to different factors such as the time of year and the category of the room you are looking at. The rooms for low-end hotels are usually all priced the same with only minor fluctuations depending on the season. However, other hotels tend to have different priced rooms according to the level of facilities you wish to avail of. You may find, for example, that lower-end rooms are available but that you will have to pay additionally for Wi-Fi or meals, which may be complimentary in higher-priced rooms. In addition, you need to keep in mind that hotel rooms are more expensive between June and August.

A travel agent would be the best point of contact to help you find the best combination of rooms that suits you and your budget. They are better aware of the various kinds of accommodation options and can generally get better rates than you can on your own.

How much would food cost?

As with any travel destination anywhere in the world, your food bills depend on what you eat and where.

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You may find it difficult to get cheap food in Rome unless you know where to go. Rome is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Italy and the locals know this well, attempting to fleece anyone who seems to be a foreigner. The main hotel areas have many places with English menus, but they are understandably much more expensive than many local joints. It would be more economical to visit the local neighborhood, but you are strongly advised to go to places with published price lists to avoid nasty surprises later on.

How much would the attractions cost?

Coliseum at sunsetMany of the attractions are free in Rome, while others have a small fee attached to them, which can be reduced if a large tour group is involved. Most museums and galleries cost between $5 and $10, with the Vatican Museum being the most expensive at $18. You will also find that there are substantial reductions for children aged 12 and below.

Seeing the Coliseum will cost you €12, St. Peter’s Basilica has an entry price of €15.00. If you plan to visit Castel Sant’Angelo, it will be a little cheaper, costing just €7.00.

If you want to take advantage of a big discount, then you should opt for one of the passes available for purchase.

  • The Omnia Rome SightSeeing Solution pass will give you discounted access to around 30 of the most visited attractions along with fast track admission to a few attractions and free rides by bus. This pass will be valid for three days. It is priced at €108.
  • The Rome City Pass will offer you a 20% discount for most of the known attractions and skip-the-line tickets to the Roman Forum and Coliseum, along with other discounts. This pass has a price of €81.33

Should the average working Joe visit Rome?

Rome is one of the top cities chosen by tourists, and that didn’t happen by accident. The attractions make it worth the hassle. It was the heart of the big Roman empire, so the history behind it is overwhelming to say the least. Be sure though to plan your trip in advance, to ensure that you won’t hit your wallet too hard.

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