Sydney Australia Trip Cost

Trip to Sydney, Australia Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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You may know Sydney, Australia for its amazing tourist attractions and its world-class restaurants. As with any other destination, the final cost of the trip will be based on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an average stay, it may be considerably less than someone who will opt for more luxurious options. This article will give an idea of how much it will trip to Sydney, Australia cost.

Flight Cost to Sydney

There are many options for a flight to Sydney. December to February is when it is summer, and the prices are the highest, so keep that in mind. If you choose to go during the autumn months (March to May), you will find better deals. The average cost to fly to Sydney is

  • $1218/person for economy class

You can get a better deal if you book ahead of time rather than the last minute. You may also want to avoid departing on the weekends because it may cost more. It can also help to play around with the length of your trip to see what the best deal is.


In Sydney there is a variety of hotels to choose from, and many of them even have free WiFi, breakfast included, and pools. If you are on a budget, you can find hotels from around $68-$98 per night but keep in mind that not all of these hotels will include room service or a kitchen. Mid-range hotels can go up to $144-$184 per night and offer room service and more space. If you want the most out of your trip, you may want a luxurious hotel that can cost upwards of $335-$730 per night. Despite the high price they usually include a gym, swimming pool, and air conditioning. Keep in mind that during peak seasons prices can fluctuate.

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Sydney is known for its incredibly diverse cuisine. Dining at restaurants in Sydney is a must. It’s hard to find cheap meals at sit-down restaurants, but many hotels offer free breakfast. If yours doesn’t, you can expect to pay:

  • Budget Breakfast: $4.48 – $7.46
  • Budget Lunch: $5.97 – $11.19
  • Budget Dinner: $8.96 – $14.93

If you just want something a bit more casual, a big mac from McDonald’s is about $3.51.

Transportation Prices

If you arrive at Sydney Airport, it will cost about $33.58 – $41.04 to get a taxi and visit a nearby city center.

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Sydney Bridge

If you want something a bit cheaper, you can take a shuttle bus to the town for only $11.94. If you are on a budget, you can take a local bus from the airport to the city center for roughly $2.46.

Recommended places to go

Sydney is full of beautiful places to go, a very popular tourist attraction, the Sydney Tower is an incredible place to sightsee, and even has an OzTrek theater. Keep in mind if you buy tickets online there are many discounts available. Each ticket can cost about $19.78-$12.69.

You can also go to the Sydney Opera House, keep in mind that it is free to see pictures and paintings outside the museum but if you want to go inside and get a tour for one hour it can cost around $27.91 – $14.93.

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In the  Museum of Sydney, you can learn about how Sydney originated and became how it is today, and all-around learn about Australia in general. Going to the museum can cost between $8.96-$5.97 depending on your age.

Should the average working Joe visit Sydney, Australia?

Going to Sydney, Australia is an incredible experience and one not to forget, not only are there endless amounts of places to go, the food is fantastic, and the people there are very helpful and welcoming. Just set your budget and try to stick to it, to avoid spending more than your wallet can handle.

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