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Valhalla Golf Club Membership Cost

Valhalla Golf Club Membership Cost

Valhalla Golf Club was originally created by Mr. Gahm and his three sons in 1981, who sought the services of Jack Nicklaus to design a championship course on their impressive 483-acre property near Louisville, Kentucky.

Opening in 1986, the family-run golf club hoped to host PGA championship tournaments and negotiated with the Association of Professional Golfers. As a result, they sold 25% ownership of their course to form an alliance that would make them eligible for hosting events like this. The first tournament was played here in 1996.

How much does a Valhalla Golf Club membership cost?

The cost of joining the Valhalla Golf Club will depend on which type of membership you sign up for. From our research, it appears that there is an initiation fee of around $50,000 and annual fees that may exceed $5,000 per year or about $416 a month depending on the membership you opt for.

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If you want to join, be sure to check with the official membership department for more information in regards to pricing as they are not confirmed and can change at any time.

Members on one Reddit thread have claimed it costs upwards of $50,000 just to join and about an extra $5,000 each year after that. Caddy fees are around 75 bucks while tipping your caddies could cost as much as $100 depending on what kind of customer service they offer.

If you search online for prices, you might stumble upon an older article from Courier-Journal.com that claimed the initial fee was $40,000, but we find that the article might be a little outdated.

Valhalla Golf Club details

Valhalla Top ViewThe 18-hole championship course is spread over 500 acres of the Kentucky rolling hills. The design was created by Jack Nicklaus and it has been certified by Audubon. You can view official photos/videos hole by hole on their official website.

The club features a golf course with championship 18-holes, state of the art clubhouse, a full-service locker room, and an executive boardroom. There is also a well-stocked golf shop for members to browse through before heading out on their next round of play as well as two simulators rooms available at any time they want to practice or fine-tune their skills.

Any extra expenses to be prepared for?

You should put aside some money for caddies, club rentals, or golf lessons, depending on what activities you have planned.

Important tips to remember

Rumor has it that guests will have to pay a $75 caddy fee and the mandatory $100 tip. Aside from this, if they come accompanied by active members, they will be able to play for free.

You should also know that some sources claim that the waitlist is unbearably long.

The course is ranked number one in Kentucky and 99th on Golf Digest’s 2013-14 Top 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America. The club offers a 10-year payment plan for initiation fees so you can get out onto the green as soon as possible.

Overall, being a member of this exclusive club will bring a lot of satisfaction and will be a great place where you can practice your golf swings and have fun in general.

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