Vasectomy Reversal Cost

Vasectomy Reversal Cost

Male sterilization as a contraceptive method is called vasectomy. The two narrow spermatic cords from the scrotum are cut and blocked. Regardless of which medical procedure is used to carry out this operation, the purpose is to prevent the passage of sperm from the testicles. Female sterilization is called tubal ligation or tubectomy. Usually, it’s proceeded by cutting and tight binding ( or cauterizing ) fallopian tubes through which eggs pass from the ovaries to the uterus.
For a long time, it was thought that these medical procedures are permanent – that sterilization is irreversible. However, because some people regretted this choice or due to some situational changes, they requested medical help in order to perform vasectomy reversal.

With the advent of specialized instruments and microsurgery, the attempts to perform vasectomy reversal have been more successful. It is not uncommon that in cases with patients whose sterilization surgery was successful, the surgery reversal by joining the cut ends of the channels that are very small can be guaranteed for 50-70 percent of cases.

Some people that found out about it considered that sterilization should no longer be regarded as a permanent method. They probably believe that vasectomy and tubal ligation may be included in the same category with oral contraceptives, condoms, and diaphragms, which may be abandoned if the partners want to have a child. However, some aspects call for reflection and should not be ignored.

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The average price in the USA for a vasectomy reversal is around $ 12000.

Because the body often produces antibodies against the sperm, its quantity is rarely the same as before vasectomy. The high rate of aneuploidy and diploidy of spermatocytes in men with vasectomies can lead to a large number of congenital problems to the conceived children. To allow the possibility of reproduction through artificial insemination after vasectomy, some men opt for sperm cryopreservation before the sterilization.

For example, for women the possibility of performing tubal ligation reversal can be reduced a lot by factors such as the damage degree of the fallopian tubes during sterilization surgery, the size of the fallopian tube that has been cut or cicatrized, how many years passed from the surgery and, as in the case of vasectomy, if there are antibodies against the eggs. Another thing that one should not forget is that in many areas microsurgical equipment is not available or the cost of this type of surgery could be enormous. So, many people that desperately may want to make a desterilization operation will not be able to do it, and for them, sterilization is a final step.vasectomy reversal

In general, the costs of a vasectomy reversal consist in:
• The surgeon’s fee which ranges between $4,500 and $8,000;
• The hospital and anesthesiologist’s fees can start from $4,000 and reach $10,000, or maybe more.

These average costs depend a lot on the hospital, on the physician, and of course, on the state/area you go to. It is well known that the costs are higher in metropolitan cities than in rural areas. It’s a rare thing for insurance companies to cover vasectomy reversal.

As a conclusion, it is not very realistic or mature to play around this matter of male and female sterilization and see it as a temporary contraceptive method.

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