Viszla Dog Cost

Vizsla Dog Cost

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First Published on November 23, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

The Vizsla is a Hungarian hunting dog that belongs to the pinter group. Its name “Vizsla” actually means “pinter” in Hungarian. This particular breed has actually been around since the 10th century and was utilized to hunt wild animals along with native Magyar people.

Owing to its hunting capabilities from the past, where a close bond was typically formed between the dog and its human buddy, the Vizsla today is extremely caring and affectionate, therefore it is equally desired in bigger families.

Vizsla One-Time Costs

The American Kennel Club market has registered breeders that are offering Vizsla pups for a typical rate of $1,300.

PuppyFind has a good range of stock, however, the breeders are not guaranteed to be registered so you’ll need to message them separately to find out what you get for your money. The typical rate for a Vizsla pup here will be somewhere around $1,050.

If you’re trying to find an older dog, EuroPuppy has numerous pet choices readily available, with ages varying from 10 weeks old to 1 year old. Their costs are a bit steeper though, at approximately $2,600.

Roughly 3.3 million dogs are sent yearly in the United States to animal shelters. Saving one is beneficial to the economy since some shelters are overcrowded and understaffed.

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If you think that you are able to save a pet, there is a one-time adoption fee for you to pay which varies depending upon which center you want to get it from. Adoption charges are utilized by animal shelters to cover the expense of medical and health care and the amount can differ by age, size, and breed if any.

The Animal Humane Society‘s adoption cost for Vizsla dogs and young puppies is $170 to $642.

What’s Should Be Included in the Vizsla Cost

Lots of breeders will offer giveaways at the purchase price. Here are a few of the most significant ones:

  1. Health Guarantee & Vaccines – lots of trustworthy breeders will add initial vaccination shots, de-worming, micro-chips, and needed health tests. You’ll be able to save around $100 and $200 here.
  2. Grooming – any relevant cosmetic treatments can be performed by the breeder ahead of time. These consist of de-clawing, neutering, and tail docking. The overall cost savings in this area will be around $80 to $150.
  3. Adoption Advantages – numerous animal shelters add a few services at no charge if you want to save a pet. You’ll be able to save a load of money in de-worming, flea or tick treatment, neutering, and ID tags to name just a few perks.

Other Costs You Will Need to Consider Initially

Viszla Dog CuteYour new Vizsla will require a pet dog cage. The cage must be at least 30″ high, otherwise, your Vizsla will probably bump its head on the ceiling. PetSmart offers pet cages like this for $60.99, and the purchase will include a complimentary divider panel so you can utilize it with pups too.

Family pet transport fees are an extra expense you might wind up paying if you get your animal from a source that will require shipping. uShip is a shipping business particularly for family pets and its charge is $100 to $300 for shorter range travel and $300 to $600 for long-distance travel.

Vizsla Recurring Costs

Besides the one-time costs, be ready to pay a lot of other repeating costs adjacent to owning and raising a Vizsla:
  • Food – just like with many other dogs, Vizslas will need food with a lot of protein and fat. The amount of food will depend upon the pet dog’s age and other elements that the breeder needs to tell you about. You might also wind up trying several kinds of food before you pick one that your Vizsla likes and isn’t allergic to. An excellent choice for medium-sized pets is the Acana Regionals Grain-Free Dog Food which costs about $23 – $28 for a 4.5-lb. bag.
  • Medication – same as with people, pet dogs have similar conditions and might have to take medication. All medications will have to be recommended and supplied under the direct guidance of a vet. Costco’s drug store notes that these medications can cost approximately $100 or a bit more for each batch.
  • Health care – a Vizsla’s constitution is normally sound, however, a little percentage is affected by normal dog conditions such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and cancer. Treatments like cancer treatments can be expensive for animals. Skin and food allergic reactions can also be an issue. Yearly vet check-ups and vaccine shots are essential to make sure your pet is healthy and will mean extra expenses. The services provided by First Coast No More Homeless Pets are affordable and diverse. Vaccines cost $15 to $25 and a more detailed diagnostic plan for your pet will cost about $245. The plan consists of a physical examination, radiographs, bloodwork, fecal tests, and urinalysis.
  • Toys – these need to be different for pups and adult Vizslas. Smaller-sized puppies have softer teeth and ought to chew the propper types of toys. You can get rope-and-tug toys if you have several pups, or a Kong toy that dispenses different treats. Rates at Petco will vary from $3 to $10.

Additional Elements Affecting the Cost

The costs of a puppy might differ depending upon whether the pup is male or female. Its age also factors in the final cost, with older puppies tending to cost less. The breeder might also charge more if they’re a Breeder of Distinction (indicating that they have a great track record) or if the pup is from a champion family (meaning that one of the parents has actually won a champion even title).

Purchaser’s Guide

If you’re acquiring a pup or older Vizsla from a registered breeder, it is very important to keep in mind that there are numerous things you should remember as you go through the purchasing process. Do not try to find a perfect pup, search for a great breeder.

After you have actually done your extensive research on great, trustworthy registered breeders, the next action is contacting the breeder you have actually opted for. In your e-mail, ensure to supply plenty of details as this will save time.

Lots of breeders are protective of their litters and will wish to know your living conditions if you can take care of a pet, if you have the monetary abilities, and so on. You need them to understand that you’re truly interested and appreciate the breed and the dog you’re purchasing.

As soon as that’s done, it’s time to start the testing. Establish a meeting with the breeder ideally at their kennel so that you can not only examine the living conditions of the litter but also the parents.

Take mindful note of the environments and jot everything down if you have to. Have a discussion with the breeder about costs, additions, and any health tests that they have actually done. Ensure you get a copy of the feeding and care directions from them before you leave.

If the pup has already had their very first vaccinations and they have a set schedule for the next couple of months, ask the breeder for suggestions for vets.

Lastly, the last crucial piece of info that you will need is if your future Vizsla puppy has any unique requirements, allergic reactions, and so on. Keep in close contact with the breeder over the next couple of months to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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