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How Much Do Walmart Birthday Cakes Cost?

Last Updated on February 4, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Walmart offers a fantastic selection of birthday cakes at budget-friendly prices. Whether you need a cake for a child’s party or a milestone adult celebration,

Walmart has affordable cake options to fit your theme, flavor preferences, and dietary needs. Read on to learn all about Walmart birthday cake choices and pricing.

With a wide variety of cake sizes, designs, and prices, Walmart makes celebrating with a custom birthday cake accessible for all budgets. The cost of a Walmart birthday cake depends on the size, design details, ingredients, and amount of customization.

However, even their most elaborate cakes are very competitively priced compared to other grocery stores and bakeries.

How Much Do Walmart Birthday Cakes Cost?

Walmart’s birthday cakes range from $9.98 for a small round cake up to $50.98 for a 2-tier cake, making them an affordable option for any party budget.

Their sheet cakes start at $17.99, while quarter and half sheet cakes cost between $19.98 – $29.98. Custom cakes with more intricate designs, multiple layers, and special decorations have prices in the $35 – $50 range.

The overall price of any birthday cake from Walmart depends on:

  • Size – Walmart offers round cakes, sheet cakes, and multi-tiered layer cakes in different dimensions. Larger cakes that serve more people have higher base prices.
  • Design Details – Basic writing is free, but complex custom artwork, layered designs, and hand-crafted decorations raise the price.
  • Ingredients – Specialty flavors and dietary-friendly ingredients like gluten-free recipes entail an upcharge.
  • Customization – Highly customized cakes tailored to a specific theme and detailed requests cost more than pre-made options.

Types of Walmart Birthday Cakes

Walmart provides all the popular birthday cake styles to choose from:

Sheet Cakes

These rectangular cakes feed large gatherings. Walmart’s bakery offers quarter, half, and full sheet cake sizes.

Round Layer Cakes

From 6-inches to 2-tiers, round cakes serve groups of various sizes. They work well for more intimate birthday meals.

Custom Designed Cakes

Get a cake decorated specially for the birthday person with their name, photo, interest, theme, or message.

Walmart can make cakes matching any theme like sports, cartoons, unicorns, or fortresses. Their most requested flavors include vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, strawberry, confetti, and marble.

Placing a Custom Cake Order with Walmart

Birthday Cake Made by WalmartThe process of ordering a custom birthday cake through Walmart is easy.

  1. Stop by the bakery counter at your local Walmart or order online.
  2. Provide the details for your cake like date needed, size, flavors, designs, writing, decorations, etc. The bakery team will provide guidance to get your dream cake within budget.
  3. Pay a $10 customization fee plus the base price of the cake size you select. Walmart does not charge for basic writing.
  4. Pick up your personalized cake on the requested date or have it delivered.

Custom cakes require a 48 hour notice for the bakers to prepare your designs. Plan ahead to get the exact cake you want.

Comparing Pre-Made and Custom Cake Costs

Walmart offers both ready-made cakes and custom cakes. Consider the pros and cons of each option:

Pre-Made Cakes

  • Pros: No customization fee, available for immediate purchase
  • Cons: Limited writing and design options

Custom Cakes

  • Pros: Personalized with photos, art, messages; match any theme
  • Cons: $10 customization fee; 48 hour notice required

If you want a basic cake with minimal fuss, choose a pre-made design. For a themed cake tailored to the birthday person, the custom option makes sense despite the small upcharge.

Dietary and Allergy Friendly Cake Options

Walmart prepares gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and nut-free cakes for just $3 extra. Vegan cakes cost $5 more. Provide the bakery with dietary restrictions at least 48 hours before pickup.

Dietary cakes come in all the classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. With advance notice, Walmart can adapt most custom cake designs and shapes into an allergy-friendly version.

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How to Order a Walmart Birthday Cake

Ordering a birthday cake through Walmart is simple:

In Store

Visit the bakery counter at your local Walmart and place your order in person. This allows you to see cake photo examples, flavor samples, and discuss custom details.


Go to Walmart and click “Order Cakes.” Build your cake by selecting a size, flavors, writing, decorations, and uploading any custom images.

Either way you order, the Walmart bakery will call to confirm your cake request and pricing. Be prepared to pay in full at least 2 days before your desired pickup date.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Walmart Birthday Cake

Consider the following when selecting your ideal Walmart birthday cake:

  • Guest count – Choose a cake size that will serve everyone comfortably.
  • Recipient’s preferences – Pick their favorite flavors, colors, and interests to personalize the cake.
  • Venue space – Measure where the cake will be displayed and served when deciding on shape and tiers.
  • Budget – Walmart’s prices make high-quality custom cakes affordable for any budget. But set a spending range to stay on track.
  • Timeline – Leave 5-7 days for more intricate cake designs and give 1-2 days for writing-only cakes.
  • Dietary needs – Notify Walmart in advance about any food allergies or restrictions.

Walmart Birthday Cakes Are the Affordable Choice for Celebrating

In summary, Walmart offers budget-savvy prices for customizable, tasty birthday cakes. Maximize the value you get by considering sizing, degree of custom designs, flavors, and timeline that work best for the occasion. With flexible options for any party theme, guest count, and dietary needs, Walmart can supply the perfect birthday cake that both thrills the guest of honor and provides convenience for the host.

How many people does a Walmart 2 tier cake feed?

A two-tier cake from Walmart can typically feed between 40-60 people, depending on the size of each tier. The most common size option is a 10-inch round bottom tier with a 6-inch top tier, which can serve around 50 guests.

For larger gatherings, upgrading to a 12-inch round on bottom and 9-inch round on top can feed up to 60 people. Walmart’s bakery team can provide guidance on the best 2-tier cake dimensions to serve the number of portions you need for your birthday party.

How to get a free smash cake from Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer free smash cakes. However, they do provide very affordable smash cake options starting at just $9.98 for a 6-inch round decorated cake.

You can ask them to add “Smash Cake” writing for free. To get the best value, choose a simple cake design with minimal decorations. For a bit more, Walmart can customize the smash cake with your baby’s name and photo to capture the memory of your little one’s first birthday.

Overall, their smash cakes let you commemorate the milestone without spending much.

How many people will a 1 4 sheet cake feed at Walmart?

A quarter sheet cake from Walmart measures approximately 9 x 13 inches and serves around 20 people. The quarter sheet provides a good amount of cake at a price lower than larger sizes.

Depending on your guest count and budget, you could also feed more people by ordering a half sheet cake measuring roughly 13 x 18 inches. A half sheet cake feeds 35-40 on average.

For even larger gatherings, a full sheet cake feeds between 55-60 people. Check with Walmart’s bakery to determine how many a particular cake will realistically serve based on your event details.

How big is Walmart half sheet cake?

Walmart’s half sheet cake measures approximately 13 x 18 inches. The dimensions make it a good mid-size option between a quarter sheet and full sheet cake.

Half sheet cakes are commonly used for birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and other events with 25-40 guests. The rectangular shape also makes a half sheet cake easy to decorate with writing, logos, or designs.

At just 1-2 inches tall, the half sheet cake has a low profile that’s simple to cut and serve. Walmart’s friendly bakery staff can advise you if a half sheet is the right size for your particular birthday party or occasion.

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