Wearable Smart Charger Cost

Wearable Charger Cost

Wearable chargers have become important accessories for most of us, and the producers’ offer is a rich one, no matter what power you need for your gadget. Batteries’ reduced autonomy makes wearable chargers very useful in certain situations, like when you don’t have a nearby drain.

In addition to all the offers for smartphones, there are many tablet wearable chargers. They have a significantly greater power capacity in order to approach the tablets’ power requirements.

What is a wearable charger?

Wearable chargers resemble pretty much in shape, size, and design with the external hard drives, and their weight varies depending on its capacity. They can have around 100 grams but can reach up to 200 grams or even more.

Just like common chargers, the wearable chargers’ capacity is expressed in mAh. As the power capacity is larger, the size and weight will be bigger, despite the fact that producers try to obtain a final product as portable as possible.

How do wearable chargers work?

To use a wearable charger for iPhone or Samsung, you must charge it first, and for that, there are several options:
• USB charging cable and /or MicroUSB from any computer USB port;
• Charging through the common drain adapter;

After the wearable charger is fully loaded, it connects to a smartphone or a tablet through a compatible cable, which most often comes with a wearable charger.

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How do you choose a wearable charger?

myFC_PowerTrekk_2.0When you want to buy a wearable charger you must take into account some factors, depending on the device you want to charge with such a tool, the charger’s size, and performance.

Performances – the wearable charger’s capacity usually represents 50-75% of the mentioned power. So, in general, a 4000 mAh wearable charger will load your phone with only 2000-2500 mAh, so almost never at its full capacity. Therefore, if your phone has a 2000 mAh battery and you want the wearable charger to fully charge it, you should buy one with a minimum capacity of 3000 mAh.

Connectors – if the charger has many different connectors you will be able to connect multiple devices simultaneously and respectively a wider variety of gadgets. Some wearable chargers also offer USB ports of 2A instead of 1A, so your device will load faster, and other models allow the battery to charge even when the wearable charger is plugged in for charging.

Portability – if the wearable charger’s size and weight are smaller, it will be easier to carry around. In general, a charger with a greater power capacity is also bigger and heavier.

Compatibility – read carefully about what type of devices you can connect to the wearable charger, especially if you have iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In addition, check the technical specifications for the battery’s voltage and amperage, so they are compatible with your device voltage and amperage.

Here are some examples of smart wearable chargers:


  • Accel Powramid – $34.99.
  • Converge Desktop USB Charger – $69.99.
  • MyCharge Energy Shot – $24.99
  • American Red Cross Hand Crank Charger – $40.
  • myFC PowerTrekk 2.0 – $170 USD.
  • BikeCharge Dynamo – $129.99.
  • Qimini – $59.95.

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Although for many it is still a mere trifle, using a wearable charger for your phone is useful in certain situations, especially when you travel more than a day to places where you might not have access to a power source. In addition, such a device can be useful for those that use intensely the smartphones’ battery and run it down before getting home.

Should you get a wearable charger?

You should get such a gadget, especially if you need your smartphone or tablet a lot, and feel like the battery is never enough. You don’t have to get an expensive one if you have a tight budget, a $24.99 one will do the trick. This doesn’t mean that if you do have enough funds, you shouldn’t opt for a better one, because the differences between them in size, weight, and capabilities are noticeable.

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