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So you’ve built a wonderful website, promoting your business, products, services or a simple blog to share your thoughts. You’ve written a few great articles and now it’s time people know about your website. But how do you make your website popular enough that people find it and read what you have to say?

One idea is to have other websites link to yours so that their visitors can also become yours. But how do you have other websites create a backlink to you? Established websites have to find out about your website and you should have some really interesting and unique articles so that big names in the online world pick up parts of your writings organically and share them with their visitors. And even then you can’t be sure that they will create a backlink to your website and won’t just copy your text without linking it back to you.

Maybe you want a website with no backlinks and you want to pay for each visitor that lands on your website. If that is the case, Give this article a read, and learn how much do website visitors cost.

Buying visitors might be a great way to get some people on your website, but in time you will realize that paying for each and every visitor is expensive and you’ll want to get your website in front of organic traffic and on the first pages of search engines. You have to understand that a website with no backlinks is like a shop with no accessible roads that lead to it. People will have a really hard time reaching it, and search engine crawlers also.

So by now, you’ve realized that a website needs backlinks for organic traffic and search engine traffic, and natural backlinks aren’t very easy to get. So why not buy some?

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You might think that websites that sell backlinks aren’t all that many. Because let’s face it, you have worked a lot to create a nice website, you won’t just spam it with all kinds of ugly links. If you think that way, then you’re wrong. You might no sell backlinks on your website but many other webmasters will. In fact, there’s a big industry revolving around the creation of valuable websites that will sell and host backlinks on them.

So how much will those backlinks cost?

Depending on their quality, you could spend as little as $5 for 10.000 permanent backlinks, and as much as $500 for a single backlink for one year, or, in some extreme cases, even more.

What are the best backlinks to get for your website?

When it comes to your website and its backlink profile, never think about quantity, opt for quality instead. This means that you should already forget about the $5 backlinks mentioned earlier and go for links from authority websites from your niche. The real price for a backlink is almost always negotiable, so be sure to get the best price for every link you get.

Here are some rules for perfect backlinks:The best backlinks

  • When picking backlinks, always go for websites in the same niche as yours or with subjects closely connected to what you’re writing about.
  • Always get backlinks inside content that is inside your niche. Don’t go for simple backlinks in footer or blogroll because they won’t help you very much.
  • Try to avoid sitewide backlinks especially when getting links on huge websites with a lot of pages. A sitewide backlink on a big website will hurt your search engine rankings because crawlers will see the same backlink with the same anchor text on all the website pages.
  • If you have the possibility, always go for homepage links. Usually, the home page has the most visitors and the most link juice power.
  • Don’t build all backlinks with the same anchor text or the same content around the, because it will give your backlinks a spammy look and people will avoid clicking on them.
  • If you have the option, go for permanent backlinks instead of time-limited ones, but be sure to check them regularly to avoid getting scammed.

Before buying a website, always do your own due diligence and check the seller’s background and website history. Make sure the website has a nice age, the older the better, and that it has a clear backlink profile and doesn’t receive any poor traffic or crappy links.

Don’t fall into the trap of overspending. Make a budget before buying and stick to it. Even if you find a lot of other great websites to link to, don’t go over the set budget. Wait for improvements before spending more.

Try to contact the website owners or webmasters for backlinks and don’t just buy them from shady sellers. Some sellers might offer you backlinks on hacked websites, and although they might improve your online presence at first, as soon as webmasters find your backlinks, your website will suffer greatly in terms of rankings.

While doing your due diligence, try finding out if creating a particular backlink is free. If so, create it yourself. There are a lot of big websites that offer you the possibility to create an account a build a backlink to your website for free. Why pay someone to do it when it takes only about 10 minutes to do it yourself?

When you negotiate your backlink placement, ask the webmaster to create it inside unique, readable content. If he can’t do it, write an article yourself and ask him to publish your backlink inside your own article. Do this to avoid copied and spun content that will make the backlink way less valuable.

Can the average working Joe afford to buy backlinks for his website?

We encourage normal people to build websites offering services or products and even personal blogs. For starters, if they have a very limited budget, they should concentrate on building backlinks themselves, for free if possible. As soon as the website looks like it is going in the right direction and visitors start to come, you should make a budget to get some quality backlinks.

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