Wedding Draping Cost

Wedding Draping Cost

Wedding event drapery describes the big white curtains or drapes that will be hung in a lot of ways around the hall of the wedding event, efficiently changing an otherwise plain area into a captivating location.

Just How Much Will Draping Cost for a Wedding Event?

Depending upon the setup, the size of the reception space, and how many drapes you will need, the cost for an expert to hang wedding drapes is going to be anywhere from just $300 to as much as $4,000 in general. The majority of costs, nevertheless, are going to remain in that $400 to $900 area. Typical jobs in this cost area will cover about 100 feet.

If you shop at a place that charges by the drape, then be prepared on investing around $125 to $250 each. If you can buy by the yard, it will usually cost anywhere around $2 to $4, and if by the linear foot, it can be closer to $5.

One specialized website, for instance, charges $2 for every yard on a voile material to drape the full ceiling. However, if you want to work with the event planners behind this website to do the entire ceiling for your location, it can cost around $2,500 for the typical location size.

A forum poster on WeddingBee opened a discussion by saying they got a quote of $1,160 for 4 drapes of material and 4 strings of lights.

Aspects that impact the cost

The height of the drapings

The height of the ceiling is frequently the primary element that will have a hit on the price, however, bear in mind most wedding event draping rental businesses can just accommodate sizes of around 14 feet. While some can offer bigger sizes, it’s unusual, according to the bride-to-bes website.

The linear width

Like the height, linear width will be linked to how much of the space will you need to drape. If the wall is 100 feet in length, then you will require 100 feet worth of draping. If you were to need a full look, then you will need to double this number.

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The color of the material

All fabric will not be developed in the same way or have the same value. If you opt for a different color alternative or a heavier-type material, then the price can increase by quite a bit.


Setup charges can change depending upon the travel and shipping distance and how many people are needed to carry out the task. The majority of contractors will travel to places within a maximum of 25 miles. Anything over this usually will add an extra mileage charge.

Wedding event curtaining details

Wedding Event DrapingIf you are going to work with a professional, the price quotes detailed above will usually include the fabric, poles, and/or LED lighting. The price quotes ought to also include shipment, setup, taxes, and removal at the end of the wedding.

Draping will typically be utilized around the ballroom, on the ceiling, as column covers, and to enclose the door.

Aside from the drapes, lots of businesses will add LED lights to brighten the draping with the client’s desired colors.

What are the additional expenses?

In some circumstances when the event planner is situated more than 30 miles away from the wedding event location, you will be asked to also pay for the travel expenses.

As pointed out above, some businesses will add LED lights or projectors while others will not. If they do not include this in their quotes, then one projector will cost around $50 to $100. These projectors, if you wanted to include them in your wedding, will project lights, words, and even photos during the event.

Other lighting add-ons such as chandeliers can be included for an extra cost. There can also be strings of lights throughout the installed draping.

Tips to remember

Websites like Facebook or Pinterest are great to check out drape photos at different other weddings if you’re lacking ideas.

How can I save some money?

Usually, it’s a lot more affordable if you get the fabric you need from the company and do the draping yourself. This is not as tough as you are made to believe. Eventprotraining, for instance, has a few DIY tutorials that will help you do everything on your own.

Some places might include a lot of added premium bonuses, such as draping, in your reservation charges. Talk to whoever is in charge of the location you’re planning your wedding in to see if they provide anything as an addon.

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