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What is Jared Leisek’s net worth?

Jared Leisek Net Worth

Jared Leisek is a professional scuba diver best known for his role in “Adventures with Purpose”, which is a group of scuba divers he founded in 2019 with Sam Ginn. Later, the two were joined by Doug Bishop. Also, Jared is the manager and diver of a towing company.

What is Jared Leisek’s net worth?

At the time this article is written, Jared Leisek has an estimated net worth of $500,000 to $1 million. However, according to some sources, Jared’s net worth is higher. He makes most of his money from his YouTube channel “Adventures With Purpose”, which has more than 2.93 million subscribers. It is estimated that this channel generates revenue of $600,000, which is much more than other YouTube stars like Liver King (Brian Johnson) and A For Adley earn.

Also, Leisek has other income sources, including merchandise sales and his Instagram account. He earns $184,000 to $305,000 from his sponsorships and paid ads, according to the reports. Now, he offers his products for sale through his website, AdventuresWithPurpose. Among these items, you will mostly find tools, hoodies, T-shirts, and other products with stickers and graphic designs.

Jared Leisek also appeals to his well-wishers and fans to make donations to help fund his rescue operations and searches.

Early life

Jared Leisek was born in Los Angeles, United States of America on September 16, 1975. There is not a lot of information available about his parents and education.

Though, there is recorded some scandalous information about his childhood. In 1992, when he was a teenager, Jared abused a nine-year-old girl. Also, he faced two counts of first-degree abuse.

Despite his past, Jared Leisek became a very responsible adult, who is known for his advocacy for environmental conservation and philanthropic work. Currently, Jared collaborates with law enforcement agencies to help solve cold cases.


Jared Leisek Diving With PurposeJared Leisek’s career started with the finding of the missing body of Kiely Rodni, a teenage sixteen years old girl. After that, the Oregon-based scuba diver team gained a lot of attention and was involved in many rescue operations and underwater searches.

The group of scuba divers “Adventures with Purpose” use sonar to locate missing people and items underwater. This was first founded as an environmental cleanup agency that had the responsibility to remove vehicles and other pollutants from waterways.

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After they discovered two cars with missing people, they changed the original objective of the agency. This determined them to look for missing persons whose cases have reached dead ends.

Leisek and his group do underwater and research activities voluntarily. They do not charge the law enforcement agencies of the family of the victims, but accept rewards willingly offered to them.

In order to fund their operations, Jared Leisek started a YouTube channel on July 28, 2018, titled “Adventures with Purpose”. He video records all their underwater rescue and search activities and posts them on the Internet. With more than 2.93 million subscribers at the time of this writing, their videos have millions of views.

For instance, in 2022 Jared posted on his YouTube channel a video about the underwater operation of searching Samantha Hopper, a 22-month-old girl. This video reached more than 9.9 million views until now. Leisek posted more than 480 videos on his YouTube channel.

Also, Leisek’s videos have been featured on some mainstream media channels, like ABC News and CNN. So, his content became very popular and led to fast growth, offering him an edge over HawksNest and other YouTubers.

According to their official website, the group “Adventures with Purpose” has helped to find 29 missing persons underwater in their vehicles since 2019.

Name Missing Date Age Date Found Location
Stephanie Torres 21-Dec-17 42 19-Jan-22 Brazos River, Waco, Texas
Annie Lee Hampton 10-Oct-19 66 28-Jan-22 Bear Creek Lake, Marianna, Arkansas
Margaret “Jan” Shupe Smith 2-Apr-21 59 2-Feb-22 Lakeland, Florida
James Amabile 4-Dec-03 38 19-Mar-22 Darby Creek, Ridley Township, Pennsylvania
Dedrick Smith 4-Oct-06 26 1-Apr-22 Winston Lake, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Matthew “Jed” Hall 22-Jan-18 16 1-May-22 Snake River, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Ralph Brown 16-May-21 77 13-May-22 Willamette River, Newburg, Oregon
Kiely Rodni 6-Aug-22 16 21-Aug-22 Prosser Creek Reservoir, Truckee, California
Donald Messier 15-Oct-06 34 5-Oct-22 Winooski River, Duxbury, Vermont
Tod DiMinno 30-Sep-22 54 8-Oct-22 Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jacob VanZant 17-Feb-23 24 15-Apr-23 San Joaquin River, Stockton, California

The finding of Kiely Rodni’s body

Search for Samantha Hopper, 22-month-old Daughter Courtney

Private life

Jared Leisek is married to Kristin Leisek, who helps him with running the background activities of “Adventures with Purpose”. Kristin manages the social media accounts; handles the logistic tasks of expeditions the group engages in and collaborates with the law enforcement agencies.

Kristin is also a great scuba diver and usually participates with her husband in rescue and search activities.

The couple has two children together.

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