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What is Ronald Gladden’s Net Worth?

Ronald Gladden Net Worth

Ronald Gladden is a solar contractor and construction engineer from San Diego, United States of America, who is currently employed as an Area Installation Specialist at The Home Depot in California. He received a lot of media attention this year after he was cast alongside James Madsen in the fake courtroom prank comedy TV show “Jury Duty”.

This show debuted on April 7th, 2023 on Freevee, with a virtually identical plot format to the legendary “The Joe Schmo Show”. Ronald’s status as a reality television star was cemented as Jury Duty was a real hit.

What is Ronald Gladden Net Worth?

At the time this article is written, Ronald Gladden has a net worth of approximately $500,000. He amassed this amount in about eight years of hard work in the building industry. The exact amount of his income is not known at this moment.

Ronald Gladden was paid $100,000 after he appeared in the mockumentary “Jury Duty”.

Ronald succeeded to achieve a comfortable lifestyle through his hard work, which mostly involves his daytime job as an Area Installation Specialist. He avoids public display of his earnings and keeps a humble manner, despite his achievements. It is important to mention that Ronald’s main income sources are his television and construction jobs.

Early life

Ronald Gladden was born in 1989 in the United States of America. His parents are Kimberly Gladden and Jerry Gladden. He has two siblings, a sister named Felycia McKenzie and a brother named Justin Gladden.

Ronald Gladden attended the courses of the Walla Walla Community College, and in 2013 he transferred to Oregon State University. He studied Construction Engineering for three years in college, and in 2015 he dropped out due to a medical problem. In order to support his family, Ronald needed to enter the labor force earlier than expected.


Ronald Gladden in ShowRonald Gladden started his career at Bend Concrete Services as a Concrete Laborer. While working there for one year, Ronald built and stripped footing walls out of Symons and KLumber forms, edged huge slab pours, built tier boxes, and did many other tasks.

In 2015, Ronald moved to Red Hat Construction in the same position, and one year later, in May 2016, he moved to Finn Construction and Cabinetry in Philomath, Oregon. He worked for Finn for eleven months as a Framer. Also, he was part of the team responsible for building a residential complex worth about $1 million.

Ronald Gladden worked as Framer with Allen & Laporte General Contracting, INC. and Aforma for more than two years. By the time he left the team, in 2019, he was even named the Crew Leader.

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By 2019, Ronald had got enough knowledge to work as an energy constructor. So, in April of that year, he changed jobs from Framer to Senior Energy Consultant at Heliogold in Sandiego. He worked there for eight months and then was hired at Scrubbing Solar LLC as Vp of Construction.

Ronald worked for Scrubbing Solar LLC for two years before leaving to pursue a career in television. Now, he works full-time at The Home Depot in Sandiego, California as an Area Installation Specialist.

Private life

Ronald Gladden is not married, but he is currently dating Rori Gentile. She works at J.P. Morgan as a Treasury Sales Associate. Ronald is not very open about their relationship, but his feelings for his girlfriend are more than obvious every time they are seen together.

Even though they have not declared any intentions to get married soon, they continue to enjoy their relationship.


What is Ronald Gladden’s height?

Ronald Gladden is six feet and six inches tall and has a well-balanced body weight. He has dark brown eyes and light brown hair.

How old is Ronald Gladden?

We didn’t know much about Ronald Gladden before he appeared on Jury Duty, so there is not a lot of information available about his personal life. It is believed that he is around 33 years old.

How is the mother of Ronald Gladden?

The mother of Ronald Gladden is Kimberly Gladden.

Who is the father of Ronald Gladden?

The father of Ronald Gladden is Jerry Gladden.

Where was Ronald Gladden born?

Ronald Gladden was born in the United States of America.

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