Wheelchair Rental Cost

Wheelchair Rental Cost

Last Updated on September 17, 2023
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You may need to rent a wheelchair for one of many medical reasons. For instance, you may face a temporary disability, so renting a wheelchair will suffice, making buying one a financial mistake. Also, you may need a wheelchair due to travel-related reasons. When going on a business trip or vacation, it might be pretty hard to take the wheelchair with you, so it would be better to rent it at your destination.

The wheelchairs can be rented from medical supply stores, zoos, or even local amusement parks.

How Much Does a Wheelchair Rental Cost?

The amount of money you are going to spend for renting a wheelchair will depend on the length of time you need it, the place you rent it from, the type of wheelchair, and the place where you are living. Plan on spending anywhere between $80 and $220 per month for a standard wheelchair rented from a local medical supply retailer, or $15 to $60 per day to rent a wheelchair from an amusement park.

In the table below you will find the average costs for renting different types of wheelchairs.

Type of Chair Description Average Rental Price
Transport This is a strong, but lightweight wheelchair, that is very easy to carry around. It has padded armrests and a swing-away footrest for increased comfort. To be even more convenient during transportation or when you need to have it stored, it can also be folded. It will usually be able to carry around $250 pounds. $8 to $50 per day
Standard This is a manual, rather standard type of wheelchair, that is self-propelled. This means that it won’t work without human power to move around, either by someone pushing it from behind or by someone moving the wheels. These chairs can also be folded to fit in the trunk of most cars and are lightweight as well. They will usually be able to carry around 350 pounds. $9 to $50 per day
Powerchair A powerchair will be different from a manual wheelchair due to it being powered by a battery, which also means it will fit in smaller spaces. $50 to $75 per day
HD The HD wheelchair is made to carry more weight, about 400 pounds. This means that it isn’t all that different from a standard wheelchair. $8 to $55 per day

For example, you can rent a wheelchair from the retailer BradfordMedicalSupply.com, located in San Jose, California, at the cost of anywhere between $85 and $225 per month.

When talking about the renting costs for a wheelchair at an amusement park, Disneyland charges $15 per day for a manual wheelchair and $60 per day for an electric wheelchair. Also, you will be required a refundable deposit of $20 for both types of wheelchairs.

Renting a wheelchair overview

When renting a wheelchair, there are two common rental options:

  • short-term, that is for fewer than seven days;
  • long-term, which is up to six months.

Most of the companies will offer three types of wheelchairs: standard, manual, and electric.

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Which are the additional expenses?

If you are not able to find a wheelchair for renting locally, you should be prepared to pay delivery/shipping costs. This cost will depend on how far away is the medical supply company, but, in general, you will have to pay anywhere between $25 and $50.

You will be responsible for the repair costs in case you damage the wheelchair.

The extra accessories, like a leg rest, may come at an extra cost.

Before renting the wheelchair, the company will require a refundable deposit, that depends on the value of the wheelchair. This deposit will be taken off the total price of the rental or will be returned to you, if you return the wheelchair in the same condition as it was rented.

You can opt for damage insurance, which will protect you from any liability. This usually costs around $7 per day.

Important things to consider

Wheelchair TypeMake sure you ask about the monthly minimum as there are some companies that will require you to commit for a fixed number of months before renting. You may have to sign a contract if you rent the wheelchair for the long term.

Check out how easy it is to use and transport the wheelchair, before committing to the rental. Is it light or/and easy to fold? It may not help you too much if it is hard to transport.

In combination with the wheelchair, the following can be added on request: adjustable footrests, a removable front table, and other accessories.

Ask what are the weight limits as most are able to hold up to about 350 to 450 pounds.

Also, it is recommended to closely examine the wheelchair for any damage before renting. In case you notice any damage, inform the company immediately. This way you will not be blamed and charged for the damage when returning the wheelchair.

If it is possible, try the wheelchair beforehand. See if this is comfortable and suitable for your medical condition.

When traveling, you can ask the hotel or your travel agent about places from where you can rent a wheelchair. However, most home agencies, spas, and resorts may offer wheelchairs pickups and drop-offs.

How can I save money?

In general, you will have to pay less per day for a long-term rental than for a short-term rental.

Your health insurance company may cover the renting costs for a wheelchair, depending on your needs. You should ask about this benefit.

Try asking people around you if they have a wheelchair that you can borrow for a while.

Take into consideration purchasing a wheelchair if you need it for more than two months. You can sell it back when you are done, and so recover most of the money.

In case you cannot afford a wheelchair, get in contact with the local organization that works with those who meet certain income requirements. For instance, the Chariots of Hope may help you to find a wheelchair almost for nothing.

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