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Whitewater Rafting Cost

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First Published on February 18, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Rafting is one of the most popular whitewater sports and is also the safest of fast water sports. Rafting boats are usually large inflatable boats of 6 to 12 people. Lately, rafting is a word used for all the sports practiced on whitewater. During a rafting trip, the crew members must coordinate their movements.

It is a sport that became popular in the mid-’70s and is considered to be an extreme sport that can be dangerous especially for the 1 to 6 whitewater degree scale. A 6-degree whitewater river is not navigable and is really dangerous.

A guided single-day trip starts from $25 and up to $115 per person.

The average cost for a self-guided rafting trip starts from $55 and can reach $200 per day.

A multi-day guided rafting trip starts from $400 and goes up to $1300 or more.

First, you need a stable and durable inflatable boat, generally the best material for rafting boats being the Hypalonacesta by having a high resistance to abrasion and UV. Also, you need two paddles as light and strong as possible so you can row in rip waters.

Of course, you need good protective equipment. We start from the idea that you often need to face a flood full of rocks where even the best swimmer is facing a hard time after falling in water, so the protective equipment is vital – protects you from bruises, scratches, and in some cases even from the cold water.

The most important part is the lifejacket, because it has high buoyancy and is thick enough to protect your spine, but does not bother you while rowing. Helmets protect your head and neck from blowing branches and teammates. The neoprene clothes along with the socks and shoes made from the same material often provide you comfort in water that sometimes is very cold.rafting cost

Typical costs:

Depending on a certain number of factors like the size of the river, the group size, launch fees, and water gear, paddles, raft, helmets, lifejackets, the average cost for a self-guided rafting trip starts from $55 and can go up to $200 per day.

If you are a beginner in rafting you should know then you need rafting permits on many rivers. Typically, in the early spring with one year in advance is held a lottery drawing for applications. The price of these permits varies depending on the river, the campsites you use along the way and the length of the trip from $10 up to $400.

A guided single-day trip starts from $25 and up to $115 per person, but it depends on the season, location, or if you are a child or an adult. Sometimes the price includes a meal/barbecue after rafting or transportation to and from the base camp and the river.

A multi-day guided rafting trip starts from $400 and up to $1300 or more for 3-4 day events, depending on river, season, and amenities. These higher-priced trips usually include bedding and catered meals.

Will the average working Joe afford such an adventure?

Normally this is a trip that won`t affect your budget too much, especially if you only go on one each year. It is an experience that you`ll never forget but be sure not to save money on protection equipment because it can really make a difference between a fun memory and a sad one.



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