Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices
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Wienerschnitzel Menu Prices

Last Updated on August 21, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Wienerschnitzel is An American fast food restaurant chain specialized in serving hot dogs. Wienerschnitzel has always been known as the “World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain”. Even though their specialty is hot dogs, over time they expanded their menu and included other food options such as chicken dippers, cheeseburgers, pastrami sandwiches, corn dogs, and desserts. People keep coming to this restaurant not only for the delicious hot dogs but for the appetizing secret recipe of chili sauce. Despite the fact that the restaurant is called Wienerschnitzel, the menu does not include Wiener schnitzel and this product was sold only once as a promotional food item.

Prices charged by Wienerschnitzel tend to be affordable for the majority of people. You can get a better idea about how much you would have to budget for eating at this restaurant by looking at the table below, where you can find their latest menu prices.

Food Size Price


Soft Serve Cone Small $2.29
Soft Serve Cone Regular $2.89
Dipped Cone Small $2.89
Dipped Cone Regular $3.39
Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) $4.99
Root Beer Float $4.99
Old Fashioned Sundae $4.99
Mini Sundae $2.79
Banana Split $5.99
Freezee $5.19


Polish Sandwich $4.99


Mustard & Kraut Dog (Limited Time) $4.99
Mustard & Onion Dog (Limited Time) $4.99
5 Chili or Corn Dogs (Limited Time) $7.59

Hot Dogs

Chicago Dog $3.39
Street Dog $3.99
Deluxe Dog $3.19
Kraut Dog $2.99
Mustard Dog $2.49
Corn Dog $2.49
Chili Dog $2.99
Chili Cheese Dog $3.39
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Dog $4.79
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog $4.99
Loaded Bacon Street Chili Cheese Dog $4.79
Junkyard Chili Cheese Dog $4.59
The Works Chili Cheese Dog $4.29
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Cheese Dog $6.29
Upgrade Any Dog To All-Beef or Polish Sausage $1.99
Substitute A Pretzel Bun $1.19


Chili Burger $2.99
Chili Cheeseburger $3.49

Fries & Snacks

Chili Cheese Fries $5.19
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $5.79
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries $5.89
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $7.49
Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries $5.89
French Fries Small $2.79
French Fries Medium $3.09
French Fries Large $4.69
Jalapeño Poppers 6 Pak $4.69
Jalapeño Poppers 12 Pak $7.59

Family Combos

3 Chili Burgers, 3 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries $19.09
6 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries $19.09


Includes Small Fries & Small Drink

Two Chili Dogs – Combo $9.29
Polish Sandwich – Combo $8.79
All-Beef Dog with Chili & Cheese – Combo $8.79
Two Corn Dogs – Combo $8.09
Chili Cheese Dog & Chili Cheeseburger – Combo $10.09
Chili Dog & Corn Dog – Combo $8.79

Kids’ Meal

Meal Includes Fries or Apple Sauce, Kid’s Drink & Prize
Mustard Dog – Meal $6.69
Corn Dog – Meal $6.69


Strawberry Lemonade $2.99
Milk $1.89
Bottled Water $2.19
Soft Drink Small $2.59
Soft Drink Medium $3.39
Soft Drink Large $3.99

Brand History

Wienerschnitzel company was founded in 1961 in Southern California by Taco Bell’s former employee John Galardi. The first hot-dog stand was located on 900 West Pacific Coast Highway, east of Figueroa Street, in the Los Angeles community of Wilmington.

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Galardi transformed several locations in some Western cities and the Denver area into hamburger stand restaurants in the late 1980s. At that time Wienerschnitzel started to sell Galardi’s own ice cream brand Tastee-Freez.

In 2015, the Wienerschnitzel company signed a franchise agreement with International Food Concepts Inc. planning to open new locations in Panama.

Nowadays there are more than 350 Wienerschnitzel restaurants located mostly in Texas and California, but you can find at least one of these restaurants in Washington, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Outside of the United States, there is a store in Panama and one in Guam.

Our review

Wienerschnitzel Menu ItemsIt is hard to miss a Wienerschnitzel restaurant as this has a unique architectural structure, with red and yellow as dominant colors. This place is so irresistible and inviting that will make you want to enter and dine in every time you pass by one of these restaurants.

All the meals included in the Wienerschnitzel menu are very tasty from the ordinary French fries to the hot dogs and even the desserts. The bestsellers are all their hit dogs including the Chicago Dog, the Chili Cheese Dog, and the Junkyard Dog. You should also try the Tastee-Freeze ice cream, which costs around $2.

Plan on spending anywhere between $2.5 and $5.5 for a hot dog and $5 to $7 for one of Wienerschnitzel’s specials which include the Mustard and Onion Dog, the Mustard and Kraut Dog, and the 5 Chili or Corn Dogs. Burgers cost only around $4.5 and for a Polish sandwich, you will have to pay around $5.

The Wienerschnitzel menu also has kids’ meal options which include bacon ranch chili cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, chili cheese fries, French fries, mustard dog, and corn dog, to name a few. Each of these costs anywhere between $4 and $7, depending on the ordered size.

As for the drinks you can choose between various soft drinks, strawberry lemonade, bottled water, or even milk. Expect to pay around $3 for a drink.

The waiting time is never a problem for Wienerschnitzel because the staff members are very efficient. Moreover, you will get your food hot and fresh every time.

Wienerschnitzel FAQs

At what time does Wienerschnitzel open?

Wienerschnitzel opens at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday, but it may vary from one location to another. So, it is recommended to verify the schedule of the location you are interested in on the official website of the restaurant.

At what time does Wienerschnitzel close?

Most of the Wienerschnitzel restaurants close at 12:00 a.m. every day. However, it depends on the day of the week and the location. Again, it is recommended to check this information on the official website of the company.

How many Wienerschnitzel restaurants are there?

There are more than 350 Wienerschnitzel restaurants located in the United States of America, plus one in Guam and one in Panama.

Who founded Winerschnitzel?

Wienerschnitzel was founded by John Galardi in 1961.

What company owns Wienerschnitzel?

Wienerschnitzel is owned by the Galardi Group, Inc. company.

What type of hot dogs does Wienerschnitzel use?

Wienerschnitzel makes its hot dogs with USDA-approved cuts of quality meat which are seasoned with a zesty mix of spices.

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