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There’s always a risk for windows of basically any design or age to lose their grass when hit with anything from stray baseballs or other balls, storm damage, or even some larger birds. The good part is that windows are designed in such a way that their glass replacement is almost always possible. And that’s a great alternative to simply replacing the entire window, especially for property owners that are short on funds.

Even though most types of windows will allow you to replace the glass, there will be a few factors to consider when going for this project. The most important thing to consider is whether the window glass is the only part that’s damaged, but parts of the frame as well.

If you have a window that is within 40 years of age, then a licensed and skilled window glazer will usually have no problem finding the parts and making the necessary repairs on it. The bad news is that recently, most window manufacturers have started to change the pieces and parts of their products, which could really increase the level of difficulty when trying to fix them, as well as the money needed for such projects. Depending on your specific situation, this might even mean that you will have to fully replace the window instead of just the broken parts and the glass.

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Let’s go over the cost of some types of windows based on the labor expense and the individual part cost.

Type of Window Average Pricing (Labor Included)
Bow Window $1,000 to $3,500
Bay Window $500 to $1,000
Double Pane – Just Glass/Glass and New Frame $100 to $800
Single Pane with plate/flat glass $60 to $100

What about the labor costs alone?

Labor Costs Labor Cost Per Pane
Vinyl Glazing $5
Return Glass to Vinyl Stops $50
Remove Glass in Vinyl Stops $50
Remove/Replace Glass in Putty $35
Measure and Cut Glass $20
Remove/Replace Glazing $25

Now let’s see the cost of the glass itself:

Glass Costs Price Per Square Foot
Double Glazed $5 to $15
Plate/Flat $40 to $140
Thermal $15
Insulated $15 to $35
Tempered/Impact Resistant $25

Other costs and things to consider

The final cost of this particular project will also be affected by the window style you have. Currently, there are multiple window styles owners can opt for, like jalousie, bow, bay, double windows, and so on, each with its own price range.

Labor will include measuring and cutting glass, or replacing or removing vinyl stops or glazing, and any of these jobs will surely increase the final cost of the project.

There are instances in which you will also have to remove the trim of the frame.

The glass also comes in different types, like thermal, insulated or laminated, double glazed, flat, or plate, among others. The glass type you go for will affect the final price as well.

Can this turn into a DIY project?

Glass WindowAlthough the whole window glass replacement can easily be a DIY project, you should only take on this task if you have an accurate skill level and already have the necessary tools you will need for this job. If you don’t have any tools already prepared, then understand that you will need more than just the gloves used for projection against broken glass. You will also need pliers, acrylic or glass sheet cutting tools, a heat-producing tool, a tool for inserting the glazing points, a glazing removal tool, and a unique glazing tool. All these tools will easily bump up the price of just one pane of replacement glass to over $200.

Even if you do have the necessary tools, depending on the actual glass type and the damages already done to the frame, you might need the help of a professional that would be able to undertake very specific repairs. If you don’t do everything right, damage to the window won’t be the only thing to worry about. There will also be a risk of cracking, drafts, gaps, and so on.

Things to keep in mind before replacing the glass on a window

  1. The first thing you want to do even before touching any piece of broken glass is to protect your arms and hands by getting protective clothing and gloves. You can also protect your furniture and floors close to the damaged window by placing laying a drop cloth.
  2. You should then remove any broken glass from the window with maximum care. The pieces that remain are very easy to remove if the window is completely broken. On the other hand, when the glass is simply cracked, you will usually have to scrape the putty and then heat the old glazing compound to remove the broken glass pieces.
  3. You will also have to prepare the window for re-glazing by cleaning the frame.
  4. Measure the area you will have glazed with a lot of care and ensure that the new pane will be slightly smaller than the window where it will be placed.
  5. If you don’t have the replacement glass at hand, then board up the window to retain the temperature inside the house and keep it secure until the replacement glass gets to you.
  6. You will then have to get the replacement pane from a professional glazier. Don’t just guess dimensions. If you don’t know the measurements for sure, then get the window frame to the professional. You can cut your own pane, but only if you have experience working with a glass cutter.
  7. The last step involves installing a new window pane. As soon as you’re sure the new glass is of the correct size, then insert it with putty and a glazier’s tool.
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