Window Sill Plate Replacement Cost

Window Sill Plate Replacement Cost

The exterior window sills have practical storage and an aesthetic aspect as their main roles. Potted plants and other decorations can be placed on the window sill to complete the home environment. The window of the house is not complete without a sill. Choosing a window sill plate helps to create a comfortable space and a clean appearance. However, in certain cases, they can degrade and need to be repaired.

How Much Does a Window Sill Plate Replacement Cost?

The cost of completely replacing a rotted window sill will depend on a few factors such as the way it is attached to the home, the contractor you hire, the material it is made of, and the amount of damage beyond the sill. This can be a simple job like cutting around the home, dividing the area in two to get space, and after that twisting it out of position and putting in a new sill.

Though, the time required for repairing one window sill may double, if the window needs more effort and tools. For example, a professional may need a few hours for a window sill that needs a chisel and a hammer, plus a sill saw. The situations when the sill is a part of the window frame are the most difficult as the whole window assembly must be taken out, and a new one has to be manufactured, and installed.

All this work would take up to eight hours. This might be the case for historical windows which are more fragile and require more attention and work. As an average contractor charges around $70 per hour, the costs for replacing a window sill would be anywhere between $180 and $550.

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Sill Plate RottHowever, some contractors may charge by the window and not by the hour. Regardless of the job size, you should expect to spend anywhere between $65 and $250 per window for repairing and/or replacing a damaged or rotted sill plate.

But as all jobs are different and unique, you should get an exact quote by contacting a licensed contractor directly and describing your particular project.

Most contractors will recommend repairing a window sill and the cost for it will depend on your location, the handyman you choose, the filler being used, and whether the window is on the first floor or the top floor. If you are going to hire a handyman who uses a hardener and a two-part wood filler, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $280 and $400 per window.

The costs “per window” may decrease if you have more windows that have to be repaired and the job can be completed within the same day.

According to a member of the Red Flag Deals website, you should be prepared to spend around $1,600 for replacing a brick sill with concrete for eight windows.

In case you choose to replace the window sill by yourself, you should be prepared to spend around $90 for the supplies, enabling you to save almost 70% of the costs.

Window sill repair – short presentation

While repairing a window sill, a contractor will use a wood scraper to remove any loose paint around the window. Then he will apply a wood filler, made to fill the wood holes in areas with problems, using a putty knife. Next, he will use a bristled brush with the hardener and sandpaper, and a small sander to smooth the surface. Finally, he will apply a coat of primer and paint.

In some situations, when the wood is extremely affected, the contractor will have to remove a few boards around the windows and replace them.

Important things to consider

If the rot goes beyond the sill, a handyman may not be the right person for the job, and you would be better off hiring a window installation company or a carpenter. This way you can be sure that the window is taken out in the right way.

How can I save money?

We already mentioned above that it will almost always be cheaper to repair a sill plate with a wood filler instead of taking out the sill and replacing it with a new one.

Also, you can do this job yourself and this way, save some money. For example, you can learn how to repair a window sill with the help of the simple step-by-step guide offered by the DIY Network website.

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