How Much Does Wood Chipper Rental Cost?

Last Updated on May 28, 2024
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Renting a wood chipper is often the most practical and cost-effective option for home gardeners and landscapers who only need these heavy-duty machines for short-term projects.

But with daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that can range from $70 to $1,200 depending on the chipper size and rental company, it’s important to understand the factors that impact the cost so you can make informed decisions and stay within your budget.

This in-depth article will break down the typical price ranges for renting different types and sizes of wood chippers, what specific factors influence the rental rates, real-life cost examples for different landscaping and yard maintenance projects, and the best national chains and local companies to rent chippers from.

How Much Does Wood Chipper Rental Cost?

On average, wood chipper rentals range from $70 to $200 per day$200 to $600 per week, and $500 to $1,500 per month. Rates vary based on chipper size, features, rental provider policies, project duration, and additional fees.

The rental rates for a wood chipper depend heavily on the duration of the rental period. In general, expect to pay:

  • Daily rates between $70 – $150 depending on the size and type of chipper as well as rental company.
  • Weekly rental rates from $300 – $500. This can include delivery and pickup fees.
  • Monthly costs ranging from $800 – $1,200. Fuel may also be included in monthly rates.

For instance, Home Depot rents a 12″ capacity gas-powered chipper for around $99 per day. Renting the same unit for a full week from Home Depot costs $396, while the monthly rental rate is $1,188.

To break it down further:

  • Smaller 6-8 inch capacity electric or gas chippers typically rent for $70-150 per day.
  • Medium 10-12 inch gas-powered chippers have daily rates around $120-200 per day.
  • Heavy-duty 12+ inch gas chippers for tree services start around $150-250 per day.

BobVila.com states that the typical cost to rent a wood chipper in the US ranges from $70 to $550 per day. The article mentions that factors such as the rental company, rental duration, type of wood chipper, capacity, power source, and potential delivery and pickup fees can influence the overall cost.

Y-BY Rental Center offers a range of wood chipper rental options with varying prices. For instance, they rent a 6″ gasoline-powered wood chipper for $155 for a half-day, $195 for a day, and $292.50 for a weekend. Their larger 18″ diesel wood chipper rental costs $350 for a half-day, $400 for a day, and $600 for a weekend.

Diamond Rental provides rental rates for a 6″ wood chipper at $250 for a half-day, $295 for a day, $985 for a week, and $2,700 for four weeks. They also offer larger 12″ wood chipper rentals at higher rates.

The Home Depot lists a 4″ wood chipper rental for $72 per day. However, it’s important to note that pricing may vary based on location and availability.

As you’ll see, longer rental terms often offer better value per day than short daily rentals. Don’t forget to factor in other potential costs like delivery, fuel, or damage deposits which can add to the total rental price.

Overview of Wood Chipper Rentals

Wood chippers are heavy-duty machines that take branches, limbs, brush, and other wood debris and chip it down into small pieces or mulch. They make quick work of reducing piles of yard waste to recycle as landscaping material or compost.

But most homeowners only need a wood chipper periodically for property cleanup projects or after storms with downed trees. In these cases, renting a chipper for a short time is often the best option before returning the equipment.

Renting provides access to more heavy-duty commercial chipper models than you may want to buy outright. And it avoids the long-term storage, maintenance, and ownership costs of purchasing your own machine. Rental periods can be as short as a single day or weekend, or longer monthly terms for bigger landscaping jobs.

As long as you understand the rental costs and pick the right capacity chipper for your needs, renting can save you money over buying.

Factors That Influence the Rental Price

Several important factors impact how much you’ll pay to rent a wood chipper:

Type of Wood Chipper

The size and power source of the chipper determine its rental cost:

  • Electric vs gas – Electric chippers range from $50 – $100 per day but can’t handle large branches. More powerful gas chippers cost $100 – $200+ daily.
  • Capacity – The chipping capacity, often 6 – 12 inches, determines the rental price. Larger 12+ inch capacity chippers cost more to rent.
  • Engine power – Measured in horsepower (HP), more powerful engines command higher rental rates but provide faster chipping.

Consider how much debris you need to chip and the thickness of branches when deciding on electric, gas, capacity and HP.

Rental Duration

The amount of time you need the wood chipper for impacts the rental rate:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly rates – Monthly rentals offer the lowest per day costs, daily rentals the highest per day costs. Longer term rentals provide better value.
  • Single day vs multiple days – Renting for consecutive days is often cheaper than a 1 day rental. Ask about multi-day discounts.
  • Weekdays vs weekends – Weekend daily rates may be slightly higher demand charges.

Location and Availability

Two geographic factors affect rental costs:

  • Region/state – Rental costs vary based on local rates and competition. More rural areas may have lower rates.
  • Peak season – High demand in fall and spring can increase rental prices due to limited supply. Avoid peak times if possible.

Additional Charges

You might also like our articles about the cost to rent a dump truck, an excavator, or a Menards truck.

Other common fees that impact the total rental cost include:

  • Delivery/pickup fees – Typically $20 – $100 per delivery or pickup trip depending on distance.
  • Fuel costs – You may need to refuel the chipper before returning it. Fuel is rarely included.
  • Damage waiver – Optional fee to reduce liability for damage to the chipper, similar to rental car insurance. Typically 10-15% of the rental rate.
  • Refundable deposit – Charge in case the chipper is damaged or stolen, around $150 – $500.

Be sure to ask about these charges upfront so they don’t catch you by surprise!

Real-World Rental Cost Scenarios

Wood Chipper For SaleTo get an idea of real-world rental costs, here are two examples:

Weekend Home Garden Cleanup

Emily needs to clean up small branches and landscaping debris after winter storms damaged trees in her backyard. She rents an electric wood chipper for 3 days to chip the debris for mulch.

  • 6″ capacity electric chipper
  • $100 daily weekend rental rate
  • $50 delivery fee
  • $20 fuel cost
  • $300 total for 3 day weekend rental including fees

Month-Long Professional Landscaping Project

A landscaping crew needs to chip tree limbs and storm debris from a large corporate campus for an entire month. They rent a powerful commercial wood chipper.

  • Large 12″ capacity diesel chipper
  • $1,200 monthly rental rate
  • $69 delivery fee
  • $69 pickup fee
  • Included 450 gallons of fuel
  • $1,338 total for 1 month rental including delivery/pickup

As you can see, the per day cost drops significantly for longer rentals despite extra fees. Consider both the base rental rate and additional charges when budgeting.

Where to Rent Wood Chippers

There are two main options when renting a wood chipper: national chains and local equipment rental companies.

National Chains

Major home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer wood chipper rentals through their equipment rental centers:

  • Home Depot rents 6″ to 12″ capacity gas and electric chippers for $79 – $299 per day. Delivery is $59-$99 depending on distance.
  • Lowe’s rents similar chippers for daily rates of $99 – $259, with delivery around $59.

Benefits of national chains include:

  • Widespread locations for convenience
  • Online rental reservations for fast booking
  • Competitive rental rates, especially for shorter projects
  • Good for small homeowner jobs

Limitations include:

  • Limited selection of mostly smaller capacity electric/gas chippers
  • May lack larger commercial chippers needed for big jobs
  • Less flexibility on longer term discounts

Local Equipment Rental Companies

In addition to big box stores, specialized equipment rental companies like Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals offer wood chipper rentals.

Benefits of local rental companies:

  • Wider selection of commercial grade chippers in larger capacities
  • Often better rates for weekly or monthly rentals
  • More delivery range since they carry more units
  • Good for both small and large professional jobs

Downsides to consider:

  • Less locations than national chains for pickup/dropoff
  • Higher daily rates than big box stores in some cases
  • Smaller companies may have fewer units during peak seasons

Shop around, especially for large projects, to find the best rental rates and availability for your specific needs. Don’t forget to double check delivery fees based on distance as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering renting a wood chipper, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the costs and deciding what works best for your needs:

Are small wood chippers worth it?

Smaller electric or gas chippers with a 6-8 inch capacity are best suited for chipping smaller branches and gardening debris. While they rent for around $70-100 per day, these compact chippers get the job done on tiny landscaping projects. Just don’t expect them to handle thick, gnarly branches.

The lower rental rates can be worthwhile for quick homeowner jobs. But for heavier duty work, a 12 inch capacity diesel or gas chipper is a better choice despite the higher prices of $150+ per day. Consider both your branches and your budget. Don’t overspend on an overpowered chipper, but make sure to get one adequate for the limb sizes you need to chip.

Is a PTO wood chipper worth it?

For farmers, ranchers, and rural property owners with tractors, a PTO wood chipper is often the most convenient and cost-effective option. These chippers connect directly to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft to chip branches up to 4-6 inches thick.

At around $200 per day to rent a PTO chipper, it avoids the need to tow a separate engine and fuel source. This makes it easier to use and move around remote properties. For large rural jobs with a tractor available, renting a PTO wood chipper is usually a good value. Just watch out for any potential damage to your tractor.

Can you make money with a wood chipper?

Yes, owning or renting a powerful commercial grade wood chipper opens up money-making opportunities. With a sturdy 12+ inch capacity diesel chipper costing $500-800 per week to rent, you can offer tree trimming and landscaping services to chip branches into valuable mulch material for customers.

You can charge cleanup or landscaping fees by the job or even sell excess wood chips for additional income. Renting the equipment preserves capital instead of a large purchase. Just remember to factor in rental costs and insurance into your fees, and promote your services effectively. With some hard work and the right rental chipper, you can certainly generate profits from wood chipping services.

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