Wood Ranch BBQ Grill Menu Prices

Wood Ranch is an American restaurant chain well known for its Ranch Tri Tip meal, which is made with hand-cut ingredients, but also for its special barbecue sauce. Their menu consists of barbecues, steaks, salads, and many more.

Customers keep coming back to Wood Ranch for the consistent food quality and the atmosphere in the restaurant. Besides the tasty food, this eatery has a very polite and friendly staff.

In order to get an idea about how much you need to budget for dining at Wood Ranch, the table below contains their latest menu prices.

Item Price  


Famous Shredded Onions & Fries $12.39  
Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower $14.59  
Fresh Salsa and Chips $8.99  
BBQ Tri Tip Sliders $19.69  
CAB® Cheeseburger Sliders $16.49  
BBQ Brisket Sliders $19.69  
Western Tri Tip Sliders $19.69  
Killer Buffalo Wings – 10 Wings $17.29  
Killer Buffalo Wings – 5 Wings $13.49  
Pulled Pork Sliders $19.69  

Premium Steaks

Includes 1 side.

Rib Eye $48.19  
New York Strip $43.09  
Prime Top Sirloin $30.99  
Center-Cut Filet 8 oz $45.39  

Burgers & Sandwiches

Includes 1 side. Our fresh, oak-grilled burgers are topped with lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, pickles & carmelized onions.

Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Sandwich $20.39  
House-Made Veggie Burger $21.69  
Ethan’s Brisket Sandwich $22.49  
Western Tri Tip Sandwich $23.19  
James’ Crispy Chicken Sandwich $23.29  
BBQ Tri Tip Sandwich $22.49  
Buckeye Burger $22.49  
The Ultimate $25.09  
Classic Burger $20.89  


Includes 2 sides.

Fire Roasted Half Chicken $25.49  
WR BBQ Combo – 3 Items $41.49  
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs 2 Bones $24.99  
BBQ Half Chicken $22.69  
Double R Ranch Brisket $31.59  
Baby Back Ribs 5 Bones $26.09  
Baby Back Ribs 8 Bones $30.69  
Baby Back Ribs Full Rack $37.49  
Beef Ribs 2 Bones $29.59  
Beef Ribs 3 Bones $35.19  
Beef Ribs 4 Bones $39.79  
Smoked Brisket 7 oz – Dinner $29.59  
Smoked Brisket 9 oz – Dinner $33.99  
WR Tri Tip 10 oz $29.99  
WR BBQ Combo – 2 Items $34.59  
WR Tri Tip 7 oz $26.59  
All American Baby Back Ribs 8 Bones $28.49  
Carolina Pulled Pork $23.89  
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs 4 Bones $35.19  


Includes 1 side.

Freshwater Idaho Rainbow Trout $26.19  
Grilled Balsamic Shrimp $23.89  
Fresh Atlantic Salmon $30.19  

Small Plates

These items are reduced portions, perfect for sampling our signature dishes. Add these to any order!

Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Rib – 1 rib $14.99  
WR Tri Tip 4 oz. $15.79  
Double R Ranch Brisket 4 oz. $16.09  
All-American Baby Back Ribs – 5 bones $20.09  
Carolina Pulled Pork 4 oz. $14.99  
Fresh Atlantic Salmon 4 oz. $15.79  

Signature Sides

Multiple sizes available for certain items.

Grilled Fresh Asparagus $8.79  
Brussels Sprouts $8.69  
Loaded Baked Potato $8.69  
Steamed Fresh Asparagus $8.79  
Fresh Grilled White Corn $6.89  
Idaho Baked Potato $6.89  


Asian Chicken Salad $21.89  
Farmhouse Salad $22.69  
Tri Tip Salad 2.0 $25.38  
Wood-Roasted Tri Tip Salad $23.69  

Popular Items

BBQ Chopped Salad $23.09  
BBQ Chicken Breast $23.79  
WR Butter Cake $9.89  
Mom’s Deep Dish Peach Cobbler $9.89  

By The Piece

Customize your order by choosing from our a la carté selections below.  
All-American Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack) $35.19  
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (3 bones) $30.59  
Wood Ranch Original BBQ sauce bottle $10.19  

Kids’ Menu

Includes 1 side dish. Reserved for kids 11 & under.  
WR Tri Tip $12.79  
Chicken Tenders $9.59  
BBQ Tri Tip Sandwiches $12.39  
All-American Baby Back Ribs $13.59  
CAB® Mini Cheeseburgers $9.29  
Beef Rib $12.89  
Grilled Cheese $9.19  
Hot Dogs $8.99  
Mac & Cheese $9.19  


Made in-house daily.  
Warm Chocolate Cake $9.99  
Oreo Cookie Crunch $9.99  

Brand History

Wood Ranch was founded in 1992 by Eric Anders and Ofer Shemtov. Their first restaurant was opened in Moorpark, California. These two friends were working at a restaurant in Los Angeles for more than 75 hours per week. Even though they were working hard, they made time to relax by going to a movie after work and dreaming about opening their own restaurant business someday.

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Ofer Shemtov was the one who found a failed barbecue restaurant in Moorpark and signed a deal for this building. So, the two friends started to renovate and create their first restaurant location.

Eric and Ofer were motivated to create a successful business by the fear of not failing. They both were working at the restaurant and sometimes they were even sleeping there.

Three years later, in 1995, they opened a second location in Agoura Hills. This was the second location in which they also found a restaurant which wasn’t doing well and decided to make it better.

Nowadays there are 17 Wood Ranch locations serving the Southern California area.

Wood Ranch has received many awards and recognitions over time for its good food and excellent service. For example, it was named the “Barbecue King” by Los Angeles weekly, while the Los Angeles Daily News and The Los Angeles Times named it the “Best Barbecue” restaurant. Also, Restaurant Hospitality awarded them the “Top 10 Kids Menu in America” award.

Our review

Wood Ranch Menu ItemWood Ranch is the place to be when you crave a classic American barbecue. You can always rely on the consistency and quality of the food served there. It is recommended to try their garlic rolls and Wood Ranch Tri Tip. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $12 and $26 for this specialty, depending on the ordered size. On the other hand, the garlic rolls cost just $0,50 to $5.

Also, customers love all the meals that have BBQ sauce on them and all the potato dishes. Moreover, Wood Ranch offers gluten-free options and a wide variety of beverages, from draft beers and sodas to hand-crafted cocktails and fine wines.

In general, the atmosphere in the Wood Ranch restaurants is warm and nice, but it is easily disturbed during the rush hours when there are plenty of clients. However, you will not have to wait too long for your order as the staff is very efficient. The best time for you to experience fast service is from Monday to Thursday during the night. On those days you can get a seat as you arrive at the restaurant.


At what time does Wood Ranch open?

Wood Ranch opens every day at 11:30 a.m. However, it may vary from one location to another and it is recommended to check the schedule of the location you are interested in on the official website of the restaurant.

At what time does Wood Ranch close?

Wood Ranch closes at 09:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday. But again, it depends on the location and day of the week. You should verify this information on the restaurant’s official website.

Who founded Wood Ranch?

Wood Ranch was founded by the two friends Eric Anders and Ofer Shemtov.

When was the first Wood Ranch restaurant opened?

The first Wood Ranch restaurant was opened in 1992, in Moorpark, California.

How many Wood Ranch restaurants are there?

There are 17 Wood Ranch restaurants located in Southern California.

Who owns Wood Ranch?

Wood Ranch is privately owned by Eric Anders and Ofer Shemtov.

Can I make a reservation at Wood Ranch?

Yes, Wood Ranch takes reservations. You can do it by going to their official website and selecting the location you wish. Or you can simply give them a call and pick a date, time, and the number of guests.

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