Wooden Split Rail Fence Cost

Wooden Split Rail Fence Cost

Last Updated on September 13, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Typical Expense of Split Rail Fencing

A lot of property owners pay approximately $15/foot for a 3-rail, split rail fence, set up. For the DIY’er out there, you can anticipate paying around $10.50 per foot, which won`t include the expense of a powered post hole digger.

The typical cost for professional setup will have to include the brand-new fencing, bags of concrete to set the poles, wire if needed, necessary permits or authorizations, and a worksite survey, in addition to marking the underground wires and needed utilities on the residential or commercial property. It will not likely consist of the expense to get rid of the old fence.

  1. Typical Do It Yourself expense – $10.50 Per Foot
  2. Typical Professional Set Up Expense – $15.00/ Foot
  3. Expected Expense Average – $12 – $18 Per Linear Foot

Summary of Split Rail Fences

Split Rail Fence


Wood split rail fences are among the most typical, economical, and easiest to set up fences a property owner can have installed around their home. While they will not do much for security, they are ideal for adding some curb appeal, and with a simple wire mesh, cedar split rail fencing will be the perfect type of fence to protect animals or provide your kids a safe place to play in the backyard.

Similar to chain link and practically every other kind of fence, the most significant part of your split rail fence cost is going to depend upon just how much of a lawn or space you wish to surround.

In this article, we’ll aid you to find out crucial information about alternatives and expenses related to a wooden split rail fence, should you want to get one. You’ll have a much better understanding of the elements that will make up the split rail fence setup expense, in addition to aiding you to understand if this is a Do It Yourself task you would be able to handle yourself or if youțll have to talk to a pro.

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Split Rail Fencing and Product Expense Information

Elements affecting the fence price

With cedar split-rail fencing there truly aren’t that many choices to impact the rates or the general aspect. That being said, the elements below will help you figure out just how much a split rail fence will end up costing for products and materials.

  1. Linear feet of Split Rail Fence Being Installed – Undoubtedly, if you have 100 feet of space to fence in, it will cost less than 200 feet. The total length of the fence is the biggest part of the cost.
  2. Total number of Rails per Space – The number of horizontal rails in between your posts will increase material expenses for the installation project. As a personal choice, 3-rail fences will be a foot taller and likewise stronger for longer-lasting results.
  3. Length of rails – Wood rails are readily available in 8 foot or 11-foot sizes.
  4. Height of Fence – Normally, split rail fences are set up at 4 ′ or 5 ′ foot finished heights.
    Wire Mesh or Open – Setting up a split rail fence with a wire mesh screen to the inside will offer containment for animals or for your kids.
  5. Number and Design of Gates – Each gate you want to have added to your fence will cost more money. Walk-through gates can be quickly set up in practically any slope, nevertheless, drive-through gates must be on level surface areas.

Price of Installation Tools

When you have actually chosen to have a split rail fence set up around your house, the following materials will likewise be required together with the fencing. If you are set to utilize an expert fence setup contractor, they’ll likely supply these, already included in their final price quote.

  • $20 – $ 30 for 10-12, 8 foot 2 × 4’s to utilize for bracing anchor posts while concrete sets.
  • $35 – $75 for Concrete or Quikrete.
  • $10 – $25 for various products like stakes, string, nails, screws, and so on
  • $20 – $40 for each Gate hinge and lockset.

Licenses, Examination, and Setup Expenses

Licenses and Assessment

$75 to $150 for Property line worksite survey.
$0 to $75 for Buried Utilities Locator Service

In a lot of regions all around the U.S.A., you can call 811 on your phone, 3 days or more before you are ready to start the project, and a utility locator service will come to you and mark all public underground utilities in the area you are preparing for fence installation. The service is totally free most of the time, however, if you will have to find non-public services like an undetectable fence wire or underground swimming pool utilities, they will have a fee for that.

Fence Setup Expense and Time

Most of the time, the labor for setup will be based upon the number of linear feet set up, plus any added expenses for gates, wire mesh, and so on. In addition, there might be some added labor expenses due to any of the place conditions listed below.

The type of Soil – Added time might be required for making it through rocks, tree roots, and so on. The season – Costs are higher throughout the busier season.

Finished Setup Time

  • 1-2 days for easier installation projects
  • 2-3 days for most installation jobs
  • 3-5 days for more complex or larger installation projects
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