Sound is something that tends to serve as a medium for relaxation. It enables us to acquire the full experience of the happenings around us. Without it, everything would appear dull and lifeless. However, sometimes for one reason or another, we can’t perceive the sounds clearly, making us miss important details or hear everything diluted. However, to counter this problem, one does not always have the option of setting up large sound systems since this can be a source of a problem for others. This is one of the reasons why XPUMP was released. It could prove to be the best way in which you would be able to transform any pair of stereo speakers into a virtual home theater sound system.

Developers of XPUMP

XPUMP is developed by Embrace Audio Lab Inc., which was founded in 2015 by a group of audio experts including designers, engineers, and audiophiles that had a deep understanding of acoustics and endeavored to make the best use of digital signal processing, firmware, and hardware design. The aim of the company is to ensure that the audio industry witnesses extensive improvement and is able to provide a profound experience to its consumers.

What does the XPUMP offer?

XPUMP has been designed with the aim to unleash an immersive sound and provide you with the best audio experience that you can expect. It makes use of a patented digital signal processing algorithm called the XROUND, which serves to transform flat stereo sound into an immersive, three-dimensional experience. It works in real-time and extends the width and depth of the audio signal that it receives.

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The device is the size of a gum stick and is compatible with all sorts of speakers and headphones. All you need to do is add the XPUMP between your device and output and press play. You will then be able to enjoy a professional audio experience. You would feel as though a new life has been pumped into your audio equipment, that can provide you with a cinematic experience very hard to forget.

The device is quite good for gamers as well, since they would be able to acquire the full effect of every sound and be completely engrossed in the game. It boosts the sound field from your stereo speakers, thereby opening doors to a new kind of experience for you.

It breaks down the individual details of the audio such as that of different instruments and increases sound localization. It is a portable device that you can carry with you at all times and use it as per your convenience without any inhibitions. It employs the use of spherical sound field expansion technology, which multiplies the stereo sound to a significant extent while at the same time enhancing the signal depth, width, and detail.

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The device uses real-time detail boosting as the XROUND algorithm runs on a dedicated dual-core processor, which implies that it is working every microsecond. The psychoacoustic bass enhancement works to increase the perception of bass frequencies, regardless of the device you use it with.XPUMP Connected To a Device

XPUMP also works with Bluetooth headphones if they have a 3.5mm audio jack. Bluetooth speakers such as Bose Soundlink Mini and Jambox are found to be compatible with the device.

How much would it cost you?

You can get the XPUMP at the cost of $60 if it is the super early bird version that you opt for. The early bird is available at the cost of $79, and the Kickstarter special would cost you around $89, while the 2-in-1 pack can be purchased at a price of $159. The 5-in-1 pack would cost you $349.

Accessories like a gold-plated audio cable and sleeve bags can also be purchased, which would increase the price of the product.

The product comes with a warranty of one year, during which if it incurs damage, you would not have to worry about getting it repaired.

Should the average working Joe get the XPUMP?

This device is not only for gamers or professional musicians. If you like to listen to music while working, traveling, or jogging, then this device could make the experience a lot better. At a price of just $60, this is a device you should own and use.

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