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Zea Rotisserie and Bar is a restaurant chain based in New Orleans, United States, famous for using authentic French open flame rotisseries to cook to perfection steak, chicken, pork, and duck, which you will fall in love with. Besides the rotisserie meats, this restaurant is well known for its modern spins on comfort food, bold flavors, and handcrafted cocktails.

Zea Rotisserie and Bar is a great choice for any occasion, from a night out with friends to business lunches and family celebrations. They created spaces where you can have a great time and enjoy delicious food.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for dining in this lively, comfortable environment, you will find below the latest Zea Rotisserie and Bar menu prices.

Item Size Price


Asian Almond Shrimp Fried crisp & laced with soy ginger sauce & asian chili glaze $10.95 – $16.75
Chicken Quesadilla Cheddar & jack cheese, green chilis, chipotle aoli & pico de gallo $10
Duck Empanadas Roast duckling, cheese, onion & peppers in a tender fried pastry with dipping sauce $9
Mediterranean Hummus Sun dried tomatoes, calamata olives, feta cheese, roasted garlic, olive oil $11
Roasted Garlic Hummus Roasted garlic, garbanzo bean & tahini hummus with pita for dipping $8
Spinach Dip Zea’s twist on an american classic, topped with feta & corn chips for dipping $10
Thai Rib Stack Spicy soy & sweet chili glaze, sesame seeds & asian herbs $11


Dressings pepper jelly vinaigrette, buttermilk ranch, herb bleu cheese, caesar, honey mustard, asian peanut ginger, lemon vinaigrette, no fat balsamic vinaigrette, oil & balsamic vinegar

Almond Chicken Salad Grilled chicken, crispy noodles, sesame seeds, herbs, peanut vinaigrette $14
Asian Tuna Salad Seared rare sashimi tuna, crispy noodles, sesame seeds, almonds, peanut vinaigrette $16
Chicken Zeasar Grilled chicken breast on our zeasar salad $13
House Salad Romaine, radicchio, carrots, tomato, jack cheese & choice of dressing $6
Pepper Jelly Chicken Salad Grilled & glazed chicken breast on our spinach salad $14
Rotisserie Salad Chicken & pork, romaine, radicchio, jack cheese, bacon, choice of dressing $12
Spinach Salad with Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette Sun dried tomatoes, raisins, pecans, calamata olives, bleu cheese & sesame seeds $6.95 – $11.95
Zeasar Salad Romaine, radicchio, caesar dressing & parmesan $5.95 – $10.50


Soup Du Jour A Different selection daily. Red bean & sausage monday, chicken tortilla tuesday, oyster & artichoke wednesday, loaded baked potato thursday, corn bisque friday, spicy thai coconut chicken saturday, $6

Non-Alcoholic – Kids Menu

Milk $3
Chocolate Milk $3
Roy Rogers $3
Shirley Temple $3
Ginger Ale $3

Rotisserie and Grill

Served with choice of two sides
Zea Rotisserie Chicken 1/2 Chicken roasted on an open flame with our signature seasoning. Choose another style: BBQ, roasted garlic & herb or sweet & spicy chili glaze $14.95 $16
Ribs A huge rack of premium st. louis style spare ribs slow roasted & grilled with your choice of wet hickory sauce, dry rub spiced or thai style $24
Rotisserie Chicken & Meat of the Day Platter 1/2 Chicken & a generous portion of today’s meat $24
Mixed Rotisserie & Grill 1/2 Rack of ribs, 1/2 chicken & 1/4 pound rotisserie meat of the day $29
BBQ Chicken & Rib Platter 1/2 Rack of BBQ ribs, 1/2 BBQ rotisserie chicken $25
American Kobe Beef Burger Intensely flavored legendary japanese wagyu meets american black angus choice of cheese & one side $19
Zea Signature Rotisserie Ribeye Steak Rotisseried, then grilled to medium rare or above, horseradish tiger sauce $28
Twice Cooked Crispy Duck Slow roasted then crisped, asian herbs & honey soy sauce $23
Ribs – 1/2 Rack $16
Rotisserie Platter of the Day
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Friday Rotisserie pork with rosemary roasted garlic glace $16
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Monday Rotisserie pork with rosemary roasted garlic glace $16
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Saturday Braised provimi veal & natural au jus $20
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Sunday Rotisserie beef with burgundy mushroom glace $18
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Thursday Rotisserie provimi leg of lamb & mustard mint demi glace $22
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Tuesday Braised provimi veal and natural au jus $20
Rotisserie Platter of the Day Wednesday Rotisserie beef with burgundy mushroom glace $18


Sides: Single serving $2.95 vegetable du jour, roasted corn grits, dirty rice, sauteed corn, zea potatoes, thai snap beans steamed broccoli, buttered sweet potatoes, red beans, french fries, sugar snap beans

Carving Board Sandwich Chef’s selection, sliced thin, jack cheese, grilled onions, lettuce & tomato, dipping sauce, one side $11
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Hickory grilled breast, jack cheese, chipotle aoli, lettuce, tomato, one side $11
Honey Island Chicken Sandwich Fried breast, bacon, jack cheese, honey mustard, lettuce & tomato, one side $11
Philly Beef Panini Shredded beef, grilled onions, jack cheese & mayonnaise $11
Portobello Veggie Panini Grilled portobello, basil pesto, tomato, fresh spinach, jack & parmesan cheese $11
Sedona Chicken Panini Rotisserie chicken, grilled onions, roasted garlic, jack cheese, cilantro, roasted corn, chipotle aoli $11
Zea Cheeseburger 1/2 Pound ground chuck, jack cheese, cheddar cheese or bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, one side. Build your own: Add bacon add $1.50, mushrooms add $0.75, grilled onions add $0.50, BBQ sauce add $10

Non-Alcoholic – Juice

Cranberry Juice $3
Fresh Orange Juice $3
Virgin Mary $4


Above seafood items with the exception of shrimp breaux bridge pasta, come with two sides single serving $2.95 vegetable du jour, roasted corn grits, dirty rice, sauteed corn, zea potatoes, thai snap beans steamed broccoli, buttered sweet potatoes, red be

Balsamic Salmon Fresh atlantic salmon, hardwood grilled with a sweet balsamic glaze $21
Bronzed Rainbow Trout Two fresh trout filets seasoned & seared $20
Buttermilk Battered Shrimp Large butterflied shrimp fried in seasoned flour, hush puppies, tartar $22
Grilled Rainbow Trout Two fresh filets seasoned & hardwood grilled $20
Grilled Redfish with Shrimp Etouffee Hardwood grilled fresh redfish topped with shrimp etouffee $22
Pesto Crusted Trout Two fresh trout filets coated with basil pesto & seared $22
Seared Tuna Steak Ginger soy marinade, seared rare to order, topped with orange basil butter $23
Shrimp Breaux Bridge Pasta Sauteed in garlic & herbs, tossed in a spicy cream sauce $17
Southern Fried Thin Catfish Fried in corn flour, served with hush puppies & tartar sauce $19
Trout Lafitte Rainbow trout with shrimp tossed in a spicy cream sauce $22

Non-Alcoholic – Coffee & Hot Tea

Earl Grey Tea
Fresh Coffee Brewed twice an hour

Non-Alcoholic – Water

Sparkling Perrier 500ml $3
Still – Evian 330ml $3
Still – Evian 750ml $6

Non-Alcoholic – Lemonade

Arnold Palmer 1/2 Lemonade, 1/2 iced tea $3
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $4
Mango Lemonade $5
Strawberry Lemonade $5

Brand history

The Zea Rotisserie and Bar story started with three famous chefs from New Orleans, who met on a catering assignment and took the decision to put together their different experiences and create a strong culinary team. Greg Reggio, Gary Darling, and Hans Limburg named their team “The Taste Buds”.

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Inspired by the rotisserie cooking present in the European food markets, the trio opened the first Zea Rotisserie and Bar in 1997, in New Orleans, United States. They placed a focus on bold flavor profiles and fresh ingredients, creating famous dishes such as Rotisserie Chicken, Thai Ribs, Roasted Corn Grits, and Mediterranean Hummus.

Nowadays there are ten Zea Rotisserie and Bar locations that span around the Greater New Orleans Area, Ridgeland, MS, Lafayette, LA, Denham Springs, LA, and Baton Rouge, LA.

Our review

Each visit to Zea Rotisserie and Bar will turn into a special occasion thanks to the restaurant’s elegant design and wonderful presentation of every plate. If your mother was trying to convince you to eat the Brussels sprouts when you were a child, here you will ask for more.

Besides the rotisserie favorites, Zea Rotisserie and Bar menu includes different fish dishes, several sandwiches, and entrée salads.

Zea Rotisserie and Bar Menu ItemsPlan on spending anywhere between $10 and $21 for an appetizer such as chicken quesadilla, roasted garlic hummus, spinach dip, Mediterranean hummus, Asian almond shrimp, duck empanadas, or Thai Rib stack. Salads are priced from $11 to $17, and include the Asian tuna salad, the Chicken Zeasar, the Spinach Salad with Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette, the Pepper Jelly Chicken Salad, and the Rotisserie Salad, to name a few. The soup of the day costs around $7.

The rotisserie and grill dishes are priced from $21 to $37 and include ribs, Zea rotisserie chicken, BBQ chicken & rib platter, American Kobe beef burger, steaks, twice-cooked crispy duck, and many more.

The seafood dishes cost anywhere between $17 and $24 and include options such as grilled rainbow trout, pesto-crusted trout, seared tuna steak, balsamic salmon, shrimp Breaux bridge pasta, Southern fried thin catfish, buttermilk battered shrimp, trout Lafitte, grilled redfish with shrimp etouffee and others.

For a sandwich, you will have to pay anywhere between $13 and $17, and you will be able to choose between a grilled chicken sandwich, Portobello veggie panini, Philly beef panini, Sedona chicken panini, Zea cheeseburger, honey island chicken and others.

A great thing about Zea Rotisserie and Bar is that the staff is not intrusive, but at the same time very attentive to your needs, so you can enjoy the company of your dear ones and your meal.

Zea Rotisserie and Bar FAQs

At what time does Zea Rotisserie and Bar open?

Most Zea Rotisserie and Bar locations open at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Though it may vary from one location to another and it is recommended to visit the restaurant’s official website to see which are the opening hours of your nearest location.

At what time does Zea Rotisserie and Bar close?

Most of the Zea Rotisserie and Bar close at 09:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 09:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. So, you should look for this information on the company’s official website.

Who owns Zea Rotisserie and Bar?

Zea Rotisserie and Bar is owned by Greg Reggio, Gary Darling, and Hans Limburg, who are known as “Taste Buds”.

Does Zea Rotisserie and Bar offer takeout services?

Yes, Zea Rotisserie and Bar offers its customers takeout services.

Does Zea Rotisserie and Bar take reservations?

Yes, you can make a reservation at Zea Rotisserie and Bar by picking a time, party size, and date.

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