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Drum Set Cost

How Much Does a Drum Set Cost?

For both aspiring drummers just starting out as well as seasoned players looking to upgrade, one of the most exciting musical gear purchases is buying your dream drum set. But with so many options ranging from inexpensive beginner drum kits…
Piano tuning Cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Tune a Piano?

Are you wondering how much it costs to tune a piano? Read on to learn about the typical costs, factors that affect pricing, and more.
Pencil Portrait Cost

How Much Does a Pencil Portrait Cost?

A custom hand-drawn pencil portrait is a beautiful way to capture the likeness of a loved one. The unique, personal nature of commissioned portrait art makes it highly valued. But considering the time and skill involved in creating these…
How Much Does a Homecoming Ticket Cost

How Much Does a Homecoming Ticket Cost?

Homecoming is a long-standing, highly anticipated annual tradition at many high schools and colleges across the United States. As students excitedly plan for homecoming festivities like dances, football games, parades, pep rallies and more,…
Marching Band Uniforms Cost

How Much Do Marching Band Uniforms Cost?

Marching band uniforms are an iconic part of high school and college life in America. As marching bands take to football fields, parades, and competitions across the country, their flashy uniforms help them stand out from the crowd. But these…
How Much Does a Ferris Wheel Cost

How Much Does a Ferris Wheel Cost?

Bright lights, thrilling rides, and the distant smell of funnel cakes—for over a century, the Ferris wheel has been an iconic centerpiece of carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. These giant rotating wheels give riders a bird's-eye view while…
Violin Lessons Cost

How Much do Violin Lessons Cost?

Have you dreamed of your child learning violin, perhaps envisioning a mini Vivaldi practicing at home? As you consider lessons, costs might worry you. This guide breaks down violin prices and what to watch for when choosing an instructor. How…
Cello Cost

How Much Does a Cello Cost?

The cello produces a rich, resonant sound that sings with emotion. This versatile string instrument also carries a reputation for high prices that intimidates beginners. If you’re curious whether a cello is within your budget, read on. We’ll…
Guitar Center Lessons Cost
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How Much Do Guitar Center Lessons Cost?

Guitar Center is one of the most popular and trusted music companies, with over 300 locations all around the United States. The company provides a large number of musical instruments and workshops and even offers music lessons. As they…
Maketewah Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does the Maketewah Country Club Cost?

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Maketewah Country Club is one of the most popular private country clubs in the area. It provides a vast range of family activities and sports, which means it is a great place for members and their whole families. How…
Hurdy Gurdy Cost

How Much Does a Hurdy Gurdy Cost?

The Hurdy-Gurdy, even though it has a really wonky name, is an instrument with a very spicy price tag. Aside from its high price, the hurdy-gurdy is also a rather unique instrument that you might not find in just any store. How Much Does a…
Dance Floor Rental Cost
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How Much Does a Dance Floor Rental Cost?

A dance floor is often required for weddings, parties, mitzvahs, or corporate events. Most of the time the venues have one, but still, there are cases when you will need to rent one instead. One example is outdoor events. Rental companies…