Who are we?

So who are the people behind ThePricer? We are a team of writers that work on bringing the newest information on prices of different products and services, with the sole purpose of helping individuals and businesses get the best deals. Each article we write is thoroughly researched and documented from both online and offline sources, to provide the most recent information on prices and discounts.

We try our best to bring you up-to-date information for the cost of everything, from “How Much Does It Cost to Build a House”, “How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen”, “How Much Does It Cost To Start a Business” to “How Much Does It Cost To Declaw a Cat”.

Our Values

We always strive to give information that is not only honest, objective, but also documented and as close to reality as possible. We have the luxury of being independent enough to give our followers complete and thoroughly researched information, by keeping to a journalistic type of publishing, close to what you would find at a newspaper or science magazine. We differentiate from the multitude of websites from this niche by offering all of the price points and all of the ways in which you could get the product or service for less (when this is an option).

We have an Editorial Ethics Policy that has to be followed by all of our writers and collaborators to the T. Even though you might have noticed that the website is supported by ads, the articles themselves are thoroughly researched and the links you will find in each article are placed there with the sole purpose of helping the reader. Sponsorship and advertisement deals are kept separate and clearly marked as such, and none of our writers can accept gifts or financial remuneration that would influence the creation of the content.

Our Team

All of the writers and website collaborators are required to have a national newspaper journalism background. All of the writers are vetted to ensure that they have native English writing skills and a thorough understanding of the niche they write in. We never have writers create content outside of the niche(s) they have experience in. (We ask doctors to write in our health category, vets will write articles about pets, mechanics will write about cars and how to fix them).

Our writers are all based inside the US and write from experience and online and offline research. We never create content based only on information available online and most of the time we will do on-field work to talk to people face to face or even check the products ourselves on store shelves. When we cite local store prices or local clinic fees it usually means that we have taken our research on the ground and checked everything by hand.

ThePricer’s founder, Alec Pow, previously worked at leading online magazines and was cited by big websites like CMSWire, DataBox, Business.org, and more. The website was born from his need to have an authority that offers honest information about popular products and services, a website that would differentiate from all of the others, that hype up products and push items for commissions.

We hope that you like the content we provide and that you share the information you find here. If not on social media, at least while flirting or doing small-talk. The website is far from its final state and we add articles daily. We hope you will stick around and see us grow.

If you need information on a product or service that hasn’t yet been covered by us in an article, then please contact us using our contact form, and we’ll attend to your needs.

Our offices are located in New York at:
ThePricer, Inc.

875 Grove Street

New York, NY, 10013