How much will the perfect vacation cost you ? Here’s a collection of articles about places to visit, their costs and what you get for your money.

Cost to rent out Disneyland

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Out Disneyland?

Disneyland is a place where every person, big or small, wants to go at least once in their life to meet their favorite characters, the ones that made their childhood happier. The two Disneyland parks in America, one in California and the other…
Cost to elope
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How Much Does It Cost To Elope?

If you have decided to marry away from home, then the possibilities are endless. Think about whether there is a place of special importance to you. It may be the very place where the question was popped or that corner of paradise you visited…
Dominican Republic Trip Cost

Cost to travel to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island country in the northern Caribbean Sea. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, and the official language is Spanish. From a tourist point of view, the Dominican Republic is the most visited…
Norway Visit Cost

Cost to travel to Norway

When you say Norway, the thought takes you to the landscapes of spectacular fjords that take your breath away. The most beautiful of these is, without a doubt, Geirangerfjord, the place where the high mountains covered with vegetation are mirrored…
Cost to Visit Switzerland

Cost to travel to Switzerland

Even if it is an expensive vacation destination, Switzerland can still be an inspire choice if you want to discover its beautiful cities or wonderful mountain resorts. The 26 cantons (it is also called the Land of the Cantons) and the 4 national…
Jamaica Trip Cost

Cost to travel to Jamaica

Anyone who talks about Jamaica thinks of all about the sun, the beach, and the sea first. What attracts the most people to these lands are the long sands and their beauty, the blue waters, and the wide range of entertainment on the island. Jamaica,…
Trip to Thailand Cost

Cost to travel to Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand or Siam, as it was known until 1949, is located in the Indochina Peninsula and is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It borders Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Over 64 million people…
Cost to Travel to Maldives

The Cost of a Trip to the Maldives

The Maldives is an exotic, paradisiacal holiday destination, where you will live unique moments and experiences that you will keep in your mind and soul forever. When you think of the Maldives, you think of long white sand beaches, palm trees,…
Ireland Travel Cost

Cost to travel to Ireland

Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, to be more precise, is a state in the British Archipelago that occupies a large part of the island of the same name, which it shares with Northern Ireland, one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom…
Cost to Visit Tokyo

Cost to travel to Tokyo

The new harmoniously merges with the old. The friendliness of the people can be read on their serene faces. The cherry blossoms create a spectacle that pleases your eyes and reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive. Mount Fuji silently beckons…
Skywalk Grand Canyon Cost

Grand Canyon Skywalk Cost

Stepping on the U-shaped glass bridge, suspended 1450 meters above the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is - in all modesty - a testament to great courage! Because the feeling of floating over steep cliffs takes your breath away, while the deep…
Expired Tag Ticket Cost

Expired Tag Ticket Cost

Historically, license plates have been replaced every year, although the most common practice now is to issue new validation stickers/tags every year or two to indicate that the vehicle registration is still valid. The colors of plate stickers…