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How Much DOes a Cheetah Cost
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The Cost of a Cheetah

Cheetahs can typically be found in the eastern and southern parts of Africa, but also in Iran. They belong to the subfamily of Felinae and will typically be classified as a large feline type. Cheetahs are known as the fastest running animals…
Lion Cub Pet
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The Price of a Lion Cub

Owning a unique animal, such as a lion, is rather typical in America and many people have had the chance to raise a lion cub as a family pet. More than likely, owning a lion needs a license according to the state you reside in and you can't…
Elf Ear Surgery Cost
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Elf Ear Surgery Cost

When parents would do anything to have their kids get over hereditary "elf ears" to save them from bullying in the future, there are those who would in fact take extreme measures to have them. Yes, we are talking about the Lord of the Rings…
Telephone Pole Cost

The Cost of Telephone Poles

Telephone poles, generally made from wood and used to bring telephone cables around an entire nation and even full continents if required, are frequently utilized to provide phone services to homes and businesses; nevertheless, this isn't constantly…
Psychic Reading Cost
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Psychic Reading Cost

Psychic readings can get very expensive for people that are on a regular budget. Psychic readings can cost anywhere from $1.00 per minute and higher. There is no correct answer for this. You will find that many psychics that charge you $1.00…
Hot Air Balloon Price
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Hot Air Balloon Cost

Whether you want to start a balloon rental business or you're a wealthy person and want to get one for entertainment purpose, you might be wondering how much does a hot air balloon cost. General information on hot air balloons Their first…
Cost to become a super villain

Cost to Become a Super Villain

This isn’t a question that most people would ask themselves, but for the few that really want to know, here’s how much it will cost you to become a supervillain. Inspired by the movie Megamind, some people may want to become supervillains.…
Most Expensive Materials

Cost of The Most Expensive Materials

We are more or less aware of the price of a gram of gold, we know that is one of the most precious materials on Earth. But where would it be placed in a top of the most expensive materials in the world? You can see below which are these materials…
RapeX Condom Price

RapeX Cost

RapeX is the first approved product that supports women when it comes to rape. It looks like a condom for women. RapeX was designed in South Africa to increase the protection power over women against rape. Inspired by the words of a patient…
Immigrants to Europe

The Immigrants’ Safe Path to Europe Cost

Traffickers have created pages on Facebook where they promise to desperate Syrians or Iraqis a "safe " way to Europe in exchange for different amounts of money, more precisely thousands of dollars. At first sight, they seem to advertise for…
batmobile cost
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Real Working Batmobile Cost

Batman continues to be one of the favorite heroes of all time. For car enthusiasts, Batman has always been about the Batmobile and its capabilities. As the new Batman movie is preparing to be launched in 2016, while "Batman v. Superman:…
Most expensive coats
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Cost of The World’s Most Expensive Furs

In the first place, we have chinchilla fur. It is ranked as the most expensive fur in the world. Those sweet animals have approximately 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. So, for manufacturing a jacket it takes about 60 chinchilla furs, while…