How much will it cost you to start a niche business ? How much will it cost you to go through the courses needed to get the job you want ? You’ll find here a few great ideas on businesses along with the full price to start your desired business along with a number of great articles about different jobs and how much will it cost you to become a professional in your desired field.

Coworking Space Startup Cost

Cost of Opening a Coworking Space

The first coworking space appeared in 2005, in San Francisco at the initiative of Brad Neuberg. It was also then that the first mention of the word “coworking” appeared in connection to shared offices. It was called San Francisco Coworking…
Hi-5 ABA Franchise Cost
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Hi-5 ABA Inc. Franchise Cost

If you have a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification, Hi-5 ABA offers you the opportunity to open your own practice where you can help children with autism and their families to have a better life. This way it will be easier to…
Sephora Franchise Cost
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Sephora Franchise Startup Cost

Sephora is one of the most beloved chains of physical and online stores that offer customers diverse, quality, and irresistible products. You will find make-up products, perfumes, and cosmetics ideal for your skin type, for your tastes and needs,…
Auntie Anne's Franchise Cost
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Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Franchise Costs & Fees

Founded in 1988 by Anne F. Beiler and her husband, Auntie Anne’s is an American franchised chain of pretzel stores. They offer items like pretzels, beverages, and dips. Also, they sell Pretzels & More Homemade Baking Mix, in case you want…
Krispy Kreme Franchise Cost
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Krispy Kreme Franchise Cost

Founded in 1937, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts operates a network of more than 1,400 donut shops and cafes in the US and 25 other countries. You can find Krispy Kreme doughnuts in their store locations but also in supermarkets such as Target or Wal-Mart,…
Modular Hotel Building

Costs to Build a Hotel

A hotel-type construction is a large-scale project that requires the full attention of an investor. Businesses in the field of hospitality involve quite a lot of risks and expenses, needing rigorous feasibility studies, as well as the involvement…
Dunkin' Donuts Franchise Cost
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Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Cost

Dunkin’ Donuts, part of the Dunkin brands, is one of the most recognized franchises in the world. Dunkin' Donuts sells hot, decaffeinated, flavored, and iced coffee, along with bagels, donuts, and muffins, making them a popular stop for many…
Metro PCS Franchise Cost
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MetroPCS Franchise Cost

MetroPCS or Metro by T-Mobile is an American brand and wireless service provider owned by T-Mobile US. It previously operated the fifth-largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States of America using CSMA (code-division multiple…
Domino's Pizza Franchise
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Domino’s Pizza Franchise Cost

When it comes to ordering food online, pizza delivery is probably the most popular choice. Most of us choose to order pizza at home, at the office, or when visiting friends, simply because of its delicious taste. The crispy crust, the flavors…
McDonald's Franchise Cost
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McDonald’s Franchise Cost

The McDonald's franchise is one of the largest fast-food restaurants in the world. Here you can buy everything from hamburgers and fries to ice creams, soft drinks, or fruit pies. Even for those who follow a healthy diet, there are products…
Chick-Fil-A Franchise Cost
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Chick-fil-A Franchise Cost

The US fast food sector is unlike any other in the world in terms of size and number of players in the market. Fast food establishments typically sell food prepared quickly and in bulk. The drive-through is a popular feature of these establishments…
Build Storage Units Cost
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Cost to Build Storage Units

Building storage units seems to be an increasingly profitable business, at least that's what the big developers of industrial projects say. Specialists recommend the long-term business, the investment recovering in a maximum of five years. The…