Let’s all get in shape! A category for people that want to lose weight and don’t know what costs to expect in terms of products, gym and trainer costs and any other expenses they’ll have to deal with.

Livea Cost

How Much Does Livea Cost Per Month?

For those struggling to lose weight sustainably, the Livea program offers customized meal plans, personal coaching, biometric tracking and more to help clients achieve their goals. But what exactly are the monthly or yearly costs to use Livea's…
Body Smart Fitness Cost

How Much Does Body Smart Fitness Cost?

Body Smart Fitness offers personalized online fitness and nutrition coaching at various price points. With customized plans, interactive classes, and wellness resources, Body Smart aims to help you meet your health and fitness goals. But…
D1 Training Cost

How Much Does D1 Training Cost per Month?

D1 Training facilities are often referred to as D1 Gyms and offer customized workout plans. They split programs up by age and skill—from basic workouts for beginners to intense training for competitive athletes. The goal is building fitness,…
Stretch Lab Cost

How Much Does Stretch Lab Cost?

StretchLab is an interesting up-and-coming assisted flexibility training and stretching franchise that has about 300 studios all around the US. Among the most popular locations are those in NYC, Sioux Falls, and Grand Rapids. It promises…
NYHRC Membership Cost
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How Much Does an NYHRC Membership Cost?

The New York Health and Racquet Club, also called the NYHRC, is a well-known gym founded in 1973. This family-owned business manages nine locations in Manhattan and holds to the culture and energy of day-to-day New York City. With fitness…
Genesis Health Club Membership Cost

How Much Does Genesis Health Club Membership Cost?

The Genesis Health Club has over 40 locations, in six states: Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Colorado. The club's goal is to help its members attain their health and fitness goals through its top-quality customer service…
How Much Does Burn Fat Orlando Cost

How Much Does Burn Fat Orlando Cost?

The Burn Fat Orlando program offers the tools and guidance you need to meet all of your weight loss goals while also achieving better health. It has multiple centers around the Florida area. The creator of the program claims to offer an inviting…
AB Doer 360 Cost

How Much Does the Ab Doer 360 Cost?

Ab Doer 360 was invented by John Abdo in 1997 and has gained fame, as the company states, by helping more than three million people throughout the years. This is an at-home workout equipment, that is light, compact, and easy to use. Its main…
How Much Do Pilates Classes Cost
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How Much Do Pilates Classes Cost?

Pilates is a method of strengthening deep muscles, which are responsible for maintaining posture. Deep muscles are the central muscles, located between the ribs and the pelvis, as well as around the spine (abdominal, pelvic floor, and back muscles).…
HealthTrax Membership Cost

How Much Does Healthtrax Membership Cost?

Healthtrax claims itself as a “different kind of fitness center — one that offers something for every level of exerciser”. It is in business for more than thirty-five years. This fitness center has more than eighteen locations, that are…
The Exercise Coach Cost

How Much Does The Exercise Coach Cost per Month?

Fitness is a very important part of overall health and quality of life. However, many struggle to find the motivation to exercise properly due to busy schedules. This highlights the value of personalized training programs that make workouts…
Colorado Athletic Club Membership Cost
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How Much Does Colorado Athletic Club Membership Cost?

The Colorado Athletic Club is a tennis and athletic club that provides different services, fitness programs, and cutting-edge amenities. It is part of Wellbridge, which runs many clubs in different states, including Maryland, Colorado, Florida,…