How Much Does The Exercise Coach Cost per Month?

Last Updated on December 14, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Fitness is a very important part of overall health and quality of life. However, many struggle to find the motivation to exercise properly due to busy schedules. This highlights the value of personalized training programs that make workouts efficient yet engaging. The Exercise Coach uses this effective approach through customized coaching and technology.

By building plans based on individual capabilities, the company helps clients reach goals faster than following generalized routines. Sessions are designed to maximize muscle building and fat burning by using the body’s natural mechanisms. Though brief in length, strategic exercise selection and real-time feedback push people to their peak potential.

How much does the Exercise Coach cost per month?

When exploring The Exercise Coach, one of the first questions interested clients have regards monthly membership costs. Like most personalized services, exact pricing fluctuates based on location, package parameters, and seasonal promotions.

Below are the latest The Exercise Coach membership prices.

  • Small Group Training Classes – $20 to $25 per 60-minute class
  • One-on-One Training – $35 to $45 per hour session
  • Semi-Private Training (2 clients per coach) – $50 to $60 per hour
  • Customized Private Training – $100 to $150 per month

Many new clients start with the exploratory fundamentals small group training plan for several months before deciding if committing to personalized private training better suits individual goals. This allows cautiously testing the system at lower financial risk between $150 and $200 monthly. Some locations offer 2 free sessions of training so that you get a general idea of what you’d get for the membership cost.

According to a thread from the BoggleHeads forum, you should be prepared to pay roughly $300/month for your The Exercise Coach membership. For this price, you will get two 20-minute workout sessions per week, which should be enough according to people enlisted in the program.

The same thread had people talking about this price being a little steep considering that for the same sum, you can get a $50 gym membership and $250 worth of personal training.

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Comparing pricing to commercial gym memberships around $50 per month reveals a clear premium. However, bare-bones access to standard equipment can hardly be compared to the custom-tailored exercise coaching, strategic workout plans, and high-tech performance tracking defining The Exercise Coach experience.

Additional Potential Expenses

Outside standard membership fees, some other costs occasionally factor into total bills as well. Clients with underlying health issues may need medical clearance before starting intense training, particularly those above age 50. Any prescribed specialty heart rate monitors or fitness trackers also raise expenses.

The commitment term agreed upon when signing training contracts further impacts longer-term costs. Shorter initial periods of around 6 months allow flexibly trying services out but with higher monthly rates. Annual contracts secure lower base pricing but with less freedom to quickly change plans if goals shift.

How Billing Changes with Customization

The billing process remains fluid rather than fixed to accommodate clients’ changing needs over their fitness journeys. Members never get locked into rigid plans or equipment packages that fail to align with progress or priorities shifting over time.

The coaches frequently check in and adjust training plans when necessary based on performance metrics, injuries, or lifestyle schedule fluctuations. This means monthly invoices vary accordingly based on training frequency, one-on-one vs group sessions, add-ons like massage, and suspensions during vacations or rest periods.

Financial factors remain secondary behind ensuring each client’s continuity receiving customized resources towards their long-term fitness goals. The Exercise Coach ultimately fights to deliver true value for money spent rather than transactions for profit.

The Origins of The Exercise Coach

In 2000, Brian Cygan sought to completely reinvigorate the concept of exercise drawing from his background as an athlete and fitness fanatic. He established The Exercise Coach brand around the principle that no two people or bodies are exactly alike. Therefore, training itself should not be one-size-fits-all either.

Cygan pioneered a new programming methodology by combining personalized coaching with technological tracking of biometric data. This gave trainees precision insight into how their unique physiology responded during workouts. It also allowed coaches to adjust programs based on tangible performance rather than guessing effectiveness.

Over the past 20+ years, The Exercise Coach has helped transform many lives through this individualized approach. Now 100+ locations operate nationwide as the brand continues setting new standards within the health industry.

Customized Attention to Each Client

A major selling point of The Exercise Coach system is how it places an emphasis on personalization from start to finish. Certified trainers make face-to-face with new members to understand specific fitness goals, health factors, past injuries, current ability levels, and more unique attributes. An appropriate plan is then crafted around this profile rather than vaguely trying to follow trends or stereotypes.

Workout variety accommodates individual differences as well. While high-intensity resistance training forms the foundation, customizable variables like targeted muscle groups, weight loads, rest times, speed, and range of motion make sessions feel fresh. Advanced equipment even auto-adjusts load intensity between sets to align with real-time exertion so no rep goes to waste.

Continual interaction with skilled a local exercise coach personal trainer throughout training also ensures proper exercise execution, motivation, and progressive overload as clients improve over time. No two workout journeys will look the same thanks to this degree of personalization.

Advanced Exercise Equipment

The Exercise Coach WorkoutCutting-edge fitness technology helps enable the level of customization that sets The Exercise Coach apart. Rather than forcing people to conform their bodies to generic gym equipment, their machinery adapts to users’ needs for optimal ergonomics and efficiency.

The specialized tools use sensors that gather biometric data such as heart rate patterns in real time. Information feeds back to an integrated digital interface where both client and coach can monitor intensity and adjust as necessary to achieve goals.

Auto-sensing weight stacks self-calibrate strength training resistance to match personal strength levels as well.

The high-tech experience proves far more immersive and productive than staring at TVs or clocks hoping workouts eventually end. Precision tracking also reduces injury risk compared to arbitrarily overexerting on improper equipment. Combining this innovative gear with personalized programming unlocks performance potential beyond limitations of commercial gyms.

The Value of a Custom Fitness Experience

Sticker shock scares some people away from exploring The Exercise Coach’s services out of context. However, comparing costs to commercial gyms proves misleading given the vast experiential differences. Members here gain far more than access to standard weights and cardio machines during a session.

The experience centers around clients from start to finish through customized programming, advanced equipment adjusting to their effort in real-time, and dedicated coaching each step of the way. This eliminates wasted energy figuring out unclear workouts or waiting around for machines. Each moment focuses squarely on progressing towards personal goals through challenging yet calculated training.

When factoring the cumulative value gained via expert coaching, customized planning, optimized technology, and time efficiency, costs balance out competitively. Successfully reaching fitness objectives saves much more money long-term as well compared to injuries or inconsistency wasting money on unused gym memberships. Investing in proper personalized fitness pays dividends across lifetime health.


The Exercise Coach program earns renown by rejecting cookie-cutter programs and technology in favor of plans tailored towards each individual’s body. Combined with motivating coaches guiding clients through optimized workouts, people finally receive the attention needed to truly transform rather than spinning their wheels frustrated.

Continual innovations will further validate the brand’s customer-centric mission. Simply put, investing in customized fitness pays dividends through better long-term health and wellness.

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