Thinking about getting a new hobby ? Here’s how much people spend on their hobbies and how much professional and amateur sporting gear costs.

Paddle Board Cost

How Much Does A Paddle Board Cost?

Spending time with friends or family can be a real experience if you share similar hobbies or frequent the same places. Water sports enthusiasts have their own lifestyle, which is why they prefer to spend every free day on seas or lakes. Most…
Rent Dunk Tank Cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dunk Tank?

If you have ever been to a party or a carnival, for sure you have seen a dunk tank. This is a large tank filled with water, in general with a diameter of five feet and a depth of four feet. This is made up of three basic elements. There is…
Katana Cost

How Much Does a Katana Cost?

Katana is a type of Japanese sword, often referred to as the samurai sword. The term katana can also be used for any curved Japanese sword with a blade length greater than 60 cm. It is often used incorrectly for Japanese swords in general. The…
Cost to Restring a Racket

How Much Does It Cost To Restring a Tennis Racket?

Most club players would only consider having their racket restrung when they notice it is broken. And unless they are really professional players with a strong hit that break strings periodically, they might have suffered a deterioration in…
Piccolo Cost
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How Much Does a Piccolo Cost?

If you're interested in getting a piccolo you might be wondering how much one would cost. The short answer is that a piccolo costs somewhere between $100 for a very basic piece to more than $5,000 for a brand model with a lot of features.…
Bethesda Country Club Cost

Bethesda Country Club Membership Cost

Founded in 1947 in Maryland, United States of America, and designed later, in 1961, by Arthur Hills, Bethesda Country Club is a private golf club created with the aim to offer an unforgettable golf experience. How Much Does a Bethesda Country…
Zamboni Cost

How Much Does a Zamboni Cost?

Zamboni, in ice hockey, is a machine that resurfaces the ice. This is so that when the players return to the ice at the start of the next game round, they have a smoother and easier surface to skate on. This prevents any "jumping" or scraping…
Axe Throwing Cost

How Much Does Axe Throwing Cost?

Axe throwing is somewhat similar to archery, in that it is a target-striking sport. The objective of the competitors is to throw axes at circular targets. It is believed that this sport started as a way for lumberjacks to make time pass by…
Water Jetpack Rental Cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Water Jetpack?

Renting a jetpack will make you feel like a superhero, flying across the water with jets of water pumping below your feet. Not too long ago, water jetpacks were things of SciFi movies with only a few prototypes ever tried by scientists but nowadays,…
NFL Football Cost

How Much Does an NFL Football Cost?

The usual NFL football will cost between $20 and $500. This price is influenced by several factors including the place where you get the ball, its type and its quality. So for example, if you were to buy a synthetic leather ball, which is the…
Surfboard Cost

How Much Do Surfboards Cost?

For those who don't know the term, surfing is a water sport that takes place on the forming waves, while they head toward the shore. The equipment needed to practice surfing is not complex at all: all you need is a surfboard and a bathing suit. How…
Escape Room Cost

How Much Do Escape Rooms Cost?

An escape room is a new concept of “real-life” play that requires you, along with a group of friends or colleagues, to escape from a themed room. Each room has its own story, a unique set of puzzles, intelligence games, and riddles that…