A list of the best prices for appliances you need around the house.

Gas Dryer Installation Price
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Gas Dryer Installation Costs

In the last years, more and more homeowners have started to give up on the electrical appliances that consume high amounts of energy and focus on alternative solutions that come at a more affordable cost. One such example is the gas dryer. Gas…
Boiler Repair Cost
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Cost To Repair A Boiler

Boilers are a real necessity in any home. With their help, you will have hot water whenever you need it. If they are chosen properly, these devices have the ability to store domestic hot water to cover the needs of the entire home. They differ…
Ant Infestation Extermination Cost
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Ant Exterminator Costs

Although ants make for great tv show or cartoon characters and many people know songs about ants as hard-working creatures, not many individuals actually want them inside their homes. Aside from making us uncomfortable and ruining any food they…
Home Depot Water Heater Installation Cost
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Home Depot Water Heater Installation Cost

Water heaters have become one of the most practical options for heating domestic hot water, in an extremely short time, in the kitchen, bathroom, or other similar spaces. Due to their specific properties, design, and compact dimensions, these…
Standard VS Tall Tub Dishwasher
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Standard vs Tall Tub Dishwasher Costs

Until a few years ago, the general opinion was that the dishwasher is just a fad and that washing dishes by hand is a normal activity. This trend has begun to change, and many have learned the benefits of a good dishwasher. For example, the…
Cost to install a Chandelier
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The Cost to Install a Chandelier

Chandeliers are the perfect items to add some class, drama, and beauty to your home. You can install a chandelier to either give your master bedroom a more sophisticated touch, glamorize the dining room or give your own style to the foyer. Replacing…
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Cost
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Rainbow vacuum cleaner cost

Rexair LLC, from Troy, Michigan, has been manufacturing Rainbow vacuum cleaners for over 80 years. The legendary water filtration system has made Rainbow known around the world. Today, Rainbow vacuum cleaners are sold and distributed in over…
Convert Wood Fireplace to Gas
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Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas

Given that a home is more than just a living space, the fireplace is a functional and aesthetic design element, which contributes to the expression of the personality of each of the owners. The wood-burning fireplace has been the main method…
AC Coils Cleaning Cost
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Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Cost

The filters, coils, and plates of the air conditioner need regular maintenance so that the whole device works properly and you use it longer. When you neglect this aspect you cause a gradual but sure decline of the device, and in a few years,…
Dryer Belt Cost

Dryer Belt Cost

In order to always keep your clothes clean and refreshed, you need an automatic tumble dryer to take care of your family's clothes, so that they look impeccable every time. But with time it can get damaged and not work as it does when brand…
Dryer Motor Cost
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Dryer Motor Replacement Cost

The dryer motor is a vital component of your home's laundry system. When your dryer motor stops working, it will cause premature wear on the tumbler. If this happens you'll want to get in touch with an experienced repair team who can replace…
Refrigerator Cost
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The Cost of a Refrigerator

Few people know that the first refrigerator was made in the 18th century. Specifically, this invention is due to a professor of English origin, William Cullen, who made in 1755 a prototype of the modern refrigerator, at that time being a refrigeration…