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The washing machine is a purchase that you don’t want to make too often. Once you have found a decent model, you would like it to work without problems for years in a row.

That is exactly why it is important to make sure that you choose the right one when you buy the washing machine that suits your needs. A good washing machine helps you to save time and money, but also to keep your clothes like new.

How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost?

There are several factors that affect the cost of a washing machine such as the make, model, load capacity, and efficiency. Expect to pay anywhere between $250 and $550 for a standard loading machine with multiple cycle options and load capacities. For instance, the Magic Clean MCLW84WI portable compact washing machine with 8 automatic cycles can be purchased from Amazon for around $340.

Be prepared to pay $550 to $1,300 for a mid-range washing machine with a greater capacity, which is more efficient on energy and water, and possibly quieter. For instance, a washing machine like LG – 5.0 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Stackable Smart Front Load Washer with Steam and Built-In Intelligence costs around $900.

The price of a high-efficiency front-load washer with a large load capacity, which is much quieter than mid-grade washing machines would be anywhere between $550 and $1,600. For instance, the Electrolux 4.3 – Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Stackable Front Load Washer costs around $950.

According to the Michael BlueJay website, you will pay $110 more for a top loader. Though, you will save around $100 per year on electricity.

Expect to pay anywhere between $65 and $320 for a compact portable washing machine which you can take anywhere and install with a water hookup.

In the table below you will find the average prices for some of the most popular washing machine brands.

Brand Price Range
Whirlpool Compact Washer $499 to $799
Sears Washing Machines $349 to $1,750
Samsung Top Loader Washer $429 to $900
Maytag Washing Machine $499 to $1,250
Lowes Washing Machines $299 to $1,350
LG Inverter Direct Drive Washer $649 to $1,100
Kenmore Washing Machine $399 to $899
Home Depot Washing Machine $399 to $1,650
HHGregg Washing Machine $399 to $1,350
Buy Washing Machine $400 to $1,600

Factors that affect the washing machine cost


Nowadays washing machines are really high tech and some of the features may include digital timers, programming cycles, and many more. Of course, the price will increase as the features will be more advanced.

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The capacity load

The more clothes the washing machine can hold, the more it is going to cost.


As with any product on the market, the brand name is playing an extremely important role in the price.

The quality

The price of stainless-steel appliances is going to be higher than the cost of standard ones.

Top brands to take into consideration

  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • GET
  • LG
  • Kenmore

Washing machine overview

The choice of the washing machine is made according to the household needs and the characteristics of this appliance. The frequency of washing, the estimated amount of laundry, the available space in the house, the type of access available, but also the need for a built-in dryer must be taken into account.

Most of the time, when we talk about types of washing machines, we are actually talking about size and loading methods. Depending on this consideration, you can choose:

  • vertical loading washing machine;
  • front loading washing machine;
  • slim washing machine with front loading;
  • compact front-loading washing machine.

Regarding the functionality of the washing machine, the long-term cost of use, and energy consumption respectively, must be taken into account – the higher energy classes are ideal; washing efficiency; the noise level, the load capacity; the number of rotations – the higher it is, the drier the clothes will come out; the size of the washing machine; the number of programs; the material from which the pan or heating element is made; the possibility to choose short programs and to set the number of rotations.

What are the additional expenses?

  • Delivery and/or installation fee: nowadays, most stores will deliver and install the washing machine for free, but some may charge an extra fee for these services.
  • Optional cleaner: even though this is optional, most people prefer to buy cleaners to help prevent residue and deposit build-up. The price of a cleaner starts at around $7.
  • Efficiency: the price of the washing machine will be higher if the efficiency is higher, but it will consume less water and power. On the other hand, the price of a washing machine with a lower efficiency may be lower as well, but you will spend more per month in terms of energy and water usage.
  • Repairs in the future: in case your washing machine may break down in the future, extra parts like lint traps, hoses, or others may be necessary.
  • Accessories: the majority of the washing machines will not come equipped with start-up accessories like clamps, hoses, and other little parts. Also, even though the washer comes with hoses these are made of plastic and you may want to upgrade to a stainless-steel version.

How can I save money?

Automatic Washing MachineWhen you buy a new washing machine look for the Energy Star label as the less efficient washing machines may use 75 percent more energy. Also, you should look for the low water factor (WF) number and the high modified number (MEF).

You may be able to save more than 90% in energy costs if you wash your clothes in cold water. But if you still want to wash your clothes in warm water, take into consideration purchasing a front-load washing machine because these models use 66 percent less water.

Also, it is said that front-load washing machines are more efficient because they leave less water in the clothes and ultimately reduce the time for drying.

Your costs with a new washing machine may be covered, depending on your homeowner’s insurance and the reasons you need a new washer.

Usually, you can find a used washing machine on eBay at a lower cost. Though, you may have to pay for delivery.

In case you buy a washing machine and a dryer at the same time from the same store, you may get a discount. Make sure you check the local current promotions for a discounted price.

Also, you can save money on a washing machine by purchasing a second-hand one from a local thrift store or even from Craigslist. You can find many washing machines that are still in good condition at a cost of less than $220.

Why choose the best washing machine?

Choosing the best washing machine should be easy once you’ve set your budget, but there are many aspects to consider. One of the less obvious things is the cost of using the washing machine in the long term.

In other words, maybe it would be better to buy a model that is a bit more expensive but that in the long term offers you substantial savings when it comes to the consumption of electricity, water, and detergent.

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