This is a category that will cover the costs of learning. Whether you want to find out about the costs of elementary school, college or need a price breakdown for different classes or courses, this is where you can feast from our knowledge.

How Much Does Your Major Cost?

how much will your major cost

It’s the horror and demise of college students everywhere: textbook prices. The dramatic rise in textbook costs has made parents, students, and professors squeamish. In fact, textbook costs have increased in cost by 812 percent since the 1980s, according to the Huffington Post. But how do these prices fare based on major? As you might […]

How Much Does it Cost to Become a U.S. Citizen?

US citizenship cost

If you want to become an American citizen, then you have to go through a naturalization process. This whole path to becoming an American citizen can be divided into five simple steps: After you submit the application, get your fingerprints taken, attend the interview and take the tests, all you have to do is take […]

How Much Does Your Vote Cost?

how much for your vote

First thing we need to make crystal clear is that paying, requesting or receiving money or any other goods or advantages to cast a vote for one of the candidates is against the law. That being said, if you’re a registered American voter and want to get something out of your vote, you need to […]

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How Much Does Summer School Cost?

Summer School Costs Explained

It’s quite common for students to make the best use of their summer vacations by enrolling in summer classes, either to get some extra credit hours or to take a course that they are interested in. Before deciding whether summer school is indeed something that you should be thinking about, it is important to have […]

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How Much Do Ballet Classes Cost?

Ballet Classes Cost

Ballet is a historical dance form that continues to mesmerize people in the present. It has held its stronghold in the dance industry in this era due to its unique technique. Many young children get inspired by this art and aspire to become professional ballet dancers. However, it is important to remember that from a […]

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How Much Does High School Cost?

High School Cost

High schools or secondary schools usually include ninth to twelfth grades, where students of age group fourteen to nineteen can get themselves enrolled. The enrollment varies from a few hundred to a few thousand students per school. While there are several standard academic high schools in the US including private and public schools, the primary […]

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How Much Does Elementary School Cost?

Elementary School Prices

Elementary schools are often referred to as grammar or grade schools. They typically cover kindergarten to eighth grade. Typical Costs Since public schools are funded via local, state, and federal government sources, they do not require tuition fees. However, several school districts now charge from $10 to $100 for school supplies, special programs, field trips […]

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How Much For Martial Arts Classes?

Martial Arts Class Price

Martial arts are forms of traditional fighting, product of a historical culture, which include two major components: Technique – many specific physical procedures, applied for removing the opponent in battle. Spiritual – philosophy, ceremonial, and moral values that underpin the study and application of physical techniques. These are also methods of self-defense, sport and lifestyle, […]

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How Much Do Ski Instructor Courses Cost?

Ski Instructor Cost

Ski instructing is being paid to teach skiing. A ski instructors’ job is to slide all day long and teaching people how to ski or how to improve their skiing. PSIA, meaning Professional Ski Instructor Association, trains ski instructors in movements, techniques, teaching methods and modern technology. It’s the United States main professional ski instructing […]

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How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

Swimming Lessons Cost

If by now you are still not familiar with the swimming techniques, you should know it’s never too late to learn a few basic moves. You will have the opportunity to discover a sport that will give you an enviable physical condition and excellent tone, along with the beneficial effects on your cardiovascular or respiratory […]